With the nature of the job there’s so many
different areas to be marketing. So you’re doing things for the rooms, the events, the
bar, the gym- there’s a real variety around that. I suppose if I was looking at a typical
day and how it would run if everything went according to plan, I would start at by looking
at who’s coming into the hotel, looking at the results from the night before, but then
also looking at the months ahead and how we’re looking and where the business needs are. I loved going on holiday, I loved staying
in hotels. I like meeting people, I like an international environment, and I love travelling.
Hospitality has offered me the opportunity to put of all of those things into one. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when
I left school, I went for something that I thought I’d enjoy. I do enjoy going on holiday,
I enjoyed hotels, and I just thought it was an area that I’d find quite interesting. When I first started in hotels I got in doing
reservations and events, and I always thought I’d be interested in a career in events, that
was my initial intention to get into that area of work. However, when I got in the sales team spotted
my talents, they were quite interested in having me in their team so they gave me the
skills that I would need from there and gave me the opportunities, so it wasn’t difficult
for me, I’d already got a foot in the door, I already understood the product and the client. At A Level I did English Language, Spanish,
Art, and then I followed the same kind of theory at university because I still wasn’t
sure, so then I did Linguistics and Hispanic Studies at degree level. The company’s put me through some really good
training courses. We have an international business school, so I’ve been really lucky
to be able to attend negotiation courses, sales courses. You have to know what you want, you have to
understand your market, you have to be very proactive to get yourself out there and go
and get those things. I love the variety, I love the environment,
I love the fact that every day is different, every day presents a challenge. There’s always
more to learn, there’s no time that you should never be doing nothing. By the opportunities that it offers, by the
pace that you can move at. You can travel, you can develop as quickly as you want. You’ve
got a whole range of areas, if you don’t particularly like one you can go into another and try that
as well. People do have misconceptions about hospitality.
I think they think it can be a job where all the jobs are really at quite a basic level.
But it’s not like that at all, it’s offered me a really good career opportunity to develop
and get where I am today. When I had the opportunity to go and work
down in Spain. The company offered me a promotion down there to our first property in Spain.
So it was really great for me to be asked if I wanted to go and do that, so I took the
opportunity readily. It was a big challenge to go there, live away from home, with the
language as well, but it was definitely my highlight. The things that I see as negative in relation
to my role are also the things I really enjoy about it. It demands an awful lot of time,
long hours, travelling. I have no routine in my life which I can find quite frustrating,
but I also quite enjoy the unpredictability that I have. I think the biggest challenge probably comes
from when I started working in the industry. I had no experience already and I was quite
young. It was very difficult to get people to take you seriously when you’re negotiating
a big deal, especially when at the time I was also still wearing a uniform rather than
my own suit. I think the best advice I’ve ever been given
is to work hard and have fun, but also not to worry about things that you can’t change.
Spend your time focusing on the things that you can influence and you can affect. It’s given me loads of opportunities to network
with people, meet some amazing people, and go to some amazing places. It’s given me an
air of independence, I’m very used to going and doing things on my own now. I probably travel about once a month and I
go wherever we see that there’s business opportunities to bring back to the island. I think this
year so far I’ve got trips planned to London, to the UK, to Switzerland, to the Netherlands,
to France. Other people smiling, I think it’s infectious.
It’s nice to see happy people and I think this job gives you an opportunity to spend
time with happy people and also to make people happy. It’s a fun industry and it’s a good
opportunity to go out and have fun.