We’re finally opening today after a year
and a half of extensive remodeling, including bringing it up
to ADA certifications. We just want you to come in and
try what Indian food is and try to take away the misconception when
people think of curry as spicy, it’s not. Indian food has spices in it,
but the heat, we take care of that for
you as we make it made to order. As you can tell, we tried to bring you how
India is the Land of the Kings and Queens. So we tried to take that concept and
bring you all the crown moldings. You see it’s all hand done. Our textured walls, even our window seals, they’re all made as a temple,
how they would be in India. But nonetheless, it’s open to everybody. We want you to come in
to have a good time. We have a full bar with our
Indian inspired drinks, such as the gulab made out of rose mojito, the Indian-style masala meal,
and so forth. So just come in and have a good time. [BLANK AUDIO]