My name is Thomas Seifried and I’m the Chef
de Cuisine for Blue by Eric Ripert in Grand Cayman. Blue by Eric Ripert, it’s the only AAA 5-Star
restaurant in the entire Caribbean. So it’s considered the best restaurant in the Caribbean. We specialize in seafood, especially local
seafood as well as international seafood. We are located within the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman
which is located on the beautiful and famous Seven Mile Beach. For the first dish, we are going to use some
local red snapper. In this case we have a beautiful queen snapper. We are going to bread crust it with some sourdough bread. So we take our beautiful queen snapper and
we put side down, take the fish and then we place it on top of the sourdough bread and
then we cut the edges exactly the same way as the fish fillet is. Start with a cold pan, and then just let it
heat very slowly and always take a spatula and always turn your fish in the olive oil
so in order to get an even sear on the bread side. So we have some poached shrimp, some poached
lobster, we have some dried tomato, and we have some fennel puree. We finished it all off with a beautiful sauce
bouillabaisse. One of our signature dishes is actually the
first dish I put on the menu when I came 6 years ago. It’s a Maine scallop with smoked butter. First we have to smoke the butter
because it takes the longest. So what we do is we take a pot, we have some wood
chips, basically you start with adding the wood chips You take a second pot where you put the butter inside. When the smoke is ready inside we basically
cook the brown butter out of it, and then we emulsify it with a bit of vegetable stock.
So for the scallop we use a beautiful scallops out of Maine. We give a little bit of temperature in the pan. We’re going to put it in the oven for a couple
of minutes. So what we do is we keep the shells of the
scallops and we wash it nicely and then we actually present the dish in the shell. A little bit of chives on top. It’s truffle season right now so we enhance
a little with some black truffles, black garlic truffles which we cut in julienne. Poached scallop with smoked butter emulsion
with garlic truffles. Enjoy.