Apparently this capsule hotel is called 9
hours but you can stay more than nine hours. For our first night on our Odigo trip, I finally
stayed in a capsule hotel for the first time! Many of them don’t allow women to make reservations,
and those that do split the capsules into men’s and women’s sections. This capsule hotel is at the airport and costs 6,000 yen a night! It’s split into several sections—the
first being a locker room. The second section is the toilets, sinks, and vanity counters complete with hairdryers. A third section has several shower rooms. They give you a bag at the entrance with a robe, towel, and amenities like a toothbrush. And then finally the capsules. [DOOR: Quiet, please.] It’s very quiet so neither of us wanted
to talk while we were recording. The capsules were surprisingly roomy, and perfectly adequate for a night’s sleep. There’s a rolling shade that you pull down that locks under some caps so no one outside can get into your capsule while you sleep. Obviously it’s not the most secure thing in the world, but there are also security cameras. Fortunately most of the guests were respectful of the quiet and I wasn’t woken up during the night, even though I’m a light sleeper. The control panel above the bed has knobs that adjust the light, and one for white noise that sounds like ocean waves. The pillow is a traditional Japanese pillow with beans inside. All in all, it was an interesting experience and something I’m glad I got to try once!