So, what have you eaten today? Did you realize that over half the time we eat, we are just snacking? Sure, we know what we’re SUPPOSED to eat… But then there’s what we WANT to eat. Well now, you don’t have to choose. The next time you feel that craving… Don’t DENY IT – SATISFY IT Introducing – Nutra-Bar! Nutrition has never tasted so good, with two mouth-watering flavors Relive your lunch box days with peanut butter and jelly And satisfy your sweet tooth with decadent chocolate caramel. Nutra-Bars are packed with all of the nutrition
you want… with a proprietary blend of three proteins, prebiotic fibers, vitamins and minerals…
…Without all the stuff you don’t. So you can indulge your cravings, and satisfy your hunger, with delicious, nutritious, convenience.
Vi didn’t just create the bar… we raised it! Nutra-Bar!