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Airline Dreamliner, gonna board right away and discover. Wow, look at you, new uniforms. – Yeah.
– Yeah, like it? – Hi, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – Welcome to the newest
aircraft of Turkish Airlines. – Look at this logo here. (upbeat music) – I think you have the best seat here, 1K right?
– Yeah. – What’s your name?
– Serkan. – Serkan, from Turkey of course? – Yeah, but I’m living in Dubai. – All right nice to meet you, merhaba.
– You too. (upbeat music) – Yeah, so I just settled in my seat here, it’s the last row. The reason I chose the seat
is later, after take off, you will see a great engine view. So, the best seats with the engine view’s always near the second door. First impression is, I’m
so used to the open space Turkish Airlines have in
their older business class. So, this one is a total different game. This one is more surrounded
and more privacy, but definitely more privacy,
the color’s very dark, very, you know, has a luxury posh feel. It’s a one,two,one direct aisle
access seat, as you can see. What I’m concerned is, really
later when I go fully flat, let’s see how it goes with my leg. But so far, it’s like I’m
in my little cocoon here and very comfortable, and
the TV is very big screen. So I think it’s kind of like a step above, the usual wide open business class layout. Well, hello, merhaba
– Hello, merhaba. – Hello, how we doing?
– Hello. – Fine thanks, you? – Wow, you’re very lucky flying the latest Dreamliner of Turkish Air. – Yeah. It’s so new, everything is brand new here. – Yeah, newest aircraft. – Oh, I see you have a HUD down as well. So what’s your name Captain? – Moran, Moran Valude. – And you’re from, where? – Turkey. – Oh, of course, Turkish captain. And then you are? – My name’s Zeki. – From Turkey, as well? – Yeah, from Turkey.
– Excellent. Tell us about the flight
information today. – Welcome onboard to TK 763, Today, our flight takes approximately, to Istanbul, four hour 50 minutes, and the flight level will
be three, eight, zero and our speed will be approximately 850 kilometres per hour. Today our weight is 183 tonnes, so we are not so heavy. So, we can depart earlier. – So, I wanna know
captain, on the Dreamliner, what’s the fuel burn like, how many tonnes of fuel
it burns on each engine? – Each engine’s approximately
2 tonne per hour. – Oh, my God, two tonne per hour, so, four tonne per hour on the plane. I flew a 747-8 yesterday, it was burning 12 tonnes per hour. – ‘Cause it has four engines,
three tonne per hour, same engine Gen X, General Electric. So you guys can see the economics, Dreamliner, four tonne by hour, that’s why airline buys Dreamliner. So captain, I heard there’s
new technology on the 787. There is some new technology
that can counter turbulence. It previously not available,
right on 777 or 747? – No, I didn’t hear before. There’s the two, flapper overtehre. Left flapper, right flapper. – What does this flapper do? – It’s moves the counter the turbulence. Okay, now normally the turbulence
means the change of winds, and it’s to compensated the
wing speed moving up and down. – Oh, the wing move up
and down to cushioning, – Yeah, cushioning.
– compensating. – The passengers doesn’t
feel so much the turbulence. (speaking in a foreign language) – Orange, fresh raspberry
and lemon-mint, right? – Yes, homemade lemon-mint. – Lemon-mint, I love your
welcome drinks service, I think one of the best, colourful, best welcome drink
service, Turkish Airlines. – Thank you. – Would you like a hazelnut
before we take off. – Oh hazelnut, Turkish roasted hazelnuts. – Yes. Guys, look at this little cute
Turkish Airlines menu card. They always have this, lots
and lots of Turkish food. I’m looking forward to have a great Turkish breakfast this morning. So a lot of time when you wanna film the window it’s dirty,
so you bring you own little dry tissue towel,
just give a clean. Put a bit of water and
give a clean and dry it up. And then you can start
filming from the window. That’s how I do it. (upbeat music) – [Pilot] Turkish, three, echo,
whisky, taxi, straight ahead (speaking in foreign language) – [Air control] (speaking
in foreign language) (futuristic music) – [Air control] Turkish, three,
echo, whisky, Dubai Tower, good morning (speaking
in a foreign language) (radio chatter) – [Air control] Turkish,
three, echo, whisky, one nine zero degrees, ninety
knots, from (foreign word). (radio chatter) – (speaking in a foreign language) – (speaking in a foreign language) – (speaking in a foreign language) (intense music) – One, rotate. – (speaking in a foreign language) – (speaking in a foreign language) (aeroplane engine whirring) Auto pilot on, check. – [Air control] Turkish,
three, echo, whisky, departures,one, two, one,
decimal, zero, two five, bye-bye. – [Air control] One, two,
one, zero, two, five, bye-bye Turkish, three, echo, whisky. (light beat music) – It’s a bag. You know, I actually flew hundreds and hundreds of flights and I’ve got hundreds and
hundreds of these bags. But I rarely open it,
I don’t wanna open it. I don’t know if it’s a (mumble) thing, we just love this so much, we
just wanna keep it like this and bring it home. I’m pretty impressed, four
hour flight to Istanbul, economy comfort kits,
business class comfort kits. Which one do you like? I actually like this pair
seats, the double seats here. After take off I just move here, so I got a bit more space to enjoy. – Here’s the tray, this
is your comp plate, also cheese plate, fruit
bowls and dried tomato paste, and marinated black olives,
and also (mumbles), butter and also kompoti and your favourite drink, also tea with (cough drowns
out speech), bon appétit. – I have a really bad cough, ah, I feel better on my throat. I really like their
pastry on Turkish Airlines I’m gonna try out the
simit, which is a Turkish, really, really favourite,
it’s like a Turkish doughnut. It’s like all sesame wrapped, not sure what this is, I
think it’s some type of paste, I don’t know it’s like a
tomato, some sort of fruit, vegetable, I think vegetable paste. I’m gonna to mix butter
and honey to eat together, it’s actually very, very rich, good. – There are three choices, the
main courses today Mr Chui, the first choice, is
actually cheese on the bun, Kasher cheese omelette, and also boiled spinach and black pepper. The second choice Turkish
style cheese puff pastry. – So these are the main course we have, cheese omelette or a Turkish pastry. Which one do you guys like more? Thank you, thank you very much. Every time I fly Turkish Airlines, the breakfast, they have a Turkish pastry. Which I think Turkish Airlines is great. This is better. This is your first time
wearing the new uniform? – Second Time
– Second time – For all of us yeah. – I think for men you just
show different colour, different tie, but it’s still
pretty much the same, right you don’t feel like big difference. – No, I don’t feel–
– Little differences between chiefs and the normal. – You prefer the red or you
like the older one better? – Actually I prefer this one, yeah. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Smart Answer. – More fascinating. – I was talking about the ladies, look much more elegant
with this red colour, you know, I think before
it was more conservative, blue one, you wear trousers,
now you were skirts, the shoes also nice, red shoes. But I think still the chef,
chef come in the camera, you have the best uniform. (all laughing) – Always.
– You never change. – Very good design always,
and also nice colour tie, it fits so well purple and white. There it is, now I’m ready to serve, chicken or beef. To all the Turkish
Airline’s fans we love you. – (speaking Turkish) – There’s actually live television here. (rhythmic music) This is pretty amazing. I was thinking I have to pay for the Wifi. The business class is
actually, you get free Wifi, you just put in your surname,
and your seat number. So I just successfully paired my phone, using the Turkish Airlines
entertainment app. Now I can use my phone to
watch all the entertainment, and also pair and play on the big screen, this is pretty cool. (upbeat funky music) (plane engines whirring) I gotta tell you it’s very,
very narrow, you know, this cannot remove, it’s
actually, it’s flat, long, but very narrow to me. I wish the armrest can
be lowered or removed, ah, wait I found the way to remove it, here, ah this is better. OK I lower my armrests, so it gives you maybe one
inch more space (sighs). In terms of leg room, no problem. I think, you know, six foot tall, my leg doesn’t hit the
front, so it’s quite long. So this flight is
relatively short, 4 hours. I had about one hour sleep, No doubt the Dreamliner is one step above, the business class usually
you see in Turkish Airlines. You might not get used to the 787 layout, because 777, the layout is
wide open, two, three and two. But think about from the
privacy point of view. Think about the finishing,
the high quality touch. I think this one feel way more luxury, way more business class. Pros and Cons. There’s never a seat
that can fit everything. This seat here is a little narrow. When I slept, I turn sideway, the created bit more space for me. Also my foot when I sleep in the footwell, it’s a little bit limited to turn, so the space in the footwell
is a little bit hard. But, again I’m a very big guy, so most of you wouldn’t probably, don’t have a problem like I do. The best thing on Turkish Airlines, I think is the Turkish
hospitality and Turkish food. I really enjoy all my flights
with Turkish Airlines. (popping sounds} (mellow music) (gentle upbeat music) (plane engines whirring) (funky dance music) Wow, just arrived in the
new Istanbul Airport, look at this wavy ceilings, and now I am going to
check out the lounge, guys. Let’s go. Wow, you know, it’s just like, you’ve got to embrace how huge it is. (upbeat music) (hustle and bustle in the airport) You know I don’t feel like
I’m at the airport anymore, look at all this, it feels
like this is some sort of, you know, amusement park or shopping mall. (upbeat music) (funky dance music) (upbeat music) Let’s check out the new Turkish
Airlines, Istanbul lounge. (Piano Music) (Grill Sizzling) (funky dance music) (chattering) – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Did you enjoy your visit? – It’s interesting, it’s different. – Oh my God, look at all this, blossom tea, I think
Turkish people love tea don’t you agree? (Turkish music) All right I’m going to
try some of the tea here. Boy, I love these ones,
isn’t it beautiful, it’s like an art. This one tastes just like the
Asian, the Chinese green tea. – This is Turkish pide real flat pastry. – Flat pastry. Not many airline has a live
cooking station like this, they invite me to come here, to do a live Turkish flat pastry. I feel like I’m a Turkish chef now, Like this, how am I doing? Yeah, we do this for dumpling,
making the dumpling skin. I wish I could turn like– – Like a pizza. – How many you doing every day? – 500 a day. – 500 per day, wow.
– Yes. – Wow, in one month you make 15,000. (Turkish music) So we have 2 kinds of Turkish pastry, this one on my right hand side is potato, on then the left side is spinach. So today I’m going to learn from you, how to make Turkish pide. This is really cool, this
is like making a pizza. – This good? – As much as you want? – As much as I want,
I want every big meat. – Some more. – Okay let’s do more. Start from here, like this? – [Chef] You make special for yourself. – My one’s gonna be burst,
it’s getting longer. (exclaims) – Help me to stick this part. Oh yeah see, master at work. Really long, making 10
portions out of this, wow (appliance beeping) – Coming out. – This is my half accident, this is the regular
professional from Chef Habib. At least I made a good attempt here. (people cheering) My one looks the wrong shape, it’s the not the right shape I think, I did something wrong here. Here my Turkish pide, I love Turkish food. Pick this one, this is a good one, fresh, pick this one, yes. It tastes so good. You know I just cooked
this, this is done by me, I just made it. – Si! – Yeah, yeah, si! (laughing) (appliance beeping) Oh, no, it’s too hot. Wow, every 15 minutes one full moussaka. – Yes. 40 type of Turkish meze, here wow! (Turkish music) Very fresh and everything, look at this. I’ve never seen an airline
lounge give you this, fresh dill in an airline lounge. Turkish people love spicy
food, this is danger. (background chatter) Everything is yum. People need to come here,
appreciate the art, right. – Hello, welcome to the (foreign language) Let me see. – Wow! – One of your flights
must be eight hours time or more than eight hours. – Thank you very much bye-bye. – Bye-bye. (door closing) – Thank you so much for
showing me the lounge, all the things I love
is still in this lounge. Plus their is a lot more
new stuff and the space. So I’ve never seen an airline lounge, have so much live cooking even
a chef here, you know, yeah. I love all the food we made together, bye. – Bye-bye.
– Bye. (people chattering) (woman shouting) – We were losing light. (spraying) – Okay, don’t put this on me. (laughing) – Are you gonna fly with us? – I think I will. (laughing) (face masks popping out) No, no, no, no. (belt clicking) I will never drink again. (laughing) – Two, three, four. – (speaking foreign language) – We just saved someone’s life now. (high energy music) – Yay, thank you so much. (fire extinguisher blowing)