KERRY BROWN: Our clients can spend thousands of dollars with us and really it is just to
make sure their dog gets the very best of the best. COMM: Welcome to the D Pet hotel, New York’s most luxurious hotel. COMM: For dogs. KERRY BROWN: D Pet hotels offers three main services: overnight boarding, day care and
spa and grooming services. KERRY BROWN: Probably the most unique thing about our space is that dogs get to stay in
suites as opposed to cages or kennels. We have dogs that come in for day care, for
parents who are attorneys or bankers or actors or students here in the city. KERRY BROWN: You know, we have got a pop star
princess who uses us to a famous movie actor, so we are fortunate to get to cater to that
clientele as well. Follow me and I’m going to show you around our boarding facilitates. KERRY BROWN: This here is our standard suite
and this is sweet Gigi who is modelling for us. Hi momma, hi good girl, hi! It will come
with a little orthopaedic dog bed as well as a flat screen TV to keep the dog’s company. KERRY BROWN: Next we have our sensational
suite. This always comes with a raised day bed and a little mattress just to make it
feel as much like home as possible. And these here are our uber suites, which are like nicer
than my bedroom at home. They have a full size bed, 42-inch flat screen TV; all the
comforts of a proper bedroom. KERRY BROWN: This is the crème de la crème. We have got a lot of regular clients who only will use the uber suite for their dog because they want their dog to feel as much like home as possible. RONALD GARDNER: It’s fun, you know. You hang out with dogs all day. Make sure
that they are, you know, taken care of, make sure they are fed, make sure medications are
properly… Pretty much you just kind of hang out with them, make sure that they are kept
happy when their owners aren’t around. KERRY BROWN: Nacho! ELIANA GOLDMAN: Hi!
KERRY BROWN: Hey, how are you guys? ELIANA GOLDMAN: My husband and I used D Pet hotels because we love the service that it
provides. The minute you walk in the door, everyone is smiling, they greet your puppy
as though it was the only one here in day care and it feels good, you know when you
go to work and you have nobody to watch, you know, your puppy, to know that he or she is
in really good hands. ELIANA GOLDMAN: They don’t just accept any dog, you have to come and take a temperament
test. So to know that, you know, your dog is not just playing with the, you know, any
random like hooligan, he is with refined and tempered dogs. I love the fact that Nacho
has passed the temperament test and it is part of the canine elite. Yeah, it feels
good, knowing that I’m raising a nice gentleman, right? LADY: Hey Maisie, here is your room service. KERRY BROWN: Our most exclusive clients demand
all a variety of things for their dogs. Certainly, they have very catered meals for them, whether
it’s fresh chicken with rice and vegetables, certain times of day where we have to walk
the dog, even if it’s that, that’s in the middle of the night. We’ve even had to like
place treats on the dog’s pillow before bed time. It’s just a fun positive place
to be when you’re around dogs all day. RONALD GARDNER: No, I don’t think it’s silly to give them such a nice place to stay,
you know. I think if we were dogs, we would want to stay in a nice place as well. We should
be treating them the way that we would want to be treated. So, the fact that we can provide
something like this is sweet, it’s nice. KERRY BROWN: New Yorkers are busy. A lot of, a lot of New Yorkers have chosen not to have
children and their dog is their child. And with that, here at the hotel, we work to create
a home away from home for dogs. Parents know when they bring their dog here that they can
expect the very best for their dog and that we’re going to treat them just like their