hi I’m gotta yo I’m Garrett we love to travel but the term room service makes us think two things expensive and mediocre we’re looking for the best room service in the world to see if we can’t find some luxury in this so-called luxury experience yet because eating cold chicken tenders at the foot of the bed really doesn’t count today we’re checking in and checking out petit Armitage in West Hollywood California [Music] during our stay we’re gonna have room service three times breakfast dinner and late night we’ll evaluate each meal on taste and luxury we’re going to tell you which one’s our favorite that way you’ll know if you’re gonna splurge on room service just once which meal should it be you’re welcome nice petit Armitage is a boutique hotel in West Hollywood California it’s got a little bit of a romantic flair with a touch of fantasy it’s really an escape from what you imagined to be like a typical Hollywood hotel we offer a unique array of room service experiences that is gonna be hard to find somewhere else I’ve got this bed this place is awesome it is look at this like sitting area we have a living room it feels like my grandma’s house it’s got a fireplace oh this is very comfortable yo you’re missing now go ahead jump I’m tired when I order breakfast to be delivered tomorrow you breakfast in bed yep order up all right we’d like some breakfast so for breakfast we offer the accent Orchestra wake-up call we’re challenging the traditional wake-up call by doing something that will just make your day feel like no other name [Music] you’ll wake up to the sounds of the orchestra playing beautiful music the light pouring in through the windows the chickens accompanied by two clowns serving breakfast in bed on a silver platter what just happen this is a fancy hotel I’m ready to eat this what do you have I’ve got a salmon omelette with a salad and avocado toast and the spiciest orange juice I’ve ever had I got a french toast and I have an Omni [Applause] I was there Alma who’s a magazine was a guy like cheese and stuff in it jeez I think I had pastrami I don’t know what this is that it is pastrami that’s prosciutto I knew that I was want to see who you’re paying says so how do you feel don’t you feel like a king eating this in the morning that’s one of the most luxurious things that’s ever happened to me people just waking me up with live music it feels magical yeah you think this is how Mickey Mouse wakes up every day exactly we woke up like Mickey Mouse that French chose him to sing what’s inside of it french toast more french toast prince to decide to french toast no matter what i’ve already had an incredible day nobody’s gonna mess it up like what else could happen today and yeah if they started the day like this early today wake up clowns never sleep what that’s what I heard I’m Wikipedia research hi so what you wanna do for day Wow run around explore i’ma go upstairs check out the pool and that’s about it we can’t do that all day when it comes to time away from work it’s time to relax I’m gonna get ready for the day I’m gonna take it in the bathroom with me don’t we eat mmm oh all right well God yell hangs out by the pool all day I’m going to go out and explore City oh my god people this is amazing look at this pool feel like I’m the king of Los Angeles I am here look the Pacific Ocean the stores there’s food oh my god the dolphin oh that’s so cool please like this is nice to relax enjoy yourself but just enjoy the moment hey man hey man whoa there’s a dog it’s a dog a little chihuahua oh hey buddy who brought you here yeah what is this dear Gary and Gary oh we hope your stay with us is weird and wonderful please enjoy this bottle of crazy juice on us [Music] what is this chocolate cassava ooh are we supposed to snort that [Music] you hungry I’m always hungry hi I’d like to order some dinner [Music] oh you’re looking good man so do you man right for dinner yes for dinner service we offer the unique experience of being served by two clowns oh man hey which obviously makes for an unforgettable dining experience oh my goodness [Music] do you need help that was the trip all right you want some of the salad no I’m not a static guy I’m more of a meat-eater you gonna dive straight into that yes try the chimichurri yeah boom double dipping that’s a win right there hmm that’s so good Oh like a gravy kind of all shoe kind of thing how’d you I never heard that woman I like just like me truce Nietzsche to the summary that’s why it’s called Oz you [Laughter] [Music] hmm you can taste the char that it was like cooking at shall we Wow this is the best offer I’ve ever tasted I’ve had lobster before but nothing where like you’re tasting in sort of preparation method is so tender and juicy there’s like five different flavors you’re tasting at the same time grapefruit kale and like guacamole how’s that work it’s so good [Music] fun fact I’m allergic to shrimp you’re allergic to shrimp yeah bye I still eat it almost as good as hell I eat it too like Mike I feel like a like a itchiness in my throat and that’s my like okay that’s my body telling me this stuff you probably don’t you stop it was before that I haven’t died yet at least slow down stop it tastes so good I have to hear all so you don’t die I’m a die happy I never thought about dinner in a hotel if hotels going through the effort to do this this is an event of itself special people coming in and delivering special food to you it makes a whole special experience and I’m glad I’m spending this time with you Kara thanks God yo Spence with you too what’s the plan for the rest tonight maybe get a drink of the rooftop yeah busy bulls and all that I’m down we would bring the dog with us where is that dog oh the dog [Music] yo you guys do late night night a word yeah let me get two for me and my buddy and for late night we have the Toledo turndown service would be better if you just sit down the same bed next to him [Music] imagine a woody priest tucking you in and feeding you cookies and milk as he’s reading your a bedtime story so gentlemen these are the tales of twisted fairy tales from the book that I read all the mazes used to say they didn’t want to go into the forest for fear for lurked inside at all sure everybody wants to run their fingers through the wild first I just want to wrap around them back tonight and rise she said make me howl like a mad dog at the moon until he milk and cookies gentlemen he didn’t even read night Garrett good I got y’all good morning good morning any good trip it was amazing let’s do it again tomorrow all right god yeah what was the best food what was the most luxurious experience if you only do one which would you do french toast was amazing yes but that ribeye and lobster together as a room service what about you that dry-aged rib eye was so good and that like char on the lobster most luxurious experience I always say waking up in the morning with music GEMA feet but I roll the tea at that point except the chickens they got it go son for me something about just somebody coming in telling you a story that’s just for you there’s no room service like that if you’d only do one what would you do I would say the breakfast in bed it was magical and I stopped for that happy music in the morning I think I agree having just this silver tray on your lap you have to feel special we gotta check out hey goodbye petite Marmot eyes thanks for the great stay [Music]