brrrr hello? hello? yeah? yes please? Yeah I would like to make an order yes? can i make a order? yes sir, what is order? uhhhh i want 15 naan (tortillas) Garlic Naan How many? 15 Garlic Naans 15 garlic naan and? and umm butter chicken what size does it come in, butter chicken butter chicken is uhhh Sir butter chicken you know is a regular order oh ok yes uhh can i get in large? Mild? (spice level) No like very very spicy, like the spiciest. ok? and uhhh how many order? uhh butter chicken i’ll take 6 orders of chicken please ok And i would take ummm what’s what’s something really good like another good thing do u have? lamb curry chicken tikka (employee) do you have dog meat? yeah you have dog meat ok ummm I’ll take 3 orders of dog meat yes can i have that extra spicy ok ok umm so what will be the total that’s all i want what’s your number? i call you back you can call me back at uhh, MOTHER FUCKER FUCK YOU WHORE MOTHER FUCKER OH ok ok fuck u too (employee) FUCK YOU BUT I LOVE YOU MOTHER FUCKER