Well, hello there everyone and half right here I’m talking about for Subway commercials and to talk about for a you know, jcd car right here and you know each time that I look at some of those a commercial Advertisements if it’s really to Subway a lot of times It seems like it’s always going to remind me a little bit of uh, yeah, the DCD guard story and like say yeah half Right here is for Subway right here subway eat fresh. Maybe hammer here. Is that the pinecone charms right here? So I could say that you know, yeah that about every time I see that the advertisements for your subway eat fresh and and also am Where I talk about that for like up the book right here Here’s Jaycee Dugard to a freedom the first right here And also what the still in life right here and you’re likely thinking to that but yeah that the things that the DC talks about but Stood with it. I know that air what’s well if I’m gonna be looking through the people’s magazine and I’m gonna be looking I’m like, yeah, I need restaurants and a pig restaurants that she likes a going to if it’s gonna maybe be um, You know anything up, you know, if there’s gonna be maybe a restaurant may be such as maybe chucky cheese Or maybe Burger King or some restaurant like that But it’s like you know it but for subway and I know that they have a heard like hammer Here’s the people’s magazine, but I know one restaurant that I know it that she likes going to you on IKEA that that right here is Gary here’s that the page is right here. But but anyway but but talking about that for Really to about your Jaycee Dugard though that uh, yeah right here ya know For like yeah, I got here is herb right here at the with the horse right here and then uh between the force and enough And then you have right here is that you know, the other pages right here of the magazine, right if we can all see that but uh But still the know what is it that that with that whenever I think about you know, the the magazine right here it’s gonna remind me a lot of The subway commercials and it’s like so yeah your subway eat fresh And so I guess um, and I can remember that you’re knowing about you happy Here’s the multiplication table but still though it seems like I said that whenever I think about the multiplication table just a little bit about how You can describe about maybe having an account Let’s just say if you’re able to order your subway or maybe Starbucks coffee if you’re able to order some of those Dishes or you know menus that maybe from your mobile phone and you’re like we think of dude that yeah having a multiplication table like this if we can all see that right there and at some times it seems like if I want to go ahead and use this something like this as like an advertisement such as what’s it like to be able to Have the mobile app available for your phone to where you can ask you order the lunch from the phone and in the e canal actually have it delivered or if it’s ready to go you by the time you You come to it, you know to pick up your order and then so I know that you know There’s a lot of restaurants to to just like the pizza places to where the day whenever an take your order They ask you what would you like to have on the pizza? And if you want to have it an extra crispy crust Or maybe soft or maybe medium well or somebody else so they give you these Options and a lot of times that whenever you go in there into subway restaurant Within five minutes and then you can that they can have your sandwich ready in and yeah, it’s made fresh. You know, it’s not like something to war that, you know, well, you know whenever you go into some of those restaurant, you know, Mike yeah that uh, How can I describe it to where it’s not like it comes directly from either refrigerator or something like that? It’s not so it’s not too hot. It’s not too cold But it’s made fresh. So it’s not like it’s been a Prepare that you for about you know within a seven hours between time or somebody. So yeah that So I know a lot of restaurants That I really don’t know The details about that certain restaurants that do have leftover food, and I know that you yeah But you talked about for how restaurants work, but you have I here for soapUI though Why is it that that you that Subway’s gonna remind me a lot about you GCD guards Oh Mike Yeah, a lot of what I hear about on the news – about them About that, but still that you talk about for the multiplication table right here and I know it that that you’re just trying to male be able to memorize all the multiplication tables and you kind of covered describe that like maybe if it’s maybe ordering a book about GCD guard or a possibility that if you’re going to look at that like saying yeah best friends right here and and I’ll tell you buddy that you’re special on Black Friday. Yeah, if you’re going to be going into Subway Restaurant maybe like on the Black Friday during the Black Friday holiday and let’s say if they are busy Then it’s like say yeah, you’re something that you would have said something It’s going to remind you is something and and let’s just say that you know yeah, if it’s gonna be maybe be going going in there between certain time and the hours and y know just a little bit to day if you’re gonna have a You know a shirt if you’re gonna be wearing a shirt, you know, something that says your best friends or something like that But but really the how how can we describe? I guess some Whatever you’re gonna be thinkin about something I’m looking at something maybe if it is maybe the subway ads that I want or just a little by that to that you know, yeah, there are a lot of other restaurants that we see nowadays if it’s gonna be maybe a McDonald’s, or if it’s gonna be a you know, Arby’s or if it’s gonna be maybe your Starbucks your coffee or if it’s Dunkin Donuts, then then a lot of times it’s like I say Yeah you go in there and you’ll order something from the menu and then that you and That there’s going to be commercials that come on for about maybe 15 seconds to say you don’t eat healthy You leave happy or something like yeah. Yeah come in You know for you come in enjoy one of our menus and leave happy and so you know, so yeah I think I was something like that and So something to where that dumb? Did you come in there and then you order something from the menu? Enjoy what you like to have your choices? So I know that a lot of the menus out it sometimes it seems like that Whenever you go into those restaurants than some of those restaurants that if it’s maybe gonna be maybe if you’re gonna be ordering maybe Mexican or Chinese and you only friend in the Chinese restaurants then it’s like say yeah that you’re one of those menus and one in side dishes that comes with you with a salad or maybe maybe some shrimp or maybe You know anything about maybe chicken fingers. I’m like, yeah you anything about like a side dish You may be Co saw or something like that. That’s gonna come with you on the menu So whenever you go into a restaurant like maybe subway and then it’s possible yeah breadsticks, I guess breadsticks and maybe a new dipping sauce or if it’s maybe You know, I think medicine you mustard honey mustard or something like that so yeah, you know you’re gonna whenever you order something like a sandwich then in that possibility that they say that you know Yeah, then you can have you know, you can even you know They even offer to where they had a little bit of a roast beef on the top and then that may be another layer Mayonnaise or mica, you know any other source and your salsa signing, but but still did I know what? whenever I think about Subway, I’m gonna think about the Jaycee Dugard story and so garlic, here’s the multiplication charts, and I know That you know, I could say to is toward it, you know They even have it to where you can actually pay your using your mobile phone You just to be able to if you’re going to be ordering a sandwich, but still know that They have enough access to a multiplication chart right here And at the time it seems like that Why is it why is it that that’s going to remind you a lot of that? Yes, I you know trying to figure out your times tables but I Know why is it gonna remind you a lot of going to those? Restaurants and enough whenever they take your order and they tell you about how much it’s going to be Including the attacks at all that and and so it seems like that. Yo, yeah that If you’re going to be ordering online Then I guess it is it really the same thing as being there at that at the checkout mean There at the register towards you really have access is that just like having access to a multiple patient chart to were able to read? The chart right there. Just trying to match up the numbers and Sometimes it seems like that. Maybe the experience just goes much faster You know whenever you’re going to be paying for something By your mobile phone and that you see how easy it is just to be able to place the order and then they tell you when it’s ready for pickup or if it’s going to be delivered it, so it seems like yo, yeah that Why is it that’s going to remind me a lot of the multiplication chart, but I guess really the best answer I’m going to have is like may have an access to that for no mobile phone it seems like that, you know, yeah, you know from your own phone and You say that? Yeah that um Maybe there’s a work just like having a calculate having access to it at your own time You feel more comfortable with that You’re compared to what you call that whenever you’re going to be learning from going by your the rules about in the classroom and this so yeah that Whenever you’re reading the times tables right here you had difficulties trying to you know Read and understand about why it did this number on a desk board, right Ryan, you know the routing, you know Between it the long division and the subtraction all that was it that those numbers are getting smaller and bigger But then whenever you’re ordering a sandwich, it seems like that, you know, yeah Then you’ll be able to pay for something that You just say say that Yeah that just to be able to have access to at your own convenience. And then just Read and understand them just a little bit more about me really about how the service works, huh? but anyway But talk about right here that that in cases some may ask me that you know with the pine cone charms right here that you know with the pine cone charms that ROI though. They can we really use this like a days example right here of like a math equation like any source of equation and let’s say that if it’s possible that maybe you have Debt that the pine comes with G’s pond cones would be by, you know, five six years old right here But let’s just say that down It means this tour may be about new twenty three weeks before winter twenty three weeks or so Before the holiday season or something like that But usually that that’s you usually around the spring time whenever you see the pine cones but talk about for the pinecone, you know for a seat for new beginning in this but done but it stands for but But how here’s the pinecones right here? And then you have her here is for jcd cards a book right here And so yeah, that’s one thing. I mean I want to mention about is that you know, why is it that That yeah, you know even though if you’re going to be ordering a book on Amazon Then why is it that? The subway commercial is going to remind you a lot about the story and say that yeah that you know even, you know ordering a desserts here from from subway also that you wonder that too that that really though that that you’re going to order a dessert from many sources of restaurant and sometimes it seems like a lot of times the treats are going to come after you get done with the sandwich or You go to order maybe three cookies or maybe a hot fudge sundae or your something like that, or maybe anything else? it’s gonna be on the menu, but but really though that