[pleasant island music] – [Bob] You never know what
you may be driving past. For instance, there are incredible aromas and flavors from the fare
at the mostly take-out Jamaican eatery opened by
Charles and Vivian Ball. There’s also a bakery
called Cupcakes on the Go run by Charles’s cousin. Vivian is the Jamaican connection. She’s been cooking since
she first learned the art in the rudimentary
kitchen of her childhood. Whole pan-seared red snapper, for example, cooked tangy escovitch style, with julienne vegetables and malt vinegar. You gotta have the bone,
you’ve gotta have the head, you gotta have the whole thing,
to really get the flavor. [humming] Oh! The savory stewed meats and poultry are absolutely delicious. My favorite going in was
the spicy curried goat. Then I sampled further. You know, beef oxtails are on their way to actually becoming my
favorite, even over curried goat. These are just the most exquisite meat I believe I’ve ever tasted. Oh! Everybody who’s been
coming into this place by the flock is talking
about the oxtails. [humming] But they could just as easily be raving about the brown stewed chicken. All these dishes are basically cooked very much the same way: just pick a meat. – Then we marinate it
with our herbs and spice that I brought back, all
from Jamaica, all organic. And then I put it on the fire. I just put it on the fire to stew and have a little brownin’,
and a little pinch of sugar. And you let it sit with
the carrots and the potato and just slowly stew in its own sauce. – Potato salad, let’s talk potato salad. You know why? Because this is made
Jamaican-style from sweet potatoes. Mm! See, my favorite thing
about that is the texture of the sweet potato pieces themselves. Because they steam them on a rack over simmering water,
which changes everything. One of my favorite Jamaican staples? Ya gotta have rice and peas on the table. Not rice and beans,
mind you, rice and peas. It’s a staple. And then there’s the patty, Jamaica’s savory meat-filled pastry. [crunching] I have eaten a lot of patties
or patties in Jamaica. That’s the best one I’ve ever had, right here at Snow Hill, North Carolina. This is homemade juice from
a fruit called the soursop, which we don’t have here in the U.S., at least I don’t think so. Vivian makes that herself right back here in the kitchen from soursop flesh that she brings back from Jamaica frozen. Sublime. Charles Ball introduced himself to Vivian by telephone after being shown
her picture by her cousin. After the long-distance
relationship blossomed, she and her family
invited him to come visit. – They told me
[happy island music] come on and stay down at their place. And after that, I had
spent two weeks there. And I told her “When I come
back, I’m gonna marry you. “I’m gonna take you back
to the U.S. with me.” – [Bob] And all their
friends and new customers are mighty glad he did. – Jamaica Cuisine Cafe is at
900 Hull Road in Snow Hill, and they’re open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday
beginning at 11:00 a.m. For more information,
you can give them a call at [252] 565-6445 or you’ll
find them on Facebook.