Today we will make Suji ke Dhokle This can be made instant Also not required to keep for fermentation It is very delicious in taste you can make this in breakfast Lets start making Suji ke Dhokle INGREDIENTS : SUJI – 1 CUP CURD – 1 CUP CORIANDER LEAVES – 1/4 CUP CURRY LEAVES – 8-10 SALT TO TASTE SEAMSAME SEEDS – 2 TBSP CUSTARD SEED – 1 TBSP ASAFEATIDA – 1/2 TSP RED CHILLY POWDER – 1 TSP DRY RED CHILLY – 2 OIL FOR TADKA – 2 TBSP GREEN CHILLY – 2, GINGER – SMALL SALT TO TASTE Lets start making dhokla will prepare batter first add curd in semolina add salt to taste add ginger green chilly paste mix well it is mixed now my curd is little thin hence batter is thin keep batter thin as semolina absorbs water close lid and keep it for 20 minutes to set check after 20 minutes suji has absorbed water batter is thick now add little water keep batter like need for Idli batter is ready now keep this with such consistency will make dhokla now I have put steamer on gas and add 2 glass of water water is heated now add eno salt add 1 tsp of water over it so that eno activated mix well by stirring in one direction so that batter become fluffy no need to stirr much batter is ready i have used this plate it is greased with oil you can use any mould transfer batter in plate spread it by tapping plate tap it like this water is boiling in steamer I have put stand in steamer put batter plate over stand close lid and steam for 20 minutes check after 20 minutes 20 minutes is over, check dhokla now dhokla is fluffy now to check, insert knife into it if knife coming out without sticking batter then dhokla is steamed turn off gas let it cool down Dhokla is cooled down now cut it with knife you can cut in desired shape – diamond or rectangle it is cut from side rotate plate to cut from other side cut from other side with help of flat spoon, lift them upside will give tadka now I have put pan on gas with 4 tbsp oil wait till oil become hot when oil is hot, add mustard seeds add seasame seeds add dry red chilly add curry leaves mustard seeds are crackling, add asafeatida ( hing ) turn off gas spread tadka over dhokla pieces tadka is spreaded over dhokla. sprinkle red chilly powder garnish with coriander leaves dhokla is ready to eat serve in serving plate Delicious dhokla is ready and served in a plate you can serve with tomato ketch up green chutney or tomato chutney also it can be served with tea you sure try this recipe at home give me feedback in comment below