Welcome to this video support which will help you to assemble your Lounge Pergola Bioclimatic Caution ! This video do not substitut your assembling instruction In order to fit your Bioclimatic Pergola with complete safety Please kindly refer and follow-up step-by-step basis to instruction sheets provided with your Bioclimatic Pergola Check out terrasse garden flatness in order to offset the laying height Check out and outline the operative height First support positioning Scribing horizontal supports Carry out level adjustment and align wall fixation support before continuing installation First rafter positioning Siliconized generously inside the support blades profile Sliding over the boards right up to the central rafter location. It works exclusively with 2 Pergola units. Aluminium blades adjustment. Kindly start with external blades Pergola. Back cover profil laying Front cover profil laying Central blades laying. Kindly fisrtly fix the tail cover blade from the back cassette side to enable to fix correctly the electric cylinder. Regards to the second central blade, remove the screw in order to fix the electric cylinder Adjust profile from electric cylinder side Siliconized generously the right and left cheeks’s front cassette Wall-cassette tightness Drilling water discharge at the extreme posts by the means of hole saw, diameter 50mm Before fixing posts, check out your Pergole levels. For a tiled floor fixation, use diamond drill Once your tiled floor drilled, end up with a concrete wick Screw and repeat steps to each of posts