With room for up to six adults, the J-375™ Hot Tub offers diverse seating options. From a full-body lounge seat to ergonomically-designed
therapy seats, this model is engineered for comfort. This hot tub features highly-engineered Premium PowerPro® Jetting, designed with the perfect mix of air and water and carefully placed for an elite hydromassage. The ProAir™ Lounge seat is designed to pinpoint and knead muscles from your neck to your feet for total body relief. FX Jets are fully adjustable for high or low pressure, focusing on small neck and back muscle groups. Along the spine, large rotational FX Jets deliver a wide swath for larger muscles. Exclusive BX Jets comfort
and rejuvenate the wrists and muscles along the legs and FX Rotational Jets knead and
relax the feet. The result of this combination is a tension-easing massage. In the PowerPro® Therapy Seat, four types of PowerPro® Jets combine to target the neck, shoulders and back. This relaxing massage is designed to relieve pain and tension and can be adjusted to pinpoint problematic areas and ease muscles. The perfect combination of two PowerPro® Jets in the FX Seat stimulates surrounding tissue and releases muscle knots. Spiraling, pulsating FX Jets stimulate muscle groups in the back and offer complete coverage. Two FX Rotational Jets behind the calves knead and relax strained legs by focusing on smaller muscle groups. The deeply-contoured MX2 Therapy Seat perfectly positions your body for the ideal hydromassage. This specialty seat offers deep tissue muscle knot relief in the back and tension release for the neck . This model utilizes CLEARRAY® technology with a four stage filtration process that achieves clean water quickly. Experience the smart engineering and premium jetting of the J-375™ Hot Tub for yourself. Contact your local Authorized Jacuzzi® Hot Tub dealer today.