We are going out for buffet dinner we want to check the buffet dinner of InterContinental Dhaka Hotel and we can give a review after, that how it is okay so see you on the buffet Hello viewers, we are at the element restaurants of intercontinental Dhaka We were being guided to our table. at first. This is the soup station We didn’t find much variety here Now we are at the bread station. different varieties of bread are available The bread items were huge and nicely decorated We have tested some of them and they were delightful This is also live station for pizza and pasta Let me tell a story that took place later that I ordered for pasta and the chef told me to check back after five minutes So when I went back later, I was searching for my food and the chef was also looking at me with a question mark So then I had to ask Like hey, where is my food? He replied Someone took a pasta a few minutes ago, and I thought that it was yours So we apologized and prepared another one for me right away This is NaN and kebab station Finally we are at the main course We found today’s cuisine was a mixture of both traditional and international dishes This is the life station for Prawn and steaks Just choose your favorite and the chef will do the rest Now let us see the salad station I must say that salad items looks quite rich and tasty I must admit that Salad items were a mixture of both varieties and taste But I am NOT going to taste all of them, especially this one These are also part of the Main course If you were a crab lover then you must try it though, it was quite difficult to break About the food quality, I will tell you later first. Let me show you the dishes This is the cheese station if you can remember Tom and Jerry, this was Jerry’s favorite Finally, we are at the desert. Desert items look really really tasty Some of the items were missing nametag so I had to seek help from the chef present there name of this one They look so tasty, so tasty. I wish I could taste them all. of course, I can but I am not sure how I will like them. Sushi items were limited Personally, I do not like this Japanese food So I am NOT taking any but if your like, choice is yours. They look decorated and colorful. Guess many of the guests are like me That’s why there was no crowd over there So we were in the middle of our buffet dinner just waiting for another round The arrangement was good, and it was real crowded These are some of the items that we have taken After having some food I am already at the desert now Here are the freshly fried prawns from the live station as shown before This is the second time that we are taking these at fast. We felt salts were not added up to our requirement So this time we have requested the chefs to add little more salt for us So let me have a quick taste to see if the salts are adequate About the food qualities. It can say that the items were satisfactory and tasty But I didn’t find any item absolutely specials Though I like prawn and beef steaks very much and also chicken cheese pasta This is also prepared pizza from the live station, you can also order pasta as per your test Now finally it’s time to talk about the deserts as we entered almost last So when we hit the desert Some of them were practically finished so here is the advice come early So viewers, let me inform you about the drinks You must know that drinks are not included in the buffet You can order for mineral water and cold drinks mineral water price starts from 200 taka cold drinks price starts from 600 taka Anyway the overall experience was good, both of us were satisfied Intercontinental buffet dinner costs 4500 taka each But you can get a 25% discount By your credit card or by membership So, that’s it for now, you can comment below to request for any video. See you again, bye bye You