Dubai has been built by Indian laborers. And now, there are over 2 million Indians living here in Dubai. There are more Indians here than local Emirati people, in fact. There are more Indians here than any other ethnicity. Indians outnumber everybody in Dubai. So does that make Dubai part of India? That’s a really interesting question. But not one we are gonna answer right now. We all think of Dubai as the “City of Gold”. But there are two types of Indian emigrants here. There’s the highly paid, highly skilled people. Then there are lowly paid, lowly skilled people like the manual laborers. Today, we are gonna explore how both these types of Indians live here in Dubai. What are their differences? My Parsi friends from Mumbai are highly skilled Indians. So I’m here at their housing complex now to show you guys around. It is a different world here. Even coming from New Zealand, Dubai has this extreme luxury and this extreme quality of life that you are gonna see right now. These housing developments in Dubai have absolutely everything. There’s clean, wide streets… there’s beautiful beautiful gardens everywhere and these gardeners… they come around and do all this. They even ride on these buggies here. People don’t have to walk here. They have these amazing gardens and land for the residents to relax on and these water features. You have these beautiful streets and then there’s a pool and there’s a gym there. Then there’s another pool. This is a much much bigger pool. Two pools; the kids’ pool here as well. And I can’t actually go into those pools and give you a good view because there’s so many people swimming and women sunbathing with their bras off so..yeah. You got to be careful. And I think you guys didn’t imagine that: women with their bras off here in Dubai. In these silos behind me, they have organic farming here. This is a sustainable type of… man, you can’t even call it a housing complex, right? I call this resort living. So they have a silo for organic vegetable farming right there. And they’re like… I know 10 or 20 of these silos around this complex where locals can go in and take whatever fruits and veggies they want. This lettuce, this chilli, these herbs, these spices.. everything. It’s all free and it’s all included in their residency package here. These are the buggies that people ride around on so you don’t have to walk so far. And yeah, it just keeps getting better. We have got a basketball, a tennis court. You’ve got a soccer court. This place has absolutely everything. It’s insane. You’ve got more outdoor gyms here and then behind here, you’ve got a resident patch where anyone can come and plant their vegetables and grow things. There’s even an animal sanctuary here. Roosters with chicken running around freely. You’ve got goats and the goats have their own little house here. And they’ve got their own ladder so they can actually climb up there where they are, wondering how they got there. Their own little ladder there and the goats can climb up and sit on the roof and sunbathe. Crazy! And then over here, you’ve got the donkeys. Can you believe this man? It’s so incredible. I don’t know what they are gonna do with these animals. I guess they are just here for the kids. Maybe they eat them. Who knows… Just in case you have a horse, there’s a dog park here as well. And of course. This wouldn’t be Dubai without your housing society having a mall as well. So there’s a mall here with restaurants and apartments on top. So you’ll find a ton of food here through this. There’s German, there’s pizza, there’s Mexican, there’s Turkish food. Everything. You can’t really call this place a housing development, right? It’s more like a resort. Just look how stunning everything is here It’s five-star the entire way. The quality.. no not the quality of life. The standard of living here is huge. The standard of living is the highest I’ve ever seen in the world. And nearly missed one thing. But then God came in and.. I mean Allah came in. He reminded me there’s of course a mosque here as well because it’s a Muslim country and every housing development must have a mosque. Let’s go see if anyone’s actually there because I don’t think there’s that many Muslims living here. And actually the mosques here sound a lot nicer than the temples do in India because they are kind of singing and they are not kind of screaming like you hear in India. It’s quite soothing and of course it’s on the loud speaker so… if you are at home, you don’t have to actually go to the mosque. You can pray at home. It’s quite convenient. And it’s something you have to live with if you choose to live in a country like this. I’m going the wrong way. I’m going to the female prayer room. We are not going that way. And yeah because we are in a Muslim country, things are quite serious when it comes to men and women. Restaurants here even have separate dining halls for both men and women or families and men, they are called. and.. I hope Allah’s not gonna get angry at me for talking while he is singing. Better shut up now. And like I said, the guy’s singing so it’s not very disruptive if you are not a Muslim and you are at home doing work or whatever. It’s a very peaceful sound and I actually enjoy hearing it. You guys know what? I’m not that interested in luxury living. Yeah, it’s impressive but what interests me is the life of the common man. And especially in India, I love Indian village life and culture. Life and culture in the village in India is so so rich. Here, in these housing developments, they just kind of feel Westernized and soul-less and.. You don’t get that feeling of community or culture here. You especially don’t get it here in this housing development. because there are no local Emirati people here. I don’t know where they are. You don’t see them here in Dubai. But I’m gonna go to the Old Souk, the old market and try finding them tomorrow. But at the moment, I’m here in this housing development and this one is actually done a lot better There is a sense of community here But I know a lot of these Westernized ways of living can feel quite soul-less and quite in contrast to Indian society living. living in an Indian housing society, I mean, and living in an Indian village, especially. So this is how the highly paid, highly skilled Indians are living here in Dubai. But let’s go find the common man. Let’s go find the common man. Let’s go find the laborers here who are building Dubai. And let’s go have a spiced tea with them and you are not gonna believe the price we are gonna pay for this tea in the Indian laborers’ area. We are here with Yohan and we are going to the laborer mall right now. And this is where they all live and it’s where Yohan goes to have his 1 Dirham tea and his 15 Dirham haircut. Alright. I’ve made it to the housing societies where the Bangladeshi, the Indian and the Pakistani workers live And as you can see behind me, it is quite a lot different to how the high income earners are living. And there’s no luxury here. It’s not like Arabian Ranches or any other double housing societies that I’ve been at in the last few days. And the Indians who live here, they earn around 800 Dirhams a month and that is a lot more.. like 2 to 3 times more than what they would earn in India if they had a job because a lot of these guys are from rural backgrounds where there might not even be any jobs in the villages there. So the pay is still good for them and the living conditions are, you know, not bad. They have AC and they really need it because it gets so so hot here in the summer and it’s clean. People are bringing their slippers inside but as you will see, there are a lot of slippers outside each door because so many people live in these small concrete apartments So, I think it’s meant to be for people per room but as you can see from the slippers, it’s a lot more than that. I think up to 8 people will share this room. The guys who are working during the day go out to work and the guys who are working night shift will come in and they’ll sleep here as well. And these apartments were actually provided by their employers. This is an employee accommodation. And it’s everywhere in this area and it’s all centered around this central mall that we are gonna go into and check out next. Okay so I just chatted with somebody. I found a local here and I chatted to them and.. I can’t go inside the houses. He can’t show me because there’s a camp boss at this labor camp. And you have to take permission to do anything from the camp boss And there’s been a lot of controversy around about how these guys are treated and how these guys live in Dubai in the past. From what I can see, the situation isn’t bad. They are not living in poor conditions but…yeah. He is too scared to show me inside and be on film, just in case he gets in trouble. Because if you get in trouble here in Dubai… yeah, you should be worried. Bad things can happen to you and you know, you could get deported. His family definitely relies on the income that he sends back. These guys send back around, something like sixty to seventy percent of their earning, back to India. They are remitted back to India. Billions of rupees are coming out of Dubai to support people back in India. That’s how it is, you know. People work to look after their family and support their family here and… that’s why these guys are here. These guys aren’t here for fun to work in some epic job. They are just here to earn money and remit it back to their homes in India. And like I said, the money is good so their families are living a lot better from this money that these guys are providing. So yeah, they won’t do anything to jeopardize their employment. I understand that so.. I won’t go any further and push any further. And I won’t ask anybody else to show me inside their house because I don’t want to get anybody in trouble here. But I have seen in there and I can tell you there’s small little cubicles with two bunk beds, one on each side. So you’ve got a bunk bed on the left, a bunk bed on the right. And it’s, you know, one person sleeps per bunk bed so you’ve got four people to a room. And on the doors of the rooms, they have the people’s names who are sleeping in that room who the room has been allocated to. Actually, I’d liken the conditions to like a Western hostel or a hostel in India. I just got out of here. Let’s go check out the mall. And let’s get a one Dirham tea. Let’s go drink some tea with our NRI brothers. Alright. This is Yohan’s tea stall and you get everything here. Hi! Do you accept Rupee? Shopkeeper: This is Indian money. Karl: Yes. Shopkeeper: Go to India. Karl: What’s the problem? Shopkeeper: Go to India. Karl: Nice. Go to India. I like that. Shopkeeper: 1 Dirham. Karl: 1 Dirham? Shopkeeper: Yeah. Where are you from? Shopkeeper: India, Kerala. Karl: Kerala. Oh, you don’t speak Hindi then… You guys speak English. Here you go. Thank you! Shopkeeper: You’re welcome. Alright. Our brothers are from Kerala. So I shouldn’t be speaking Hindi to them. He speaks English. They speak perfect English in Kerala. And actually, I should have mentioned. 40 percent of the Indians here in Dubai are from Kerala. That is a huge number. That’s like around a million Keralites here in Dubai. And we have got a bunch of friends here. Shopkeeper: I’m from Pakistan. Shopkeeper: Karachi. Karl: Oh, you are from Karachi. I see. And the tea is awesome. You know it’s a 20 rupee cup. It’s not a 10 rupee cup so… it costs 1 Dirham and 1 Dirham is 20 rupees so.. So it’s damn cheap. I couldn’t actually imagine that you could get a tea for 1 Dirham here in Dubai. Because everything is so damn expensive here, right? But… that’s the amazing thing. You can’t find a 20 rupee tea here in Dubai. Crazy. Exactly the same price as India because this is double the size of a 10 rupee tea. Crazy! We are gonna get some samosas too. I just got about 20 subscribers, just standing here actually. They are all busy looking at my channel. I should just stand here all day, bro. Stand here and get subscribers. Yohan: Yeah, a million subscribers by the evening. Let’s convert every single Indian and Pakistani and Bangladeshi here into Karl Rock subscriber. Shopkeeper: I’m Pakistani. Karl: You’re from Pakistan. Shopkeeper: Yeah. Karl: Very good. Wait, wait. You have to subscribe to my channel, bro. Karl: Wow, great. Type in Karl Rock. And again as you can hear, it’s time to pray and these guys, of course… they have a mosque as well and the mosque is quite nice. It’s right behind me, right there. That’s where the sound’s coming from. These guys should be going to prayer right now. All rushing off to the mosque. I got my hair cut here last week from one of my brothers in there.. one of my friends from Kerala. I think today I’ll go get a hip massage and facial. And actually life isn’t too bad for the guys living here in these labor camps. The camps are okay. They are getting paid two or three times what they would in India so… they can afford to come to the mall here, hang out, buy some snacks spend time with their friends, drink tea… And everybody just comes and kind of hangs around outside the mall here. So you’ll see people sitting on the ground there or standing over there by the mall And yeah, it’s like a place to hang out and people are actually sitting on the road as well, just watching the cars go past. Let’s go see what they’re doing over there. Hi! How are you? Are you okay? Okay so I worked out why people are standing here. And it’s because the labor buses, they come here and they pick up people to take to work for the day. These guys are hoping to get some work on the night shift. That’s why they are sitting down on the road here waiting for their next job. And one thing you will notice here in Dubai is that Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Indians.. they are all living here together peacefully There’s no hatred there like the media will have you believe and like politicians will have you believe. And I’ve been to Pakistan, I’ve been to India and I’ve talked to the common man. And there’s no hatred there. It’s just politics. It’s just the media creating these rubbish stories. Pakistanis and Indians are brothers And they are living like that here. So you’ve seen both sides of Dubai now.. the extremely luxurious side and then the common man side… the lower cost side, the side which is closer to Indian living actually. And I’m so happy that I’ve been able to come here. This is where the people are. This is where the friendliest people are. They’ll come up and chat to you, offer you tea and every now and then. It’s just like being back in India, being back in an Indian society and being back in an Indian village. And tell me in the comments, did you think that you could find a tea here for 1 Dirham? Do you have any idea? Oh my god! One of those guys started showing me his marijuana, his drugs. God! You do not want to get caught with drugs in Dubai. It is not worth it. I can’t believe he takes the risk. He will get deported straightaway. That is just not worth it here. Damn! Brave guy. No way I was gonna film that.