Hey Guys! It’s Kimberly from The Fat Quarter Shop! and today I’m going to show you how to make the Jolly Bar Meringue quilt. It just uses a print and a solid Jolly Bar. and if you don’t know, Jolly Bars are available exclusively at The Fat Quarter Shop. They’re 5 inch by 10 inch rectangles of a full Moda collection Today we’re using All Weather Friend by April Rosenthal And for this pattern, you need the Perfect Rectangle ruler by Creative Grids. So, let’s get started! You can download the free Jolly Bar Meringue pattern at Fat Quarter Shop To start, we’re going to use 36 print Jolly Bars and 36 Bella Solid Jolly Bars and again, they’re available at Fat Quarter Shop We’re going to start with our print. Here’s our fabric A rectangle We’ve got our Perfect Rectangle ruler by Creative Grids, you have to have this to make the quilt There are lines on the ruler and you want to line up the bottom at 8.5 So you’re going to line up the bottom line and the left line. And we’re going to cut So cut all the way across and the most important part is to cut this tip. If you cut this tip, it’s going to make the piecing go together great. So we’ve got this side done We’re going to flip and do the same exact thing And you’re going to continue until you have 72 print rectangles that have been cut and then you’re going to repeat that same step on your white and you’re going to cut these exactly the same way until you have 72 of the white rectangles. Now we’re going to start putting our block together We’ve got a print rectangle and a white rectangle These are all bias edges so you have to be very careful when we’re sewing We made these little notches and I’m going to show you how you use them You’re going to put the white on top of the blue and at the very bottom, you’re going to see that the very bottom of the white touches the very bottom of the blue and you’ve got a little 1/4 inch triangle hanging over the edge we’re going to pin there I’m not going to pin the inside yet. Then I’m going to lay this on top move it over. and we’re going to do the same thing where the very bottom of the blue touches the very bottom of the white we’re going to pin and then we are going to pin lots of times throughout so that it does not move when we go to our sewing machine I tend to be a little excessive on my pinning and then we’re going to go to the sewing machine I’m going to use Aurifil 2021 today Since it matches the white And I’m going to show you how you stitch this down When I start a project like this I want to start with a leader That is going to start catching my threads So that they don’t pull out when I start Now I’m just going to put this under and stitch I’m using a 1/4 inch foot with a guide and I’m going to pull out my pins as I go. and I’m using a 2.0 stitch length and again, you’re working on the bias so just go slow *sewing demonstration* If I was sewing this at home, I would just chain sew I would start with the next piece but since I’m going to pull this off the machine to show you how to iron I’m going to end with an ender and that way, the next time I start sewing, I don’t have to worry about my thread coming off the machine. Now that we’ve sewn, we’re going to press our unit I am going to set the seam That means that I just press my iron and flatten that seam and I do use steam and you notice I’m not ironing this way I’m just pressing That just locks in my stitches in my seam Then I’m going to finger press this out and then just go along the edge with my iron This prevents it from stretching too much if you took the iron and just started pushing It’s going to stretch a lot so if you finger press it out It’s nice and flat and you can cut these doggie ears off and we can move to the next step! To put your meringue block together you’re just going to put 2 matching units next to each other put it right sides together and again, here I am going to pin I’m going to pin at the top at the bottom and then I’m just going to pin throughout You’re going to press toward the dark The same way we just pressed where you set your seam and then press You’re going to make 36 blocks and now we can put our row together Assembling your quilt at this point is super easy You’re going to take 6 of your blocks and place them just like this Then you’re going to press one direction either to the right or to the left You’re going to make 6 rows And do all of those with the same exact pressing direction and when you put your rows together you’re going to flip them and all your seams are going to nest Your quilt is going to have 6 rows of 6 blocks The Jolly Bar Meringue quilt is super easy and it’s going to go together great and what I really love is that there is very little waste on the fabric You use all the fabric and you show off your collection beautifully and remember you need the Perfect Rectangle ruler to make this you can download the free pattern at Fat Quarter Shop This quilt is pretty small it finishes at 48 inches square. But if you wanted to make it bigger you could get 2 print Jolly bars and 2 solid Jolly Bars and make 72 blocks and set it 8 blocks across and 9 rows down I can’t wait to see all of the quilts that you guys make with the free Jolly Bar Meringue pattern See you next time!