Ryan: This Smittybilt Adjustable Tow Bar Kit
is for anyone with a 1987 all the way up through the most current model year Wrangler that’s
looking for a nice, easy and inexpensive way to be able to flat tow your Jeep behind anything
that has a 2-inch ball receiver on it and of course is capable of pulling that weight. This is gonna be a nice easy one out of three
wrenches for the installation for the vast majority of you who are gonna be using this
with a bumper that has D-ring mounts on the front of it. If you don’t have the bumper that is D-ring
mounts on the front of it, you’re gonna have to drill some holes to get these brackets
installed and then that will bump up the difficulty level quite a bit. But again, I think most of you are gonna be
using this with a bumper that already has those mounts. We are going to show you how to get this installed
on a bumper that already has some D-ring mounts on it in just a second. So flat towing your Jeep can be a great way
to get it from A to B. Maybe you’re going off-roading, you don’t want to have to worry
about breaking anything in the drivetrain, you want to be able to tow it home, flat towing
is gonna be a way to do that a lot less expensively than having to get a trailer and put the Jeep
on a trailer. Of course, depending on what breaks, a trailer
might be the only way to get it home but this is still going to be a way to transport that
vehicle behind another vehicle. This is going to be a really nice kit. It’s going to include everything you need,
the thing that’s not shown here but it does come with are all the safety chains for both
ends of the vehicle. And as I said, this bracket here that comes
already installed on the tow bar is going to be used if you have some D-rings on the
Jeep. These are going to be used if you don’t have
D-rings and want to drill some holes. And this right here is going to be the backing
plate for these. So if you do drill holes, you want to make
sure that you have a nice strong connection. These are really thick, beefy backing plates
to go on the other side of whatever you drilled through. So you’re going to be able to pull the weight
that you need to be able to pull. Over here, of course, you have a standard
2-inch coupler that will go on any standard 2-inch tow ball. So you have this set up to be able to pull
your Jeep behind a truck or as I said before, anything that can haul the amount of weight
that your Jeep is. This is going to be a very inexpensive way
of transporting your Jeep when you compare it to say a trailer, trailers can, of course,
be much more expensive. This kit comes in at right around that $160
mark, so comparatively, very, very inexpensive way to be able to tow your Jeep. As we said, this is gonna be a pretty easy
install as long as you have a bumper that already has some D-ring mounts on it, one
out of three wrenches. So let’s show you how to get it installed. Man: Tools required for this installation
are going to be a 19-millimeter wrench, a three-eighths drive, 19, 16 and 14-millimeter
socket, optional is going to be an impact. So before we get into the install of our Smittybilt
tow bar, I just wanted to show you the universal mounting bracket option. This backing plate and this mounting bracket
would go into the front of your bumper but this would require you to drill a couple extra
holes. So you could mount it right here next to your
winch where your fairlead would go or you could go the option that we’re going to do
and that is use the D-ring mounts. So we’re actually gonna put this bracket right
in between there, obviously, take that D-ring out first and it is gonna look like this. You’ll have one on this side and one on the
other, the tow bar connected to that. So let’s get started by removing both of these
shackles and then getting some of our hardware first with this little sleeve followed up
by our bolt, nut, and washer. So as I said earlier, we’re going to insert
this sleeve first just to make up some of that room inside of that hole. Slide our bolt with our washer on the end,
followed up by another washer and our nyloc nut. Gonna put a 19 on the bolt end and a 19 on
the nut end. And do that on both sides. All right, now we’re gonna bring the tow bar
into place, slip it into our bracket here and use the longest of our hardware. I’m just gonna go ahead and connect the other
one as well. Put our nut on the backside. These are both 19-millimeter as well. All right, so one of the last steps is to
tighten up the four nuts on the tongue of our tow bar, as you can see, it does move. We are going to tighten it up but at the same
time we’re gonna make sure that this is nice and straight, that we have an equal gap on
both sides. Then we’re gonna take a 14-millimeter on my
impact and just tighten these up. Now you don’t have to worry about getting
a wrench on the bottom side. These nuts are actually on a tab on the inside
of this tube. So with that nice and tight, we’re actually
gonna hook this up to a truck and show you how to hook it up. All right, so what I’m gonna show you now
is actually how to hook your tow bar up to your tow vehicle. Now I have a truck over here with that 2-inch
ball, we’re just gonna drop our tow bar into place, lock it into place, just like that. And then we’re going to add our safety chain. Now our safety chain you’re just gonna take
this U-bolt, go through your link and go through the two holes on the tow bar itself. Tighten up the 16-millimeter nuts on the inside
here. Go ahead and do that on both sides real quick. All right, now let’s connect those safety
chains. All right, now we’re gonna put our safety
chains in place, starting with our heavy-duty lock pins here. Make sure that goes through our hole there,
add our chain and lock this down. You’re gonna do this on both sides. All right, our last step is to add our hitch
pin and that’s just to make sure your tongue does not jump off the ball. So here we go, this is a nice quick disconnect
and that way this will not release. So one of the last steps is to make sure that
your Jeep’s transfer case is in neutral. Now, not your transmission, your transfer
case. So let me show you how to do that. All right, guys, to get your Jeep’s transfer
case into neutral for an automatic vehicle, we’re just gonna start with the key on the
on position and then we’re going to put our transmission into the neutral position. After that, we can bring our four-wheel-drive
transfer case stick backwards, that’s four-wheel drive and then over to our right and back. Now when it’s just free like that, that means
it’s in neutral. So we can actually put this back into park
and our transfer case is in neutral now. So with the e-brake off and the key in the
off position, our Jeep is ready to be towed. That’s gonna wrap up my install of the Smittybilt
Adjustable Tow Bar Kit for your Jeep and for all things Wrangler keep it here at extremeterrain.com.