(Now that they’ve tasted the noodle soup) (Time for something savory and cold) (Cold bean soup noodles) If you post this, you’ll get even more followers. Another menu item that Shinyeong recommended. Cold bean soup noodles. These cold bean soup noodles… (Tasty and nutritious Paju Jangdan soybeans) (The meeting of chewy noodles) (And well-ground bean soup) It tastes clean. It doesn’t leave a stuffy taste in the end. It almost tastes like soy milk. I usually add sugar. You’re from Jeolla-do? Here you go. People from Jeolla-do add sugar? Yes. – It’s so good. / – It’s so good. (She’s about to pickle the noodles in sugar) Aren’t you adding too much sugar? You’re supposed to eat it with sugar. Why don’t you just pour it in? (Full of sugar) I’ll taste the soup first. Try some. It tastes great with sugar. How does it taste? It tastes very healthy. (She tastes the bean soup with sugar) Don’t eat this. Just try a bite. I should know how it tastes at least. Oh, it’s so good. It tastes completely different. It tastes different. Such tasty bean soup has ended up… Why? It’s so good. This tastes like the beans were just harvested. That tastes like it’s been processed and was packaged to be sold in supermarkets. That’s how it tastes. So you like to eat sweet bean soup. It’s so good. (Young radish kimchi goes hand in hand) She still opens her mouth early. (Her mouth automatically opens) Your mouth is already open to greet the food. I don’t know why I do that. (A taste that makes you forget the heat) I came here to eat even when I was dieting. She put in more agar-agar instead. And fewer noodles. Oh. Agar-agar. Agar-agar is good for people who are dieting. It has almost zero calories. – Right. / – The texture… – It’s like jelly, right? / – Yes. (Slurp) (Eye contact) (Wink) Pay attention to us when you eat. Stop looking at the camera. You’re a celebrity down to your bones. You entertainer. We were on a program where we lived together. She was talking to me with a big smile. I thought she was talking to me, but she was looking at the camera. “That’s what happened.” I was standing over here. “Right. Let’s go here.” (Eyes on the lens) I was shocked. It was scary when she did that at night. I didn’t know where she was looking. Jinyoung, look at me when you talk. I am looking at you. (She can look into her own eyes when it’s aired) A camera hunter. Isn’t it good? Don’t you like the sweet version, too? If I ate that from the start, I would’ve enjoyed the sweet taste, too. But those who like the natural taste of beans… Hey. I’m talking. You see? She’s the one who asked the question first, but she continues to look at the camera. (Hong Jinyoung is a star down to her bones) Take a bite. Feel it, wink once. Cold bean soup noodles. You. Cold bean soup noodles. You! Thumbs up. It’s good. Thumbs up. Ring. Ring. I’m your honey. Me, me. I’m your honey. Noodles taste great. (She’s so funny) (Stop making me laugh, boo hoo) He’s crying. She comes with a user manual. I was so full, and I couldn’t help but laugh. She’s full of cuteness. What about when you’re in a relationship? Maybe you’re not like this to your boyfriend. – Is it worse? / – It’s crazy. What are you talking about? Honey, ah. No, no. When you two are alone. – I’m serious. / – She’s really like that. Let’s say you’re on a date with me. You must be tired from being in a shoot. You must be hungry. Go ahead and eat. Ee. – What? / – Ee. – What? / – Ee. (Teeth?) She’s saying “yes,” but in a cute way. (Culture shock) – An old man. / – An old man. Old boy. Old boy. You said “ee,” so I showed my teeth. I thought you would do something for me. What do you mean? So how was it? Was it good? Ee. Don’t make a fist. He’s angry. What do you do then? Don’t do it to me. Do it among yourselves. I’m a woman. Let’s say you’re a man. It’s just an act anyway. I can’t take it anymore. This is my principle. I only act like that to my man. I don’t do it to other men unless I’m in a shoot. I’m quite cold that way. You’re an entertainer. You’re always in shoots. You act that way with every male star. I’ve seen it a few times myself. I didn’t know you were this bad. She really likes to act cute. But I’ll get married someday. Do you like your married life? Would I answer no here? He would probably say to get married late. I love it. So have you two opened up? – Opened what up? / – Farting. I just do it. No need to give her a heads up. So you haven’t opened up? That’s not the issue. We’ll be living together for decades. It’s not important whether you fart or not. You don’t do this to each other? You don’t? (Patience) If you get married… You’re only together a few hours when you date… (Advice from someone who’s already married) (Marriage is…) (About looking into the future) That’s not all. So I want to know. Have you two opened up? Seriously. He’s just rambling on and on. He’s just going round and round. Instead of going straight to Gimpo… You two will get married someday. All you want to ask me about is farting? No, no. I’m afraid he’ll love me less if I fart. Whether it’s a man or a woman, it’s strange to fart openly. But if it involuntarily leaks out, it’s cute. So have you opened up? (About to explode) Be careful. Let me put these away. I’m so curious. (Let’s wrap up) Okay. Let’s… He’s telling me to sleep. (Sleeping) (Sigh) What is wrong with these two? (Taking a deep nap) This restaurant… (Save me) Shinyeong. Shinyeong. So have you two opened up? If you tell us to sleep, we’re obedient. (Opening up, “Fart”) Whether it’s my first time or my 100th time, this restaurant is always full of love. It’s a bowl of love. A bowl of love. I won’t look. I’ll go over there and do it. Don’t wink at the camera. I should look elsewhere. (She’s giving her evaluation in the corner) (Barely audible) (We couldn’t tell what she was saying) (So we weren’t able to get her evaluation) (What’s taking her so long?) Are you shooting a music video? Come back. You already did that. She loves cameras too much. If Jinyoung’s friends are contemplating what to get her as a gift, they should get her a camera. An electronic news-gathering camera? About 1,000 people can pitch in to buy one. Then she’s cry. I don’t think she’ll ever be in a shoot again. A guy who wants to marry her should buy a jimmy jib. That would really… If he comes in with a jimmy jib on her birthday… She doesn’t need a diamond ring. He can propose with a jimmy jib. But she wouldn’t look at her boyfriend. She’d look at the camera while thanking him. Her boyfriend is over here, but she’s looking here. (Camera hunter, Hong Jinyoung) Jaewook, you should rate this place, too. This place comforted Shinyeong when she was down. I could see the love in the owner’s face. I fell in love with the taste of noodle soup and cold bean-soup noodles. My score is 4.8. I wanted to give it 5 points, but it would’ve been nicer to eat at the original restaurant location. I was a little disappointed by that. I recommend this place to you. – With taste. / – With taste. – With joy. / – With taste. – It’s good. / – It’s good. Somebody end this shoot. That was good. We enjoyed the meal. We really enjoyed the meal. (Enjoy a bowl of cold bean soup noodles)