– So every time I go out
and travel somewhere, I have this bad habit of just bringing way too much camera gear. Usually just starts off with me saying, ah, let’s just pack
light, I’ll bring this! Maybe a tight lens in case I wanna shot and then the macro lens,
yeah definitely one, and ultra wide angle! You know, let’s just bring everything! And I always end up at the
airport where they’re like, can you try to fit that
carry-on in that little box to make sure it fits in the overhead? And I’m just like trying to squeeze it into that little steel cage thing and I hear my lenses
cracking, you know? (laughs) It’s not a good experience. I’m trying to get better
about being a minimalist, but with how good these
new iPhone cameras are, is this enough to do a travel vlog with? So here’s some footage I
shot on my five day road trip and then we’ll come back
and talk a little bit about what I liked
shooting about this phone, and also what I didn’t like
about trying to vlog on here. Check this out! I’m recording you and I’m recording me, at the same time! – What!
– Wow! This is pretty cool actually. You know it’s a vlog and
record what I’m seeing, at the same time! But guys, I got some real big news. I got some real big news! I traveled out here with only an iPhone! That’s right, I didn’t
bring my camera at all. Anyways, let’s get in my new car! – Wait, you really didn’t? You didn’t bring a camera? – No, this is my camera. Are you shocked? – What’s in your camera bag? – A drone.
Okay I brought a drone. – Okay.
– And I brought the black magic just to get
two shots with. (Carrie laughs) – I might have had a heart attack, thinking you actually left
the house without a camera! – No, okay so I might have lied. I might have brought six cameras, anyways. But I kinda wanna challenge myself and just try to record
this whole travel vlog, on this iPhone 11 Pro Max. Starting with this, I think
this is called MixCam, I mean there are a
bunch of apps out there, I’m just experimenting. I don’t know which one’s the best yet. This is just the one
that I downloaded first, but it seems like it’s working pretty good and the fact that I can
record what I’m doing and vlog at the same time is
actually really freaking cool! Six speed manual transmission. Peta, can’t you see I’m trying
to show them this new car? You guys think Carrie can
drive this without stalling? I’d be really impressed! That’s the one downside of this, is that if I try to kinda
get a good angle view, you guys are just seeing this
window on the other half. This is a little bit tricky, but I think there are apps,
or at least will be apps, where it will save both
files, the raw files, so in editing you can decide
to switch between cameras or whatever. Think I can also, instead
of it being a 50-50 screen, I think I could put my
face smaller or something. Let me try.
All right, so check this out. This is another app that kinda
does the same type of thing, Dualgram, right here. – Can we start the car so
at least the heater’s on? – It is kinda cold, huh? We’re starting all the way from the northern tip of Washington State and we’re driving it
all the way down to L.A. We’re gonna take this thing
to so many cool places. Ai captain! (kissing the steering wheel) Anyways, let’s ah– – Can we go to Home Depot? – We can go to Home Depot and I’ll match! Look at this!
(laughs) Have you ever worn a red
shirt into Target? (laughs) And then everyone’s like,
hey ah, where’s the Soy milk? It’s like, I don’t work here! That’s what’s gonna happen when
I drive into Home Depot now. Man, I really wish I could
fly drones right now! It would’ve been cool if
they kinda chased that train over that bridge, that would’ve been cool! But it’s raining pretty hard right now, so I can’t really send that up. That’s the tough part about
trying to travel with a drone, is everywhere you go now,
it’s no unmanned aircraft. So Peta is not at all used to the rain, so the way she walks in
the rain is so funny! She’s such an L.A. dog
where it never ever rains, so whenever it’s wet outside, she’s like, what is going on? I don’t like this! (laughs) She’s so uncomfortable! (laughs loudly) Do you guys think she’s gonna
stall within this first drive? Take that poll. (laughs) Yes or no. Is she gonna stall? (laughs) She is really nervous. Oh, you haven’t stalled yet! (laughs) The tricky part now, is can we get through
the entire drive-through? This is like a DMV test. Will you make it through? And this wide angle lens is great. I would’ve never vlogged inside of a car without this ultra wide angle. – Good morning, yes and… Another medium. – [Server] Thank you. Drive to the first window, thank you. – Thank you. – (laughs) She got it! I put it into third gear
to see if she’d take off and stall! (laughs)
– You jerk! – And she got it. – I started to come off the clutch and then it started
making, I’m like, you jerk! (laughing loudly) – You tried to set me up? (laughs loudly) – I tried to set you up a little bit. – I used to do my makeup in the car while driving a stick shift. – Interesting fact, Kari used
to be a pizza delivery gal. – Do we know where we’re going? – No.
(high-pitched laugh) – I’m busy filming, I
can’t look at Google Maps! – Okay.
– That’s a down side. My phone’s in use, we’re
gonna have to use your phone for, oh my god, look at this! 4120 unread emails! What is–
– That’s all the junk stuff! – What is that? And 27 missed calls and
I thought I was bad, (high-pitched laugh)
about answering the phone. Oh my goodness, look at that! We’re headed to go see some waterfalls, but now it’s starting to rain on us. (groans) Wow! – How far down does that thing go down? (burble of the waterfall) (gentle up lifting music) – All right, now we made
it to Klamath Falls, which is just outside of
California, we’re still in Oregon. Ah look, you can see
Peta through the window. Hi there buddy! But check this out, isn’t
this kind of a cool key? It looks like a domino sorta
so, just slide that in, and it opens! Look at that! (giggles) That’s a perfect costume for her! – That’s so cute! – Oh look, this one comes with glasses! – What is it? You’re baking me crazy! – Guys, don’t you think we should get it? – Is it–
– it’s $30. Do you think we should get it? Look how waggy her tail is. She’s so excited to
become a taco right now. – She, no ’cause she
thinks it’s a real taco. That’s why she’s so excited. – And it’s 30% off! I think we’re gonna have to do this. – Oh, it’s 30% off. Okay, we can do it, definitely do it! – Okay.
All right, so now we’ve made it into California, the very northern tip at
Mount Shasta and just look. Just oh my god! I think this is a good chance for me to switch this camera to 4K 60P and I’m gonna use the Moment app to have a little bit more manual controls and let’s see what kinda cool sequence we can get out of this spot
’cause this is gorgeous! Oh my god! (upbeat music) And I love this feature! I mean, I could totally imagine
people shooting entire vlogs just like this, how you can
see my vlog angle right here, nice in the corner and then
just see all the scenery. And this is awesome! I was planning on
shooting this whole video on this iPhone 11 Pro, but this is too good a
location not to fly this drone, so I’m gonna just sneak in a
few drone shots real quick. (upbeat music) All right, so we’ve finally
made it back to my hometown, it’s a little city called
Benicia in Northern California. It’s just a little town, like 45 minutes outside of San Francisco but we’re gonna stop by
here for a little bit. Say hi to my mama. – Hello, so glad to see you here! – Can you drive a stick shift? – Aw, I didn’t do that for long time. Which one is the brake? – That one’s the brake. – Yes and–
– That’s the clutch. – Okay then, how to move my seat forward? (laughs)
It’s just too far! – The seat is maxed out
as far forward as it can. Who thinks that my mom’s gonna stall? There’s the poll right there! – First?
=Okay yeah, first. – Then I can release right?
– Yeah. – I can release it more? (engine revs) – Oh!
– Oh, slow, slow, slow, slow. (laughs nervously) – All right, we’re off to a good start. – Make a right turn.
– Uh-huh, uh-huh. (mama oo-ing) (laughs) Wow, you impressed? – Yeah! – Oh, my mom’s not wearing the seatbelt, that’s why it’s beeping. – Living on the edge! (laughs) – Last day of our road trip and we’re taking one final
pit stop here to Stockton, where we’re gonna go eat
at our friend’s restaurant. It’s called Green Papaya. I been dying to try it
out for the longest time, so we’re gonna pay them a little visit. My hope, is that when we leave there, I’m gonna be drenched in sweat and crying because it’s so spicy. That’s my hope. – We might be making a few
pit stops on the way home! (laughing loudly) – The last day of our road trip, we can afford to take
these kinds of risks okay? (laughing) I have to pee so bad, oh my
god, we’re one minute away. Come on! This light needs to turn green, this light has been red forever! I’m about to pee my pants! – Look!
– Green Papaya over there! – Green Papaya! (laughs excitedly) – Good to see you man!
– Hi Carrie! – Hi! – We have a potato dish here! – Can I request some
really, really spicy food? – Yeah!
– She made Guy Fieri cry! She made Guy Fieri cry!
– I made Guy Fieri cry, with my Papaya salads.
– Oh you’re gonna cry! – He had to stop the video and get off the truck
while they were filming. – ‘Cause he was like–
– He was burning! – Oh! Oh that’s hot! (rock music) Be right back. Ah! (echoing) – I’m so excited for this! – John, you can show them what it is. – If you were like a foodie channel, I think this would be pretty
cool, ’cause I can just– – You can show the food and then– – Film this and–
– show the reactions. – And the reaction,
yeah, look at that, see? – Cheers! – Oh, I’m so excited! This dive is so good, this is so good! – Look at the crispy rice.
– Wow, look at that! Crispy Rice salad, oh, that looks good! – So we season the rice,
jasmine rice, with red curry. – This is the stuff right here! – What do you think? – This is amazing! – Every time we come to North Cal, we’re gonna stop by and get this, ’cause this is crispy rice,
so like the texture is great! – It’s amazing! – Hmm, it’s so crunchy. This is supposed to be the
one that’s gonna make me cry, apparently.
– That’s so funny, because it doesn’t look
like it’d be the one to make you cry!
– Yeah! It looks very innocent. – The taste great on here, spicy! – Oh! (rock music) Oh that’s hot! – After this, I need this so bad! Oh this is so good!
– At first I was like. – So, am I the most famous
person that’s ever eaten here? Like blessed the space? – After Guy? – Yeah I guess so, so maybe
second, second most famous. – Well–
– No, you’re like maybe the
fifth-iest, that’s been here. We have a lot of famous
people that comes here. – I think that’s about right. – I think I’m gonna leave
a bad Yelp review. (laughs) Carol, goodbye! – Did you see though,
that food was so bomb! So if you’re ever in the Stockton,
Northern California area, definitely check them out! Think they got one in Sacramento too. – Yeah!
– You have to try that crispy rice that, what was it called again? – Is it Nom Kao, I think it’s Nam Kao. Like the crispy rice.
– Yeah. – With the pork and
cilantro with green onion and just, ugh! – Anyways, final stretch,
five hours to go. Let’s do ’em, go back home to L.A. (heavy music) – This looks like a giant Lego car! (laughs loudly) This is not a Lego car, okay! It’s bad ass, it’s super
cool, not a Lego car! – And also, a choking hazard! (laughs) – You guys wanna know the
coolest part of this whole Jeep? You got a latch right here. – Oh, what? – Yeah!
– This is actually pretty sick!
– What do you think about it now, Sam? (laughs) – It’s slightly cooler! (laughs loudly) – And it charges in the car
and it’s a waterproof speaker. We’re just talking about
how cool my new Jeep is. – Yeah, it’s pretty tight! – That sounded very authentic! – Yeah, I am, yeah! – All right Sam, my mom
did it, Carrie did it. (car revs) Oh wow! I’m impressed. – Oh no, oh no! – Oh! – Dammit, ah!
(all groaning) – I stalled! – Sam made it about 25
feet so, that’s good! My mom’s talking so much (beep) about you, as soon as she sees this video! (laughing) – So there’s my vlog, all shot on this, except for the few drone shots. But the experience I had of
filming everything on the phone was a great experience. I mean, every time I’m
like, I wanna get this shot, it’s just a matter of going, whoop! Got it! Done!
It felt very unobtrusive to my trip, is that a word? Unobtrusive, I think so, right? Not conspicuous or attracting attention, yeah and I mean that’s
part of it but it also, it just didn’t bug me a
lot, it wasn’t cumbersome. Like carrying this thing
around, it’s kind of like, oh let me grab that, let me
get my settings dialed in. It’s a little bit more work. So the filming process was awesome. I always had it on me. I never had to worry about
if I had the camera on me. Should I bring the camera
or leave it in the car? This is always there. But my opinion sort of
shifted a little bit as soon as I dumped all
this footage on my computer and I basically spent the last
few days editing all this. And now, if I were to do
another road trip like that, I would 100% bring this
camera along with me! No don’t get me wrong, this camera, fantastic considering it’s a phone. It’s incredible what they’ve
managed to do on here and the footage comes out looking awesome. But the whole time I was
looking through the footage, editing it, I just never felt
like it was as consistent, or as good as footage that
would come out of here. And I just ended up not
really enjoying the process of editing this footage. I mean, usually when I go
on a road trip like that and get a bunch of footage on here, I get back and I load up all the footage, and I’m so pumped to edit it and I’ll just get in the groove. I’m like, ah man, this coming out good! And you know when things are going good, you just can’t stop, you keep on going. But I wasn’t able to
get in that same groove editing this footage. Every shot I was like, oh, it could’ve been a little bit better. Maybe that’s just me being
a little bit too much of a perfectionist, I don’t know. I’d be curious to hear
what you guys have to say about the footage coming
out of this iPhone. I think a big part of it has
to do with the audio quality, because I didn’t plug
in external microphones. When it comes to audio,
first it’s important to make sure you can hear
what people are saying. If there’s dialogue going on, but also the other factor
is, how pleasant is it to listen to for a long period of time? And audio coming out of
a microphone like this, I think it’s fine for
a short firm content, like Instagram or maybe
a few minute video, but after watching a phone video for more than a few minutes, I just kind of start to wish, man I wish the quality on
this was a little bit better. I think that’s something
that a lot of people subconsciously feel, ’cause
they have shot entire movies on a phone like Tangerine, which visually, it still kind of looked like a film but it didn’t really bug me that much. But they had a professional
audio recordist there, with really high end microphones
so it made it tolerable and I think, if they were
to shoot the whole movie with an iPhone microphone,
it would drive you nuts! Big advantage the has phone
has that cameras don’t, is how smart it is. This is a smart camera, it’s
not really a powerful camera, but it’s smart. Features like HDR, you know
when it works, it’s awesome! It can give you the illusion
having a lot of dynamic range, so you can see the details in the sky and it brings up the shadow, so everything looks nice and even. But there’s also many times where it doesn’t work in your favor. Like right now, I have
this light set over here so that I have a shadow on my face and it looks nice and natural, right? But looking at this iPhone
here, it’s actually not terrible but you can see that the
shadow here, it’s been lifted, so it doesn’t look like a true shadow like it does on this camera here. So it kind of flattens it out and sometimes it could give you almost like a pastelly look, which
doesn’t look as natural. So sometimes it could work in your favor, sometimes it doesn’t. Another issue I had, was
that sometimes the audio would drop out for a second like this. – Parts of that guy didn’t. – Yeah.
– He was in it– – He was gonna go and do, how? Keggie, you can’t change it. – What, what’s? – Not 100% sure, maybe that’s
hardware issue with this phone or hopefully it’s a software
issue that’s gonna get updated and it’s gonna fix this problem. But with third party apps, I
start to run into more issues and I’m not gonna go too much into it, ’cause this phone’s still
so new that the developers are still improving it as
we speak, so soon enough, none of this will be an issue. But let’s say for the Moment app, I started getting all these shots where it would skip a few frames and these shots were
some of my favorite shots but they came out so jittery
and I had it on my gimbals, and I tried to salvage it
with Warp Stabilizer in, that ended up making
things look even worse off. That just ended up being one
of those times where I’m like, man, I should’ve just put my phone away, grabbed a real camera and
just gotten that same shot ’cause yeah, I would’ve
love to have that footage. And the reason why I keep
recommending this gimble is because of how flat it is. So even with the ultra wide angle lens, you’re not concerned about
this motor getting in the shot, which is the issue with
the majority of the gimbals out there right now. But the footage ended up coming
out really, really smooth and clean, so with the default
camera app it looks awesome. It was just when I started experimenting with some of the third party apps, where things started
to get a little rocky. And one of my biggest issues was when I filmed that
spicy salad, remember that? I started sweating, I was
drenched, I was breathing fire! It was nuts! And the footage just isn’t in my phone and I’m close to positive
that I was recording, ’cause I remember thinking, it’s like, ah, I’m recording for a while, it’s just like a seven minute clip, I should probably cut it just
in case anything happens. And then I can’t find it, it’s gone. It’s again, it’s another
one of those things, it was like it’s such a new phone, so all these third party apps, it’s probably not super reliable yet, they’ll probably get there eventually. These apps can do weird things, like if you recording a video
and maybe you get a phone call and interrupts the software and
it just disappears the clip. I don’t know what happened, but all I know is I’m super bummed that
I don’t have that clip and I checked my trash and everything and like I it is just, it’s gone! And that was a bummer ’cause
I really wanted that footage, but I didn’t have it. So I just had to drop in
a clip of Guy in there, to just try to stitch that
story together a little bit. And this isn’t my first time
losing an iPhone clip either, I once recorded a video,
it was 10 minutes long. ‘Cause it would play like
the first two minutes and then it would just freeze and I wouldn’t be able to
watch the rest of the video. Tried all kinds of data recovery
and all this other stuff, nothing worked, but I
must say, the slow motion, it’s always so much fun and I loved that, just something we have in our pocket is able to do 120 frames per
second, 240 frames per second. So overall, I’m not getting
rid of all my other cameras anytime soon, I still plan on shooting the majority of my videos
probably on here, for YouTube. But having a tool this powerful
just always in your pocket, is awesome! You know, sometimes you
leave this camera in the car, something cool happens and
boom, you’ve got it covered! Oh, you want a super slow mo? Boom, done! And then just taking some of these clips and integrating it into a bigger video that’s shot with this, is money! Anyways, let’s wrap this up
by reading a few comments from my last video, which was all about a bunch of electric skateboard and boards and bikes under a 1 000 bucks. Which one should you get? Top comment was from Venom5809. I love how everyone in this video knows how to use helmets and safety gear, except for the guy who had the horrible
skateboarding accident. Okay, so I’ve been very
good about remembering to wear my helmet and
all that all the time, ’cause it is important. It is very dangerous to be
zipping around on anything with an electric motor on it. But Sam and I forgot it when
we went to Santa Monica, and also that one other time when we were riding around here. Most the time, I’m wearing helmets, okay? I’m a good example! Except for when I forget my helmet. Wear helmets though. I 100% believe we should
always be wearing helmets. I’m an idiot, don’t listen to me! In quotes, you’re hoping I fall, so you can get footage for this video. The short story of YouTube’s
true nature. (snickers) I would’ve gotten a lot
more clicks on that video if Steve did fall on his face. Like when I fell on my kick flip. It sucked, but it got me
on Peter McKinnon’s vlog, so totally worth it! (laughs) Tomorrow, there’s a rush
to your local Car Max, to find your old Jeep! Yep, sold that beautiful
Jeep to Car Max yesterday, in Burbank. Ha, I’m gonna miss that thing,
that thing was so much fun! But this new Gladiator,
it’s bare bones right now, but once I’m done doing work
to it, it’s gonna be so sick! I still can’t figure Steve out. The man is somehow unknowable. No it’s true, I’ve known
Steve for a long time and we have a company together. I have no idea what
he’s doing on his feet. Like where is he right now? What is he, he’s like
he’s doing something, ’cause he’s always busy! Is he dating someone? I don’t know, is he on
a Tinder date right now? Possibly. Who knows? I’m so curious! (upbeat music)