Hello all,This is Jyothi from Freshersworld.com welcome to our video channnel of Jobs and Careers today I will be talking about the Job Role of a Waiter Are you even aware that a waiter in a hotel or a restaurant will have a specified set of roles and responsibilities yes Being a waiter is another opportunity to earn
lot of cash apart from the usual to schedule. Let’s break through the duties and responsibilities
of a waiter. Candidates who desire to get themselves enrolled as waiter can no doubt
do so as it has a bright and promising future. The main duty of a waiter is offer hospitality
to guest, maintenance of table and side work. Their main duty is to invite guest which once
done they need to demonstrate menu knowledge, they also need to answer to the questions
the customers ask for, the need to describe all the dishes along with the specialty items
for the day. Apart from all these they are required to take orders, handle the guests
with care and also ensure that the customers are satisfied. Once this is done they need
to bring in the desired food the customer ordered for, clean plates and clear the table
once the meal is complete. They need to make sure that they have brought in all desired
items the client mentioned and also bring in more if they demand. They also need to
fill up water provide them with drinks, desserts; handle cash for which the customer had food.
At the end they require to thank the customer for visiting.
The qualifications to become a waiter are not much higher but a high school completion
or a diploma can be required by certain hotels. Certain high class, 3 start and 5 start hotels
require the candidates to complete vocational courses for hospitality, table service, taking
orders, table settings along with a certificate to get a waiter job. Initial training would
be provided for new waiters such as kitchen safety, food handling procedure, and more.
Apart from these the waiter requires few qualities such as waiting for long hours standing, they
should also possess the quality to handle multiple customers in short time during peak
hours and satisfy all customers. The salary range for each hotel differs few
famed and star hotels pay high salaries up to Rs 200000 per annum and normal and less
famed hotels pay less amount. A few private hotels that recruit waiters can be like
• Hyatt hotels corporation • Varca hotel Goa
• Aryan group Delhi • Red OPtix Hyderabad
• Drink on MG Bangalore • Ragamaya resort and Spa Munnar
• Hilton hotels A few top paying hotels have been listed below
• The Taj group of hotels • Hilton worldwide
• Courtyard by Marriott • Marriott international
• Intercontinental hotels and resorts • Hotel Leela Ventures limited
• Accor In the same manner, government waiter jobs
can also be obtained where jobs can be in government organizations or building in the
food department or mess. • The department of army
• Indian airlines • Government mess across the nation
• Ministry of defense • Administration department Haryana
There are plenty of opportunities for waiters across the nation. The candidate needs to
make sure to pick the right and appropriate hotels so that they receive a good amount
of salary. Getting into vocational courses and using that certificate can be an added
advantage for you people we will be right back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below