[XBOX SOUND] [MUSIC] Got a lot of great features
coming to Game Bar, but I want to start
first the propofol that maybe some folks
have seen Game Bar, they don’t know what it is. Explain what it is? So the Game Bar is essentially an overlay that works
over any PC game. You bring it up by hitting
Windows G, G for Gaming. The whole thing behind
the feature is, PC gamers they do a lot of
things when they’re gaming. They either listen to music, they are posting
things to their feed, they are chatting
their friends on Xbox Live. Today you have to
choose between doing those things or your game
and we don’t like that. So we think our mission is to not have our gamers choose between the games they love
playing and their friends.>>Now, how is this different
from any other overlay, Dan?>>Yeah, so because it
comes with Windows 10, it works over any different games,
any game that you have. So you don’t have to install it, you don’t have to download
it, you don’t have to do anything. You just have it. So anytime you are playing a game, you can just hit the
Windows G key and just bring it right up
right over your game.>>Now Kripal, you talked about how you can do
all these things over this. It’s really customizable so that
you can make it your own, right?>>That’s right, and feedback
is super important for us. What that means on
PC, is customization. For us what customization actually means is the Game Bar is
completely widget based which means you can
choose the widgets that you want to see in your Game Bar. You can also not just choose
the widgets that you want, you can also move them
to whatever section or portion of the screen you want, if you want to pin them over
the screen, you can do that too. So that’s what we want, we want
your Game Bar to be yours. With the Xbox Live thing
that you have brought into Game Bar
you can chat with your friends not just
on PC but also on console but also on iOS and Android.>>Dan, what are
a couple of ways that people are using in Game Bar?>>They use it to take
pictures and create quick memes of some awesome moment
that they had in the game, be able to share with
their friends on Twitter or any other social networks and monitor performance for
their PC is another feature.>>Sounds like Game Bar is really
a toolbox that you’re going to allow people to arrange their work
space the way they’d like to. Dan, tell us a little
more about that.>>With Game Bar you have the ability to customize how you want it. So every gamer’s different, some people care about
some features versus others. I personally really care
about my friends, right? So I have my friends
list front and center, I have all of them listed there, I can see what they’re
playing right now, I can double-click on them
to start conversation, whether text or voice and I
also really care about content, creating pictures and videos, like to post them on
Twitter, on YouTube. So I have my gallery that shows
all the latest pictures and videos I’ve made and all the memes that I’ve created within the gamer.>>So that’s what
you’ve created yours. Kripal, how have you created
your space with Game Bar?>>For me it’s all about audio, which means two widgets. One aids the audio control widget so that I can play
around with the settings for what my chat versus
music versus my game. The second is actually Spotify. So we’re bringing Spotify
into the Game Bar. So you can listen to music, so the playlist that you love when you are playing whatever
your game of choice is. I love ArcGIS’s and control that music without
ever leaving the game.>>That’s big news for fans of gaming and music
because I can just, it all happens right there.>>That’s right.>>People love to watch gaming
as much as they love to play it. So we’ve brought in
streaming as well. So I can watch my favorite streamers
right within Game Bar. I can pin them so that
they stay there all the time while I’m either gaming or
doing whatever else I’m doing, I could just watch that stream
and continue doing whatever.>>It’s like a picture
over a picture, because they are watching
their game over my game. You’ve really worked closely with the communities to
develop these features. Tell us about some of
the plans moving forward?>>Yeah, so we have a lot coming. We’re dedicated to this space. I love PC gaming, this is my passion,
I game every night. So we’re always looking for PC gaming feedback on
what we should do next. One of the big things that we’re
bringing is Looking for Group. This was really successful
on console. We call it LRG. This is the idea where I
can quickly find someone to finish that boss fight
or that raid together. So choose a game, choose what you’re looking for, start it, people can see
those lists, opt in. You get bunch of feedback
saying like, “Hey, these people want to play
with you,” if you say yes, you join a party, join voice and you’re good to
go. Really exciting.>>A lot of great stuff coming for Game Bar. Gentlemen,
thanks for your time.>>Thank you.>>Thank you. [XBOX SOUND]