I’ve worked at the Fota Collection
for the last 12 years. The Fota Collection comprises of two hotels, Fota Island Resort and
the Kingsley Hotel. I divide my time between both hotels I took on the role of learning and development within
the organisation over the last couple of years I was looking for training providers to develop our
own training strategy. That’s when I met Aoife Dunne Our mission is
to provide high quality, very comprehensive enterprise-led training programmes at a very
subsidised rate for all of our member companies to try to help all of our companies to maximise the
value that they get from their training budget allowing them to upskill their
enterprise and their workforce in the most flexible and
cost-effective way possible We provide a wide range of
companies but mainly in four areas management and leadership development,
digital and design, IT and core professional skills We didn’t have
problems as such but we were trying to develop a training strategy so that’s where we initiated contact One of our objectives in training is to try and
develop a culture of training on the ground so then we’ve availed of this certified Train the Trainer course. We also have done courses on leadership,
emotional intelligence, digital marketing We’ve attended the breakfast seminars,
people and performance management Our involvement has been vast. In the the recession training was always a
discretionary spend. There’s definitely been a change in attitude to it for many of my
member companies in the recent past People are really recognising now that
upskilling yourself is very crucial for your own personal development
but also for improving the competitiveness and the
marketability of a workforce as well I have graduates who have been able to
implement cost saving measures straight away into their own organisations. Our
coaching graduates for example have been able to bring about cultural shifts within their
organisations, helping their teams to grow and prosper and to just work
better together in the long run It had a very positive impact. Retention being one
because we’ve seen a strong correlation between between training and staff retention.
Staff morale as well is a lot higher Our goal of the organisation is excellent customer
service so in turn that has improved as well It’s vitally important to focus on my own
continuous professional development I’ve identified my own training needs and
they’ve been met through different courses like Leadership People and
Performance Management so my own individual training needs
have been met by the network The one thing the network are really conscious of as well
is the measurement of their training so it’s not just about fulfilling the training
need and walking away they’ll come back and they’ll measure the training
to make sure we’re getting the full benefit Over the last year to two years we’ve seen that from
customer service to front of house people emotional intelligence for our managers, these courses have provided real benefit