Let’s play sex! Let’s play sex?! The design though, how did this happen? How did the designer think of this? That’s terrifying! It’s like having a bit of an existential crazy moment It’s estimated there are over 37 000 love hotels in Japan, bringing in about 50 billion dollars of revenue every year It’s a big business and it’s hardly a surprise given how many families in Japan live in multi-generational households with walls made of…paper The love hotels aren’t like regular hotels they’re pretty unique in more ways than one and by the end of this video you’ll be the expert on the subject Recently, through the friend of a friend who owns a stylish chain of love hotels here in the city of Sendai We were able to go in and explore the rooms I’ve been told that this love hotel in particular had some pretty ridiculous and crazy rooms and the hotel certainly didn’t disappoint After meeting the owner Yasushi Shishido First he took us to one of the standard rooms to show us the kind of services you can get in a love hotel It’s like being in another world all of the sudden The first thing you notice when you walk into a love hotel is it’s very closed off from the world No windows..Obviously you can see outside if you want to There’s windows there but you feel very contained Very romantic! The one thing that differentiates any love hotel from a normal hotel is these extra special amenities So here we have Honey drops..? Body Massage Lotion Good for your skin apparently And then you’ve got some….condoms here! It’s my favorite…Big Honey It’s not small…that’s big! What’s this? There’s an eye mask And Oooh It’s a ….present? You know when you go to a normal hotel you get a toothbrush Hairbrush, a lot of soap and stuff to take home Here you get Pink Rotor Which is..you know….a vibrator! Yeah so you get a vibrator And an eye mask..not bad! And Big Honey! Costume? How much? Free! Free??! 2 rental free Which is the most popular? Schoolgirl?? Maid! Maid?! Maid…Maid and schoolgirls 50 varieties of cosplay costumes to rent I could stand here and look at these all day Out of curiosity.. Rather than…some sort of pleasure Or like a….what’s that? Princess! Alright so we’ve ordered our incredible costumes Having ordered our costumes we went to collect them from a hole in the wall in the front door Discretion is one of the key elements of staying in a love hotel where you’ll rarely rarely see any staff during your stay Even choosing your room is done through a computer screen And when it comes to paying its also usually done through a machine built into the wall of the room This discretion and secrecy means you really feel like you’re in a bubble the whole time you’re in a love hotel A bubble filled with incredible costumes Very…very romantic! So that’s half the reason to come to a Love Hotel you can dress up like your favorite princess This is a air stewardess uniform My head is big so.. So food and drink, the alcohol is very very cheap here and the reason is when people come here they often come by car If they drink alcohol, they wanna eat lots of food they’re gonna stay longer By having a lower price of food and drink people will actually stay longer And you make more money! Because love hotels often use a pay as you go system They try to entice customers to stay by providing them with everything you could possibly ever want Food, movies, beer, costumes Why would you ever want to leave? This is my breakfast Beer! The world’s biggest honey toast I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to eat that Chicken Karaage It’s fried chicken Hamburger with rice and salad And potatoes This is ridiculous There’s so much here What time is it? It’s eleven o’clock in the morning So…this is my breakfast Standard love hotels …most love hotels you get a bath with a jacuzzi built in it And a television! I mean what more can you want that’s like the best thing ever! And the final touch for romance Mood lighting! So relaxing! Look at the bubbles! Oh my gosh! One interesting thing here That I’ve just discovered is body soap is unscented So the idea is you can come here, have a bath, have a shower Use this and no one will ever know that you went to a love hotel! So you come home and no one will smell That you’ve showered or anything I’ve never thought about that! That’s one thing you never would’ve thought about would you? It makes sense really This body soap could be the difference between life and divorce So there’s even magazines where you can choose an escort as well So one hour with someone is 15000 yen which is about 150 dollars And there’s quite a lot in this magazine Oh my god! In Japanese there’s a popular term for escort girl it’s “delivery health” I’m not making that up it refers to it as “delivery health” because I guess they’re delivering….health Our shop is a shop only amateur wife These are amateur wives I don’t know what the definition of amateur wife is Someone who’s not very good at being a wife who’s therefore cheating on their husband by being an escort Having checked out all the services and amenities you can get by staying at a love hotel we were shown to some of the more exotic and stylish rooms What’s going on?! You know…like…this feels like a room in a hotel in Las Vegas you know like in the movies You see these crazy elaborate rooms with quirky design features This is like that! This is bonkers! There’s a staircase, I don’t know where it goes yet What’s goin on here?! Bean bags, goats, pandas Geese?! What’s all that about? I don’t know.. But this is awesome! Wow! If I was rich this is the kind of room I would have as my bedroom Just like this! This is it! Look at this toilet! If you sit on that toilet, you feel like a god I imagine When the girl is in the shower you can sit in there and hide Apparently The girl goes in the shower and you can sit in there and peek over the edge and look I’m not even joking that’s what it’s designed for This feels like something out of Alice in Wonderland What’s going on? What’s going on?? What the…it’s terrifying! But awesome! You found the secret loft well done!! This is bonkers! There must be at least 100 teddy bears and goose and ducks and things.. Alright let’s get out of this nightmare loft! So this is the peeping room Peeping box The idea is the girl is in the bath or whatever, you can look through like that What a sight! Not the sort of thing I would want to peep at normally This is like having a bit of an existential fucking crazy moment There’s a sense of when they were making this room they just thought: “money is of no object” The design though.. how did this happen? How did the designer think of this What were they doing? I can see myself coming here for love And spending just most of my time walking around Checking out the interior Whether it’s the crazy weird Teddy Bear cave Or the hole in the ground for peeping at people in the bath Or the Temple/Shrine toilet I could spend hours in here just looking around being mind-fucked by the design What happened? How did this happen? This is like a cinema room Let’s play sex! Let’s play sex? You could have so much fun So in here you can sit on the toilet And watch TV down at the other end of the corridor You wouldn’t know this discreet little building has so many crazy and exciting rooms inside Okay so one night in a love hotel room like this is about 12000 yen, it’s about 120 dollars or so It’s pretty reasonable though, for what it is And what it is is a theme park in a room These rooms are more than just a hotel room as you’ve seen I mean this is like a theater and a children’s play area rolled into one And the other one you feel like you’re in some sort of exotic Las Vegas hotel So there you have it! The magic of Love Hotels If you’re in Japan, why not grab a room, and if you’re in Sendai you can find the details to this hotel “The Hotelion”, in the description box below And then you too can sit in a hole Or a Teddy Bear cave You won’t ever want to leave Thanks for watching guys, I’ll see you next time! This room…Is absolutely Ridiculous!!