I think what ‘luxury’ means for me is having time, I’ve got a lot of busy deadlines, my work is quite hard and that’s sometimes stressful throughout the months, so, I just wanted time to sort of, step back and appreciate the view and the
sunshine. As a parent, you want to step back from the constant supervision that you’ve given them in the past, back at home and you want to give
them sort of ‘free reign’ and I thought the “Elounda Peninsula” was spectacular at allowing parents to do that. I spent the first day or so acclimatising to this fact that
I could actually relax. I went over to the Arsenal soccer camp; I saw Jackson polishing his shooting ability… they just
looked like they were in heaven and after a while you stand there, watch
from a distance and then you say to yourself “Ok..” “So what so I do?” and then the answer is quite clear; I should go and get the massage at the
“Six Senses Spa” and I shouldn’t leave these kids to do their thing, because ultimately for them, it’s their holiday, that’s what they want to do. There’s an extensive kids menu in all the restaurants that we ate at
around the Elounda resort, but they sort stuck to the adults menu because they liked how all the food had been cooked, the meat and the fish and the vegetarian options were all really good and they sort of, had a lot of vegetables and stuff like that, but, what they really, really loved were the tubs of gelato ice cream and there were just multiple tubs of different flavours, from pistachio to raspberry ripple to chocolate and the knowledge that it had all been created for them. And I think that’s when they realised that this isn’t a holiday just for the adults, this is a five-star experience for them. That was magic.