Hello and welcome to Pitco’s presentation on how to perform a fryer boil out. Beginning with an oil-free tank, open the front door to your fryer and set your solid state thermostat to 250 degrees. Then turn the on/off switch on off on off on to begin to boil out procedure–as can be seen in the lower right-hand side of your control. This will activate the burners and begin the boil out procedure. If you’re using a computer control, you’ll start this process by hitting the thermometer button and then pressing 212–showing boil in the display. That’s thermometer button 212. Once your fry tank is begin boiling, take the fry cleaner and pour it into the fry tank. Allow the tank to boil three to five minutes before beginning cleaning with a brush. Wearing approved safety gear, take your fry clean brush and begin cleaning the tank. Be sure to clean in between all the heat exchange surfaces–including the fry tubes, besides the tank, and the cold zone to make sure you have a very clean tank when put back into service. Once you complete the cleaning, open the door, turn the thermostat off and, return thermostat setting to 350 for the next operator. Then again wearing a food safety gear, open the door of your tank, take the drain pipe, and screw it into the drain valve. Once you’ve screwed the drain pipe in, take any heat-resistant container, put it under the drain pipe, and begin to drain out all the boil out from your fry tank. As a point of reference, there’s a safety interlock when going to close your drain valve again. Be sure not to forget this. Once you removed all the boil out solution from your fry bath, you’ll need to flush it out with about three or four more buckets of water. This will move any of the residue and fry cleaning solution that remained in the tank after draining. Once you’ve completed flushing the tank–again with your safety gear, take a towel and clean out all the surfaces of your fry bath and fry tubes. If possible, leave the drain valve open overnight to allow the remainder to air dry so you have a perfectly dry tank for the next day–remembering that water is the number one enemy of oil. What you’re left with is a fry tank ready to go for the next day’s work. Thanks for joining us on this boil out procedure. We appreciate your support.