Hey guys! I have come to an udon shop for dinner and I really wanted to make a video about it because I feel like udon is a very underrated dish here in Japan Everybody wants to eat ramen, and they ask me to make videos about ramen But I prefer udon and soba So today I’m gonna show you guys one of my favourite cheap yummy udon places! So yay! Let’s go! Let me introduce some of the udon styles to you guys This first one is called Bukkake Udon It means that the sauce is poured over top of the noodles Instead of them starting out in a soup broth The one next to it is Tsukimi Udon It means it comes with a raw egg So if you don’t like raw egg, I wouldn’t go for this one But if you would like to get an egg in your udon, and you would prefer a cooked one Maybe go for this Ontama It means that it has a soft boiled egg that comes with it Next we have Zaru Udon This one is only served cold, and the noodles don’t come with a soup Instead they come with a dipping sauce, you can dip the noodles in there That one’s great for the summer This is Kitsune Udon It comes with a piece of aburaage, or fried tofu It’s very flavourful and yummy, I like that one They also have lots of curry udon This Kake Udon here is the original basic one It comes in a warm soup Shouyu Udon, it’s got some soy sauce in it Lots to choose from So when you come in you gotta get a tray and a dish if you wanna get some tempura Here’s the tempura! You can choose what toppings you wanna put on your udon I usually get ebi (shrimp) I always forget what the English name is They don’t have eggplant… Eggplant would be my second choice… I think I’ll just get 2 ebi then 2 shrimps! If you look up at the top here, they have the different types of udon So you can choose which one you want I’m gonna get this one, with the egg And you can choose hot or cold Hot ontama bukkake udon please Large, medium or small? Medium You can choose the size too, so they’ll ask you dai, chuu, shou That comes to 680 yen You can choose some toppings for your udon if you want They have ground ginger These are like tempura flakes? Leftovers I don’t know what to call them It’s leftovers Yeah, like leftover pieces Soy sauce, sesame seeds, wasabi If you are on a budget, you can get this bowl of udon and soup for 130 yen! I lived off this when I came to Japan for the first time That’s awesome You can go put some toppings on it like the tempura flakes, and ginger and stuff So it’s not that boring What did you get? Shine got the chuu size, so this is the medium size Let’s put some toppings on our $1 udon $1 udon before and after I do like sesame so I’m gonna put load of sesame Yep, give the whole thing some flavour Then, what is this again? Ginger Lots of ginger! That’s gonna be spicy It’s good for you… I don’t like those leftovers because sometimes they have weird bits in them So I’m just gonna go for the crispy ones But they sometimes get really squishy so I don’t want too many of those They used to have the flaky fish that you put in Oh the katsuobushi? Yeah the katsuo was free but they took it away because loads of people do what I do and just whack loads of stuff on There we go! And turn it into a delicious whole meal now! So this is ontama Basically just a soft boiled egg, it’s not raw It’s all cooked Itadakimasu! So good They’re really long today! Yeah they’re really long I feel like they’re longer than usual The ginger is nice, it adds a nice spice to it What is it? Seven Spice – Shichimi More free toppings? It’s a little spicy, it mostly just adds some flavour to it It’s a mixture of 7 different spices Gochisousama desu! All done~ So this is Hanamaru Udon There’s some other udon chains as well I’ll put some names of shops in the description box so check them out! Thanks for watching guys, I’ll seeya soon! Bye! Subscribe for new videos every week!