GUY MALLINSON: I’ve always wanted to build a
treehouse from a young age. I have finally done it. GUY MALLINSON: This is the Woodsman’s Treehouse.
It’s approached through a rope bridge. GUY MALLINSON: And a decompression chamber rather like a, a submarine. COMM: For some it’s a childhood dream but
for Guy Mallinson, building a luxury treehouse complete with a few playful features, GUY MALLINSON: We’ve got a slide, to help us. Oh it’s
too sticky today. GUY MALLINSON: Why is it so sticky? COMM: is now a reality. GUY MALLINSON: One of the advantages of being in a woodland like this is that it’s obviously
teaming with wildlife and it is an absolute joy to sit there on the deck and watch Squirrels
go up and down and buzzards and deer walk underneath. COMM: Now available to hire, the treehouse
is perfect for those looking to let it all hang out in the secluded tree top get away. GUY MALLINSON: Yeah they’re showering outside with no clothes on, obviously they’re in
the hot tub with no clothes on so I think it’s nice that they can feel comfortable
being naked in the woods, in the outside, that no one’s going to see them because
you’re in the middle of nowhere. GUY MALLINSON: At the far end of the deck, we’ve got a hammock and the tree shower
which is a system from home which we wielded up. GUY MALLINSON: So on what we call the spa
deck, we have the hot tub, a chilling out area and a sauna for two. I’ve done exactly
what I tell people not to do, just leave it on… GUY MALLINSON: And then there’s this living
wall all around here to give you some privacy, in your own little world up in the tree. It
has taken us five months to actually build the treehouse, but we had team of 20 makers
at the end, including my four… GUY MALLINSON: I’ve actually got three children. GUY MALLINSON: So this circular room, has the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen
as well as the dining area. In the bedroom is a step up and a roof light. There is a
copper bath with the picture window of the tree. GUY MALLINSON: And it’s allowed to move
and the water to go up and down it, animals to go up and down it, it’s left completely
alone. There is a window in the floor which looks down at the stream below. You’ve got
these little port holes so you get fresh air blowing over the bath while you’re lying
in there. And then there’s a small kitchen, again just for two people so there’s an
oven and a fridge, enough for two people to cook pretty much anything they want. GUY MALLINSON: The total budget for the treehouse was £150,000. Right at this moment in time
I’m not really thinking about more treehouses, I’ve just finished this one. But I have
to say it’s gone really well. Bookings are going incredibly well. I’ll be very surprised
if I don’t build another one at some point.