[Rachel]: This is our hotel room! We got origami on the bed! Awwh, that’s nice. [Jun]: Check this out. [R]: I like this lamp. Um, hang on, yeah, I wanna show people the… This is our view~ This is nice. Look at this, this is 秋田県(Akita) prefecture. There are a lot of not so nice hotels in Japan. But this one is decent, so… [R to J]: Huh? [J]: Not so nice hotels? [R]: There are. [J]: Like we normally stayed at? *laugh* [R]: *laughing* Yeah like the hotels we normally stay at. Not so nice. This one’s decent. Can you turn the light back on? [J]: Sure! [J]: Here’s the key. Look, これ (this) room number. [R]: I can’t… see. [J]: Oh! I just want to try… Put this in there. [R]: Ohhh, look, we got to put that key in there. [J]: This, uh, insert the tablet? Like where is this tablet? It’s just a key [R]: Yeah, you can see this is kinda small. But this is very typical for a hotel in Japan. This isn’t bad. Awh, even our bathroom is clean~! And nice, great! [J]: What I like the most is this room doesn’t smell bad. [R]: Yeah. [J]: Smells nice. [R]: We stayed in one hotel up here in 東北(northeast) a while ago that was a hundred for us! And it was like smoking and everything was stained. I wouldn’t even use the bathroom cause it was so gross! [R to J]: Do you remember that one? [J]: *disgusted* Yeah… That one I remember. [R]: You heard Jun, “Yeah…” That was not such a great one. We got a TV here. Ohh, it’s got our wifi. Sweet… [R]: Jun opened the desk drawer and found something special! [J]: They have a manga about this hotel. [R]: Ehh? [J]: Business manga. [R]: Is it interesting? [J]: Yeah. [R]: Really? You read it. Like, you were reading it a little. [J]: The intro? Yeah. [R]: Wo~w. すごい~ So this boss character, she’s the president of the hotel section, tries to succeed. Not succeed, um, ホテルの衝突(collision of hotels) The hotel section is not doing well so That’s why she has to fix. [R]:すごい~ We got a laundry bag. And a, what’s this? IT’S A LIGHT! Oh god. I RUINED it! Why do I destroy everything I touch! [J]: They got green tea. [R]: Ooh! Wait, I didn’t get it on the video. [J]: They got green tea. And kettle. And two mugs. [R]: And two what? [J]: Mugs. [R]: Sweet! Jun, this is difficult to put back in with one hand. Whoa, I got it. It’s a light. In case of an earthquake. Our last hotel had one too. What’s this? More books. [J]: They are all for business people. [R]: Theoretical modern history, the real history of Japan!? What is this!? Essay on Today’s Japan 2014-2015. Oh, they got it in English here, too! WHAAT? What, I am seeing- [J]: I assume the main targets of this hotel is like a サラリーマン (salary man) business man. [R]: Yeah, this is probably a business hotel, right? [J]: Mm, it is. [R]: Wow, this is really cool. What’s in this folder? Now I’m curious, now I wanna know everything! [J]: Digging everything up! [R]: Tell me! Tell me everything! Rules? [J]: Yeah, I think so. [R]: Okay Gotta mini-fridge. Oh, it’s empty! So this is just for our stuff. [J]: Free… laundry bag? [R]: I don’t know if we have to pay for laundry, what’s it say? [J]: I think we do. [R]: 面白い! (Interesting!) [J]: I need to do laundry… Hangin’ our coats! Got our slippers. These are all our amenities. We got cups! Shower cap. Body sponge… Oh! We got a body sponge! Sweet… [Unintelligible scolding of body sponge] Two shower caps. Toothbrushes. And… razors and hairbrushes Hair rings… Wait, hair bands! And these Q-tips. And then this fancy shower thing And then this is me. Hi! Hi Camera, hi! Towels. Oh, that’s not a lot of towels. Bidet toilet, with our fancy bidet options. [R cont.]: Oh there’s two trash cans, sweet. And my socks on the fridge. Socks don’t go on the fridge! Nice. Alright. Well, it has been a long day and we are gonna rest for awhile. J: [Tired complaining in Japanese (about long train ride)] [J]: My butt hurts… [R]: Actually, it was only three hours, right? Wasn’t too bad. Alright, I’ll see you guys later! Bye~