What do you think of the look
of that bar, Phil? I do like the positioning
of the bar. It’s right
in the center of the room. You have the gaming
all around the outside, so the bar is still your central
location, but it’s outdated. Yeah. There’s your cook,
chef Danny. Hell no. It’s going to
take forever to do that. Food is kitchen Ryan.
So what do we got, buddy? The grill looks like
it’s on fire. Cheers, bro. When you look at the size
of this place and the fact that they have
darts and shuffleboard and pool and a good location, a lot of traffic,
not a bad storefront. Right.
Right. I don’t see a lot of reason
for this bar to be failing. Thank you. You’re welcome. You know, sometimes
in bar rescue, I really think
that people are fake. I’m concerned that John
and Bert, aren’t being honest. Maybe this bar isn’t failing
as much as they say it is, and the last thing
I want to do is rescue a bar that’s faking
me out and faking us out. So I’m going to send
one of my team members in to tell them that I’m not
going to go to their bar. So now they’re going to think
that I’m not coming. Now we’ll see them for real. Yes. I just need to grab you and John
for a quick second. Okay. I just received a telephone call
and gentleman, I’m very sorry to report
that John has decided to rescue the other bar. Okay. I’m very sorry. So we’re back to normal. We’ve got some mock up to do. I’ve got a few shots
to clean up. Then the format of the show.
I’m sorry. Here we go. Damn it.
What are we going to do now? I don’t know man. We can’t keep doing it,
there’s no more. We can’t do it no more
Bert. I know John. I’m losing my kids
and everything, man. I’m probably going to lose
my house. I know. I know man. I’ve done everything
I can for this place. It’s all over. Everything.
We lose everything, bro. Yeah, it’s awful. God, I need a think. I’ve got to figure out my life,
about my children. I’m going to lose my kids
and my family, my life here. I wanted to see
if this was real or not. It’s real. These guys
have a serious problem. Their lives are on the line.
Look at what he said. I’m going to lose my home.
I’m going to lose my kids. I’m going to lose everything.
I’ve got to rescue them and I’m going to go in
and do it. Oh my god. Come here. I was going
to go someplace else. And then I heard
the two of you. You’re going to lose
your kids over this? I could. You’re going to lose your home
over this? I’m going to lose my home.
Yes sir. You have everything
on the line here? Everything. Like everything. How much total you in? It was like 400. Probably 400. Oh my- Did you have anything left?
You have any money? No. No. My house is in foreclosure.
His house is in tax repo. So let me ask you a question. If your life was on the line,
if you could lose your kids, if you’re going to lose
your home, why do you sit here and drink? I’m stressed. I’m just stressed and that’s not an answer
to do it really probably. You going to tell your kids
that excuse? No. So are you’re failing them? Yes. Is it a choice? It’s a bad choice. But it’s a choice
you’re making isn’t it? Yes. You make the same choice,
don’t you? Yes sir. You could have made this better,
but you didn’t. True. That’s why I wasn’t
going to come here. Because when I see
the two of you sitting on your asses drinking when you’re going
to lose your kids. I know. That’s unbelievable to me.
I don’t get that. I know sir. So if I’m going to fight
for your kids, then you better fight
for your kids. Okay. I will. And if I’m going to fight
for your house, then you got to fight
for your house. Okay. I’m not going to fight harder
than you, right? No. Why would you? Have you had anybody protecting
your investment before? No.
Never. Have you had anybody look you
in the face and say I will fight for you now
and your success. Have you had that before? No sir.
Never. You have it now. Okay. A lot of work ahead of us. Yeah, we got a ton of work. Okay, so here’s the deal. Stop crying. We got a war now.
No drinking. Okay.
Okay. Get this place clean. Get it organized,
and I will bail you out. Deal? Deal.
Yes. You’ve got to try harder
than me, right, Bert? Yes sir. You have to try harder
than me. Yes sir. And watch what
I’ll accomplish here. Okay. Clean yourselves up. Go to work. All right. All right.
You got it. All right guys,
it’s last call.