IOS Reservations 4.x and IOS Hotels
– Installation – Login in Elxis 4.1+
administration section Go to Extensions>Install & Update Unzip IOS Reservations and
IOSR Hotels packages locally First install component
IOS Reservations Locate file Click Upload and Install
to install IOSR component IOS Reservations 4.x has been installed Select Extensions>IOS Reservations From IOSR menu select Extensions.
You are going to install IOSR Hotels. You can activate later
IOS Reservations from this window. To install IOSR Hotels select file Click Upload IOSR Hotels has been installed. Click the green Enable icon
to enable IOSR Hotels extension IOSR Hotels is enabled.
Go back to IOSR control panel. IOS Reservations and IOSR Hotels
are ready to use.