So guys, for recon tonight, I got players from Utah Royals,
which is the state soccer team. Yeah. What I wanted to do tonight is, I’m going to have a couple
of the girls come in. I’m going to wait a few minutes, have a couple
more girls come in. I want to see if Brad notices
this influx of business. So, here are
our first two girls. What can I get for you guys? Do you guys have
any house specials? We have a watermelon
based house drink. I’ll try that, yeah. You can tell by the glass,
that drink sucks. This is a pint glass, it’s made
for beer, not a cocktail. It’s just not
going to work. Can I get a gimlet please? Oh, God. I don’t know
what a gimlet is. Oh. It’s a classic. It’s a gin drink, right? Yeah, it is. Yeah. I’ve worked here 16 years
and never had anyone order one. Never had someone order
a gimlet? I have never made one
in my entire life. Okay. Do you want to help me out?
Should I look it up? Oh, God. Can I just do a whiskey sour? But how do you not know what
that is when you’re a bartender? I don’t know. You can’t make a whiskey
sour that fast. Look at the color of that,
that’s not a whiskey sour. Our drinks definitely
look like … you can have my cherry.
Oh, you did get a cherry. [inaudible 00:00:01:19]. In a whiskey sour? Yeah, she put this drink
in a smaller one. They’re laughing at this place. Yeah. Pissing me off.
(beep) ridiculous. Is she like, leaving leaving? She just walked out.
I think she’s like, done. Whoa. Brad just had an employee walk
out and he didn’t even notice. What’s up, Jack? Matt. Okay, let’s send
in two more girls. Hello. I’m glad you made it. Brad still has no idea
that these girls are even in this bar. I’m getting already liquored up. Okay, so guys,
we’ve got four girls. So, I also have 15 people
waiting in the street. Okay. Just regular customers.
I’m sending them in now. Brad now has a fully packed bar
and an employee walked out. What does it take for him
to even notice this? I’m going to pull out
one bartender. Okay, let’s see what happens. Take Theresa,
the bartender outside. I wonder how long it takes Brad
to notice this. How long would it
take you to notice it? I’d already be up and be like, “Hey Theresa,
where are you going?” Maybe he can help you? Where did they go?
Just kind of disappeared. So, I got the soccer team
and 15 customers, and I’m pulling bartenders,
and let’s see what Brad does. We could do a shot. Pull another bartender.
Pull one more bartender. He’s getting up.
Where’s he going? Let’s follow Brad. He’s just letting her out. Oh my gosh. I’m still looking
for our server. I’ve pulled every bartender
except for Devin, and he’s the last one.
You ready? Yeah. Pull the last one. Is it corn or flour? It’s either … sorry. You’re good. All right, well … Every employee is gone. Oh my gosh. Any owner who doesn’t notice
that their bar is packed, and there’s no employees, either
doesn’t care or is an idiot. Where’d all the bartenders go?
Guess I can help out. His daughter just jumped
behind the bar. Oh, there’s somebody.
Can I get some change? Yes. So now, I’m going
to pull them too. Take the daughters out as well. There is not one employee
in that building. Are you fricking serious? I mean,
this is kind of hard to watch. Not for Brad. I pulled every employee
out of this bar. I put about 22 customers
in the bar. They’re not being served
and Brad is sitting on his butt in a booth,
oblivious to all of this. You know what?
I’m going to go sit with him. Oh, (beep). (beep) about to get real. Yeah. (beep)
Hello, Brad. How you doing, Mr. Taffer? Why should you stand up now? You’ve been sitting
on your ass all night. You understand
there’s not one employee in the building right now? No shit. All of them are gone at once. Oh, I imagine I thought
they were going to come back in. So, if they never come back, you’re just going
to sit here all night? You have people there
that are not being served. I can’t serve them
because I’ve been drinking. If you weren’t drinking,
could you serve them? Yes. You know how to make the drinks? Do you know how to use
the cash register? No. You’ve owned this bar
for 20 years and you don’t know
how to use the cash register? No. What would your father be doing
differently than you right now? Because it was
successful for him for almost 40 years, wasn’t it? Yes, it was. Did he train his employees? Yeah. Did he make sure that recipes
were followed, and the food was good,
the drinks are good? Yeah. Brad, was he sitting on his ass
when he was doing those things? No. Why did you not protect
your father’s legacy?