Marriott hotels and especially Marriott hotels with Testbed We are really aiming at working with startups because we need ideas from outside of the hotel industry Marriott Testbed is a great opportunity for the people that are coming in with the ideas because it gives them not only a brand which is an internationally renowned brand, but also a platform where they can test their ideas and and work with a partner. I think that the biggest opportunity and actually that’s also what we’ve been aiming at at Marriott with the Testbed is to really transform the guests experience. The one advice I would give startups is to really clarify what they’re trying to do One of the things that is still earlier, still nascent in the region is where corporates are supporting startups and I think Marriott doing this is taking one of the early steps in the region to real partnership and real product innovation. Working hand-in-hand with the startups to help innovate internally and externally.