♪♪ Liz: The service I
provide here helps our students daily. I believe it helps them
get through their studies; to help with their
concentration and to feel better, not only physically, but
mentally as well. My name is Liz Schott, I
am a Cafeteria Manager II, here at Cesar Chavez
Junior High, in Ceres Unified School
District, and I’ve been doing Child
Nutrition for 22 years. Providing food for
students, helps their brains
function better, You have to have energy,
you have to have food, to make your, your day
go better. At breakfast we have three
different choices, it’s usually two hot
items, and a cereal, At lunch we provide
eight different entrees, we have several
vegetarian, to give them that option,
there’re fresh fruit and vegetables, and then
their hot meals, and it’s a complete meal. We try to make our
students feel welcomed, “Good morning miss Lilly
how are you?” we want to smile at them,
greet them, make sure that they’re
welcomed and we’re here for them and that’ll just
make them feel better. As I walk through the
cafeteria, I usually stop by and say
good morning to them, and I try to see if
there’s anything I can work through, but it’s
really nice when they turn around and have a
conversation with you, it just makes them
feel better, gets their day going. “You guys like the spicy chicken
right? The beans the rice
and the cheese? and you liked that one it’s
brand new so I need to know. The kids here give me the
feeling of having my own kids around, I’ve got
couple of kids that live out of state, and they’re
not here with me, it’s like having my kids
come in every day. “Okay you guys have
a nice lunch Okay” kids: You too! I’m really proud of what
our school district provides for the students,
in my own kitchen here I have got a great team, we
all feel the same way, that we love the kids, we
love interacting with them, and it’s just great
seeing them every day, it’s just part of our life
to be here for them and take care of them. ♪♪