Namaste!! Welcome to food HashTag Life. A warm welcome to our kitchen. Although it’s a rental apartment but I believe we make home where we live. in todays video I am going share kitchen counter top organization as a part of kitchen tour. Along with that few tips and more over how we can decorate our kitchen I will share few tips on how we can organize and use functional decor in our kitchen a quick reminder if you subscribe already do not forget to click the bell icon to get instant notification so let’s get started. Let’s start with left hand corner, my first tip will be use all vertical spaces available. as our Indian kitchen are small so try to use vertical spaces use any rack to maximize the space in this corner to maximize the space I have use this metal shelf here on the first shelf I have stored onion and bottom shelf I have stored potato try not to keep onion and potato together. On top most shelf I have stored daily used items like dal and rice or if you wish you can use it as a spice rack. on these hooks I have kept daily use mugs my second tip will be use decoration with dual purpose if you are using anything to decorate your kitchen that should have a purpose similar like these nesting cups you can see it can store 4 cups without wasting any space so you can use cups for daily use purpose. what you see here this cat figurine it is actually a lid holder so i am using it as a decoration and as a lid holder. so make sure whatever you use that should have a purpose by that even if you have a small kitchen still it can be functional as well as look good. what you see here is a tea bag holder and this tray is a beautiful piece which i use for decoration and if i need to serve tea and snacks quickly i can grab and serve while not in use i keep in on this switch board box. this is a brass plate with beautiful leafy design rather to store it inside i am using it a oil container holder by this way oil did not spread and gives a beautiful look. my third tip will be decorate with plant and greenery greenery or plants bring freshness to your space here you can see it is a fake creeper plant which gave a very elegant look and vibrancy to this space I have kept one topiary in this jug which give a very fresh look if you want still you can decorate your kitchen without spending any money take any vessel or pot, fill it with water and put some fresh flowers in it by this way your kitchen will not have a left out look, it will similarly looks good with your entire home. definitely try it once and you will love it or take one coffee mug or tea cup and put some fresh flowers my fourth tip will be use awkward spaces thoughtfully whether your kitchen is small or big we all have awkward spaces in our kitchen and we sometimes do not understand how to use that space in this left corner of microwave if you can see has a very narrow and small space i have kept all our cutting board and serving tray in that it helps me to maximize and utilize the space and it also helpful for me to use them daily my fifth tip will be do not over clutter microwave top keep things in a tray so that when ever you are going to cook or bake in microwave you can easily take them out and put them back again without much fuss. like here i have kept only kitchen towels in a decorative basket and kept one plant in a pitcher which gives a nice look and it doesn’t feel cluttered. six tip will be cover kitchen appliances to avoid grease mostly we follow this tip in our kitchen whatever appliance you need to keep on counter top cover them with a kitchen towel specially those one near gas stove they tends to build up grease so do not forget to cover them with kitchen towel and wash them once in a week this way you kitchen will be clean and appliances will not loose their shine please check the products link in description box below it was kitchen counter top organization part 1 in part 2 i will share few more kitchen counter top organization tips Leave your comment down below if you liked the video and if you liked it give it a thumps up and share with your loved ones do subscribe for more videos if you want you can follow me on instagram and facebook link will be given in description box below I will see you in the next one til then take care bbye