oh thank you sir oh I love Jamaican phone check this out just look the platform this was a little too high we’re at in the Home Depot parking lot just landed from Jamaica went straight to Jamaica AB but Jamaican food I didn’t want to come back to this weather but we have to if it was up to me I stayed down in Jamaica for the rest of my life that it’s like the most incredible mango I’ve ever tasted my life golden eye little remote beautiful little hideaway on the northern coast of Jamaica I’m down here for the first-ever inaugural Nyame jam music a culinary culture art hodgepodge the cookie just hit me the cookie just hit me hard the mash is a utopium Farms macaroon incredible products they making me an gem that much Irie Caribbean pumpkin slaw all right got a Lhasa uh-huh so I did a little scotch bonnet and saffron vinaigrette and roasted red peppers in there and then I put a little bit of Parmesan cheese on top oh there you go Villa cuz it’s hot it’s humid this have it cooks all that down have parmesan Oh cuts right through it makes me feel good wow that kick right there from the scotch bonnet I love it the calabash is slow one of my favorite dishes of the day Thank You chef yeah we’re here I forgot the guy’s name we made the Marlin fly a big Italian guy Michael Chiarello of Jamaica but we got beautiful mountain here beautiful fish you know what I’ve never had Marlin I would love to try some Marlin and I’d like to try everything please it’s one of our signature dishes of the restaurant the marinated model yeah the shrimp is it’s a spicy for alternate orange marinade how can you go wrong eating the stuff right where it came from right alongside a little bit it’s beautiful the curry goat from ridings my mouth just watered thinking about it how’s everything come on you’re glancing I’m good you got the curried goat in the jerk foot let me have a little of both please I’m not the biggest fan of goat it’s a big gaming for me a big barnyard II but the way they flavored it took all that away it tasted like I was eating a baby something something baby jerk Wellum yeah my what do you have to say people back home I say everything every day I love you what do you say I said come on down to Jamaica man come on joy the current goal I’m the jerk for my stamping yes man thank you for coming bro thank you for having me man all right great stuff grandma just make the sandwich looks crazy what we have here is that it’s Mona’s chicken with some pimento leave just like this is crushed Pimentel leave oh that is like the real jerk kid yeah yeah we Ganic pour the wood but we can heart we can trim the leaves and crush it after they made this product Wow we can send it into weird so we spoil the chicken with this done fellas I made jerk octopus at the crib with these little pimento wood briquettes that he gave me unbelievable yeah I need I need that right I need seven more of these people enjoying Ireland it’s incredibly sweet should have been a synchronized swimmer straight up yeah look at that Ken are you look at this view wicked yeah yeah for if you’re up for the festival but tonight funny I think we did you can only feel growing yeah successful yep yep exciting for sure but I really do need like seven or eight yeah yeah absolutely that sandwich I could have eaten about fifty five thousand of them the homemade Coco bread with the smoked chicken and like a nice crisp slow ah I love Jamaica your thing is condiments sauces sure marinades different little cushy moms to serve on the side to flavor your your meats and your dishes Jamaica is the place for you no haven’t had it crazy of course of course yes that’s right cuz you gotta get the flavors first Oh dark it is and then you try edges they’re back no mustache that passion but put it how much this is crazy booth this is out of control what is the name fishing the Bushman ah George Bush okay yeah so we live in the bush we’re exciting were sexy we’re full of flavor about how the enzyme was straight I like it yeah I love it now I’m gonna go jump in the ocean thank you not one thing in bed flavors are bursting all over the place I’m here forever I’m not leaving I got some oh yeah I got some macaroons I’m gonna give you something yeah I’m gonna give you one and you’re gonna get blasted so I’m walking around right now and I don’t know what I know I can tell that I can tell it’s bizarre yeah it sounds it but no we’re living yeah you