(typing clicks) – What the hell? My computer won’t let me use the “T” key. – Ooh, ooh. Let me message the IT guy. The one with the accent. – Ah, my god. He has an accent? – Yes. I am such a sucker for
a guy with an accent. – They’re so sexy. – I know. Oh my god he’s right behind you. – Oh. Hi. You must be the new IT guy, Gartholomew. – Yeah. I’m here to fix your computer. – Ooh. – Is it hot in here or is it just you? – I feel it, too. Ooh. – So what’s a matter with this thing? It don’t wanna download nothin’ no more? What’s that about? – Indeed. Gartholomew, now is that a Jewish name? – It’s Episcopalian. – Ooh. Mommy, likey. – Oh, god. I’m still sweating like a hog
from that schlep over here. – Oh. – Wha… What was that word again? Slept? – Oh, slept. – No, no. Schlep. You know, like to walk over here. – Like to walk over here. – So, cute. – Say, “Grand.” – Grand – Oh – He can get it. – Oh. But, where are my manners? Gartholomew, you must be thirsty? Can I get you something cold to drink? – Sure. I’ll take a water. And, I’ll take it piss warm. – Oh. – Oh. – Oh, my goodness. – We don’t know what that means. – We’re just stupid Americans. – I’m from Long Island. – Does everyone on Long
Island sound like you? – Now that’d be a generalization. – Wouldn’t want that now. Would we? – Oh no. Okay. I see what’s going on here. – What? – Do I need to turn it off and on? – Sure. Not the computer. You two. – What? – You’re attracted to my accent. It sounds like what you imagine
a rich and educated person would sound like. – Uh-huh. – But that’s just boxed in thinking. And ultimately, it’s a form of classicism. And I don’t need to take it anymore. And I won’t. I’m done. – Oh. I didn’t know you could
get so hot and bothered. Do you want to sit in my chair? – Whoa. – No thanks. I’m good. – No? Okay. – Wait. What about my “T” key? – Your battery’s dead. Get yourself a new one. – Where? – Kinkos. – Oh. Huh. (keys clicking) Oh, my battery is dead.