How much does bar design cost? If you’re a bar, hotel or restaurant owner in need of bar design, where do you go to find this information? I have the answers for you right here in this video. Coming up! Hi, I’m Rick from Bar Designers, where I share my passion about bar design, draft beer system design and product reviews. If you’re new here, please subscribe and
check-out the show notes and affiliate links in the “YouTube Description”, below. Now let’s jump into the show. Which of these two bars do you think would be
more expensive to design? The answer is probably pretty obvious. How about these two bars? The answer may not be so obvious. There are many factors that
differentiate the cost to design any given bar. My goal in this video is to
explain general pricing guidelines for professional bar design. Specific examples people bring to us have great deal of variation, so the practical
approach here is to provide you with starting price points. We offer three types of bar design services and a host of optional features. The first service
is “Bar Consulting,” the second one is “Bar Equipment Design” and the third is
“Custom Bar Design.” This pretty much handles any call that comes into our office. If you need assistance for planning a new bar and you’re trying to do it yourself, but you’re stuck on a few things, our “Bar Consulting” service
is pretty much ideal for you. With this service we offer a variety of things,
which range from basic bar layout, shown here, draft beer system planning, where we
will help you locate your draft beer towers, decide where the walk-in coolers
go – that type of thing. Next we can help you complete your unfinished bar plan We also provide dining seating plans for people who are looking for correct table placements, and lastly, we we also provide budgeting for new bars with basic food service. These are for the do-it-yourselfer and those who are
seeking primary information for purchasing or starting a bar or restaurant. Pricing for these services begins at $250. Next, we have our “Bar Equipment Design” service. This is a service that’s geared for the do-it-yourselfer crowd that wants to finish their own bar and
is in need of some expertise to help them complete their 2D aspect of their bar layout – that is everything from the bar top down. The first thing we would provide would be an ergonomically-efficient bar equipment layout. Next, to fine-tune the bar layout with recommendations for the POS equipment
and draft beer towers. Next, we would have the bar equipment schedule. We would also provide plans for construction of the bar base, including section views and we would also provide details for one ADA built-in accommodation. Lastly, we would also solicit pricing for the equipment. With the bar equipment design service, we’ll furnish you with an architectural plan in PDF. Pricing begins at $3500 for a standard 2-station L-shaped, C-shaped or shotgun bar; island bars are extra, and we also have a host of other features that you can purchase ala carte, which I’ll discuss later. Next, we have our “Custom Bar Design” service. This service takes our standard bar equipment design vertically and provides you with a full bar design and offers the following features: 1). A concept for a 2-station L-shaped, C-shaped or shotgun bar; next, a set of plans for construction, including section views, elevations and details; next, one built-in ADA accommodation; next, develop the bar facade. We also provide the footrest design. We also provide you with a simple back bar plan, with the TV equipment recommendations and locations; next, we have the bar top plan. We also provide you with a bar framing plan for stick-built bars. We also provide the bar equipment plan itself, all the construction details. Next, we provide the draft beer system design, with beer tower locations. Next, full equipment schedule
and manufacturer’s specification sheets. Next, we provide pricing for the bar
equipment and lastly we provide pricing for the draft beer system with installation. Pricing for custom bar design begins at US$5,500 for a standard 2-station bar without draft beer or US$7,000 with draft beer; island bars are extra. Next, we have a host of custom bar design options which are oftentimes features that owners request that are not commonly included in our
standard packages and there’s a host of things that come up from time to time
and all this kind of run down the list here because most of the applications
don’t include these items, but there are times when they are needed. The first item is a modular bar die. These are manufactured bars that require a series of removable panels – the panels are what we would design, along with the schedule of sizes and locations. Next, we have curved, oval and circular bars, which require yet another level of detail, that’s not commonly included with our standard bar design packages. Next, we have backlit bar designs, which are shown here in these photos. Also, we can provide built-in USB phone chargers, shown in this photo; this is a very popular feature nowadays. Next, we have counterbalanced lift gates, which require a minimal amount of assistance to lift and are particularly valuable in situations where using solid surface bar tops. Next, we have built-in soda systems, which is self-explanatory. These can be actually designed into the bar area under certain circumstances. Also, we can provide you with roll-up secured liquor cages, which are commonly seen in hotel and airport bars; it enables the liquor to be locked at night. Next, we have built-in TV’s for soffits, where the TV’s themselves are set into the soffit above the back bar and it’s a standard detail that’s required by Starwood Hotels. We also offer custom soffit design, as shown here on these plans. Next, we have draft beer walls, which require an additional amount of architectural detail, as I covered in an earlier video, and we also provide custom back bars fabricated from steel, architectural metal and architectural glass, just to name a few and in those cases the structural engineering and so forth would be provided by others. Pricing for each of the above features begins at US$500 and depends on the amount of time and complexity. The possibilities are virtually endless. If you’d like to know more about bar equipment costs, bar construction costs, draft beer systems –
that type of thing, then you need to check-out this video series on start-up
costs for opening a bar or restaurant. Thanks for stopping by today and if you
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