You are watching Dominic’s food. This program’s sponsers are… The Fern Miller Organization Ben Carlstrom The Louis Pachinko Foundation Today we’re going to Momiji Here are our hosts Where? Where? Where? Where is Momiji? Here is Momiji! How did we get here? We started from
South Salem High School Then… Ah! Map! Map! We can look at a map! Go south on Church Street Turn right on Rural Street Turn left on Commercial Street The parking lot will be on the left. Momiji’s parking lot. Momiji has beautiful decor. It has flower arrangements And a kimono. Outside the window,
there’s a beautiful view. It also has calligraphy. On the ceiling there are many
different colored umbrellas. You don’t need to have reservations. You must wear shoes. You must buy something. You should tip around 15%. This is our waiter. His name is Noah. He is kind. Good evening. Good evening. What would you like to eat? Vegetable tempura please. Umm… California Roll please Well… Teriyaki Chicken
Donburi please. Okay, what would you like to drink? Water is fine. Enjoy your food. Thank you. The miso is good. How’s the weather today? It’s good. No, it’s cloudy. But I like cloudy weather. Me too. I hate clouds. California is always sunny. That’s why I’m going there to study. Us too. My food was a little salty. My food was very delicious
but a little spicy. My food was also salty. Thank you for watching this program.