[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m so thankful
to be in Atlanta. I started my career here. To be here full-circle with my
own label, Wondaland Records, is a dream come true. What I love most about
the artists on Wondaland is that they bring
a unique perspective to the music industry. We’re a movement first,
a community of artists. And everyone has
multiple superpowers. We have Jidenna, the swank
master of all ceremonies. Roman Gianarthur, the son
of soul, the cousin of funk. We have St. Beauty, the
melodic wild childs. And we have Deep Cotton,
the afropunk superstars and the Punk Prophets. To have my full team
is such a blessing. There was once a
time where I honestly did not know if
what I believed in, what my morals
and my values are, if they were going to be
accepted on a bigger platform. Let us not just
strive for perfection, but for remarkability. I was selling CDs out of my
dorm, right off Parson Street, and working at Office Depot. But Atlanta helped open
up so many doors for me. What I see, all the
time, is that the artists in Atlanta genuinely
want each other to win. We’re reaching for our goals,
and we’re pulling each other at the same time. In Atlanta, people are open and
ready to support and embrace the next new artist coming up. And we just want to
be our best selves, because when you
look to your right, and you see these
incredible artists believing in their performances, in their
music, and giving you quality, it’s inspiring. My city, Atlanta,
is progressive. I think this is where
movements start. This is where you
find your tribe. This is where the magic happens. And it’s inspiring.