Butcher Block Co., a leading distributor of John Boos commercial products, presents an overview of John Boos Pro-Bowl sinks. Boos & Co. offers a variety of NSF-approved stainless steel sinks made for industrial and food service applications, including versatile, all-purpose compartment sinks with one…two…three…or four bowls. You can choose a Boos compartment sink without a drainboard; with a single drainboard positioned on either the left or right side of the bowl; or with two drainboards. For food service installations, Boos makes sinks with narrow, extra-long basins designed to accommodate serving platters. Select a model with 2 or 3 bowls, and with one or two drainboards. Boos also offers a versatile 3-bowl variation that includes one square bowl in combination with 2 platter bowls. Here again, you can specify a setup with either one or two drainboards. Specially designed for commercial bakeries, Boos bakery sinks come with either two or three bowls…and with one or two drainboards. All these sturdy commercial sinks are made of rugged 16-gauge type 300 stainless steel. The steel on the front and side edges of the sink frames is rolled down 180 degrees for superior safety and aesthetics.
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