– That’s how Terry’s attitude
turns these customers off. Not only does he piss you
off, he takes your money, too. – [Terry] There you go! $100. – Alright let’s go. (Chatter) And the game begins. – I’m not gonna let
them play this game. I just wanted to establish
what this guy would do. Now I’m not gonna let it happen, ’cause I won’t be a part
of gambling in this bar. (suspenseful music) (chatter stops) – [Woman] Terry
do you care at all that it’s illegal that
you’re gambling in the bar? – [John] So, did you know
that it’s a misdemeanor? – [Woman] I was just
mentioning that. – [John] For the owner
of a bar to be gambling? Do you understand that? – [Terry] I do, John. – How many people have
you taken money from? You running a gambling operation
or a bar? Which of the two? – A bar.
– Stop the game. Give him his money back. (shouting) And is there
anybody else who lost money to the asshole tonight? – [Customer] I did! – [John] You guys all
lost money to him tonight? He’s paying every one
of you back, right now. (cheering and clapping) Pay them all back! Give them their money! – [Terry] You can
go (bleep) yourself.