and I was asleep
the entire time. Last night, my son got sick
and I wasn’t able to make it in. Hi. But there’s somebody
behind the bar.There’s always somebody
to pick up the slack
if I’m not here.( both laugh ) Well, it depends
if Greg fires me. I’ll act really heartbroken. ( feigned sobbing )
“But I live for my job.” And then, like, I’ll come back
in two months, – because Greg is a pussy.
– Hello. – Hello.
– Come on over.
Let’s talk. ( bleep ) Let’s start this honestly. This is my reputation. I will walk out of here
and not remodel your bar in a ( bleep ) heartbeat,
do you get that?And I will go back
to my house
and enjoy my weekendas you lose how much
this month? – Three of four grand.
– Three of four grand. How many more months do you have
to continue this? – Maybe three.
– Three. And then what happens? – Then it’s over.
– Then it’s over. So, Miss Big Mouth, if I fire you
he’ll bring you
right back? Nope, because the bar
will never get remodeled and you’ll lose your ( bleep )
job in three months. And so will you. What do you say now? So, what happens then?How much money you got
in the bank?
About 20 bucks. Twenty bucks.
What happens? How do you survive
next week? You don’t. So who’s
the ( bleep ) idiot now? Who? Say it! No. You have no future like this,
do you get that? Zero. If you work with me,
I’ll put money in your
( bleep ) pocket. Do you hear me? Raleigh, what the ( bleep )
happened last night? How do you not show up
like this? Because with another boss
that wouldn’t happen,
you know that. This is the first time
I’ve ever actually done it. So, what happened today
when you came in? He said, “Hey,” right?
He said hello.You do this ( bleep )
because you know
you can get away
with it, right?Be straight with me.Yeah. You will have no money,
no future, no job. And the next guy
who hires you will be a bar where you won’t
make money there either. Eventually,
we figure you out. It took me 10 ( bleep ) seconds
to figure you out. He’s just an idiot
on mommy’s money, so he doesn’t
give a ( bleep ). What do you say now? You want to be a loser? Because you’re acting
like one, aren’t you? Greg:
I don’t even know
what just happened. Humiliating.