Hello Guys! Bhutan trip is starting today! and before starting of this trip, this is an introductory part I am sharing with you about Bhutan, its important facts, which people don’t know mostly. followed by important tips tips and points which Indian citizen should keep in mind while coming to Bhutan. These tips and suggestions I am sharing at the beginning of the series. so that the whole video series you will enjoy! I have tried to share all important points Gradually you will get to know more about Bhutan Lets proceed and checkout Facts, Tips & Suggestions Hello guys! Right now I am in Capital of Bhutan (Thimphu) This is going to be very different because this time I am not covering world heritage sites I am in such a country where I am suppose to feel the ambiance.. the culture of place, people and tradition of this place and most importantly visualizing the landscape of Bhutan is important for me.. and I must tell you I am in such a country which was unnoticed by world till starting of 1970’s It came into light when the 4th King of Bhutan Jigme Singye Wangchuck Jigme Singye Wangchuck he proposed a term called Gross National Happiness AND…this term was completely new when most of the countries of world was using term gross national product to measure the strength of economy at such moment Bhutan set forward concept of Gross National happiness Index and it gained attention of whole world and it gained attention of whole world and since then People started visiting Bhutan and since 1960’s no one was allowed to enter Bhutan like foreign people or tourist The concept of gross national happiness is is based on 4 pillars first one is public prosperity second one is environment do you know? In Bhutan forest cover is around 60% and present government is trying to increase it upto 72% Third pillar is ethnicity & culture tradition means clothes, like Gheo or Kira which men & women wear you have to wear that compulsorily & follow them and fourth one is Good governance These are the 4 pillars on which concept of good governance stands.. and all these things make Bhutan a unique country as compared to rest of the nations I must tell you, only two countries capital of the world has no traffic light. First is Peong Yang which is capital of North Korea and second is Thimphu which is Capital of Bhutan which is Capital of Bhutan You will find no traffic light this is surprising Bhutan was never invaded Bhutan was never invaded and because of this Culture of this place is still intact traditional last year it was one of the leading economies in South Asian zone last year it was one of the leading economies in South Asian zone so, its not that Bhutan is now developing, its developing and the example is just infront of you.. In the beginning of this trip, I am telling some important tips and suggestions which will help you when you will plan for Bhutan. Watch all the episodes but this is most important These are 5-6 tips which I am telling keep a check to it…I tried to gather many info on Bhutan before coming when I was starting my trip but there are some info which you gain by personal experience Few things I realized when I visited Bhutan after crossing the border and all those points I am sharing with you all whenever you come to Bhutan you have to make note of these. Point no 1 After crossing the border just 100 -125 meters appox in Phuentsholing on the right side you will see the immigration office The list of documents that are required for permit is 1) Voter ID/Passport none of the other documents are accepted like Aadhar card /pan card In such case you have to visit Indian Embassy or Immigration office and that is very complicated process so avoid that.. carry Voter card /Passport Now the important thing which I was not aware of for getting permit for Bhutan was “Hotel confirmation letter” or you can say “Hotel Booking Receipt” This thing is not known to many people Actually, Bhutan Government shows very less hotels online with high rates like Rs 1200, rs 1500, rs 1800 4000, 5000 etc. But you will not get hotels with Rs 400-500, 600 Its not like Bhutan doesn’t have cheap hotels Its not like Bhutan doesn’t have cheap hotels Actually, many hotels are not registered with Bhutan Govt. When you will go for immigration that time they book hotel for you if don’t have pre booked hotel and from there, govt take tax from these hotels that’s why such provisions are there You can do one thing You can do one thing Book the hotel without paying from sites like booking.com etc print the confirmation mail and cancel the hotel print the confirmation mail and cancel the hotel keep photocopy also of all documents and photograph attach them If you are coming alone/solo, then attach self declaration letter mentioning I am responsible for my safety and where ever I am in Bhutan Ia m responsible for myself To Directorate of Immigration Pheuntsholing, Bhutan when you will go inside for immigration your fingers will be scanned. They will ask your purpose of visit. why you wan’t to go? You have to answer “As a Tourist” you are going and then they will scan your fingers like in Aadhar card its done! and in 5-10 minutes after that you will get the permit On the right most counter you can get local sim Issue local sim from there, I did the same its activated sim at just 110 Nu 100Nu talktime. You have to recharge data from outside. I recharged 99Nu pack I got 872 MB with one month validity its sufficient In Jaigaon (indian side) & Phuentsholing JIO Sim was not working In Jaigaon (indian side) & Phuentsholing JIO Sim was not working In Airtel network was there but outgoing facility was not there even in Jaigaon So, its good to take local sim For visiting other places in Bhutan except Thimphu & Paro You have to issue another permit from Thimphu Immigration office which is near clock tower, Thimphu I have discussed in upcoming videos In half n hour you will get the permit it will be made on reference of old permit You need to show that, remember to keep xerox and one self declaration letter, keep A4 size paper with you just submit it So now you can go north, south etc