You gonna sing to me, playa? What? I don’t sing for free. I’ve got money. I’ve got $100 right
here in my bra. Keep your bra on. I have a hundy right here. Hi, I’m Jamie Lee Curtis. Hi, I’m Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s good so far. Go ahead. Hi, I’m Jamie Lee Curtis,
and this is John Stamos. And we’re here to ask each
other some crazy questions. OK. Go, baby. How do people
typically misspell on mis-pronounce your name? “Haime.” What about you? John Stamos, most people ay. OK. Can you whistle? [whistling] Can you juggle? I cleaned up the juggling balls? OK, sorry. Do you do any good impressions? Can you do impressions? I do one, but I can’t do
it on national television. Why? No, I can’t. Speed around. New York or Los Angeles? Los Angeles. Theater or film? Theater. I’m a theater guy. Are you? Yeah. OK. Yoga or pilates? Yo– I do pilates. I thought you said yogurt. We both did yogurt commercials. Did you know that? For the same people. Did they fire you, too? They did. Yeah. On your previous
projects, which cast member have
you laughed– well, I can already tell you this. Were you going
to say Bob Sager? I was. He’s fun. Are these real? Yes. I don’t believe you. There’s like, no
prescription in them. You just wear them–
-Yes there are. Who’s the cutest
boy or girl you’ve had to kiss on television? Him. Hi, I’m Jamie Lee
Curtis, and this is– Scott Baio. And we’re on Scream Queens
on Fox, Tuesdays at 9:00, 8:00 central. Watch it. Please.