so we started eating already but we have
to tell you where we are right now Yes we are in Jamie’s Italian Restaurant That is a chain of restaurants around the world. It was started by the Chef Jamie Oliver That everyone knows. Everyone, yes everyone. I hope so We decided to try, some starters and some main courses. Try everything, and see what is good. we have to say we have a special guest with us today he is off camera so we’re gonna bring him on camera, and it is Simon Sundberg Hi, I am the hungry special guest. I went to the gym, and was really really starving so Now I am really really happy, after we have started with some pleasant starters They are very tasty, with some good company, so life cannot be better. Simon is our local guide from Sweden so
he’s the one who’s showing us around and we actually wanted to go to a few other
places before we came here but in Sweden when the sunshine is out everyone is
like crowding the restaurants so the waiting minimum time was an hour but
then we said Jamie Oliver why not we never tried it, so so far it’s been a good experience, yes. so for now we ordered Polenta Chips, they look very yummy. and crispy squid So chef what is this? please explain to us
what is it? I cannot pronounce it what is it called guys? Polenta, it’s corn milk boiled and this one has Parmesan cheese and some rosemary very good, deep fried, yum So now we got our food. I got my truffle pasta what did you get? I got my burrata with tomatoes and pesto and Simon what did you get I got
something with sausage that now I don’t remember the name of, because it was in italian, but it looks tasty so I am happy So I have burrata with pesto and tomatoes, and the bread that is called carta di musica very lovely name! Let’s try it>Sanad: what does Carta di musica mean? like, music sheet. yeah, its like music sheet. creamy, super intense pesto, lots of basil and parmesan cheese and the bread, it makes a difference, its so thin and crunchy and brings the flavor of Burrata, I love it! try It’s really nice, I never heard of this bread before, but its really good Do you know what it reminds me off Arabic Pita bread that has been dried it is absolutely like that overall do you approve chef? approved. alright so my turn now to try this so let’s check this out
so they said there’s a lot of truffles I can already see the truffles on top of
it so that’s like really promising it’s a bit stiff though stiffer than I want
it to be but let’s yeah it’s what it’s just really cheesy and I have a lot of
the truffles, this is so good! so they were not kidding around there’s
a lot of truffles if you feel the taste of truffles if you’re in love with truffle
as much as I am this is beauty magic yes, please some more have a bite, no I am good, one giant bite, no baby I am good, come on one giant bit. very tasty, good flavor, it’s good pasta they make it fresh every morning, it said in the menu that is definitely a good thing if I’m gonna be
philosophical about why someone like Jamie Oliver is struggling while Sanad’s American mom & pop shops are making ends meet my very humble theory is that Maslow at play here the hierarchy of needs that these shops they would supply a residence nearby
with an essentials while a restaurant like this would cater to a segment higher up
it’s not the bare necessities it’s something that’s slightly more
exciting and for that excitement it needs variety and you are not going to keep coming back unless you get that varieties restaurant chain like this would have to
constantly reinvent itself that’s my theory what do you think chef, yeah I absolutely agree, but I think Jamie was focusing more on like traditional
Italian cuisine so it’s difficult to reinvent it because it’s good as it is. It’s
simple and like how can you reinvent the pasta with truffles
there’s no room for improvement it’s delicious
that’s why I like you try it okay it’s nice but then you want something
different, so you are going to go to a different restaurant because they are not going to offer you anything different they are offering you traditional foods and that’s why you love it. But from time to time you need something different. well, then let me put a spin to this what if celebrity chefs with their money
and resources open restaurants they did not advertise as them being celebrity
chefs with them would then that be a more successful model because then they’d be
like I was just a small little Italian restaurant but with his expertise with
his recipes with his stuff you can’t come to an endorsement secretly, or
would that be unethical I’m not sure Jamie get back to us what do you think
do you think this is a workable idea we have a good chef that could run the
restaurant yeah get in touch the Instagram is below, this might be happening already, because if these celebrity chefs were doing these things they surely wouldn’t tell you would they?
so you may have a number of secret celebrity chef restaurants operating as
we speak that’s my second theory of the day actually. I am quite pleased with myself Two theories and I am full. it does not get better than this and that was it, that was the Jamie’s Italian Stockholm Restaurant experience. Yes a delicious one. we had a good time but we want him to tell you something guys please subscribe and like and comment so
we can visit more restaurants and show you what’s good in Stockholm