Okay, so I’m back in Sri Lanka. And if you’ve watched my previous videos I’ve uploaded from Sri Lanka, well those were all taken about a week before the awful events of Easter Sunday. And since then I’ve had a lot of questions from other foreigners mostly saying “Do you think it’s safe, now, to go travel to Sri Lanka?” Well, here I am. I’m back, so I guess I’m going to find out, ay? But first things first I need some money and a SIM card from over there. Some vertical Sri Lankan banknotes. Beautiful. Okay, SIM card time. Many tourists are coming this month? Or it’s quiet this month? It’s very low. Very low, yeah? Now it’s, eh, going up. Yeah, oh, it’s going back up, yeah? Oh, good. Very less.
Oh, okay. How long to Colombo Fort? Like one and a half hours? One hour thirty minutes. One hour thirty minutes, oh okay, good. Kohomadae, kohomadae Aha, kohomadae, hondai. Oh, good. I practice speaking Sinhalese. Singhala. Yeah. Ayubowan. I learn two or three words. Three words? [laughter] How you saying hello to someone? Ayubowan. Ayubowan.
Good morning. Ayubowan. Only in the morning?
Ayubowan. Ahh, ahh. Ah, okay. Istuti, istuti. Okay, thank you, bye, bye. Okay. I’m here, in Colombo. First things first, first thing tomorrow morning I’m going to Batticaloa and I’m going to need a baseball cap. Last time I was rocking the fake Under Armour cap I got from I think that stall over there. Anyway, I’m back at this market and I’m gonna buy another one. Maybe a fake Nike one or a fake Adidas one, anyway. Let’s go and have a wee look. Where is this guy? I think it was this one here. Hello sir. How are you? What you have? Caps? Half cap. Yeah, what you have? Half cap. Oh, I don’t want this one. Have any Adidas, Nike? No? Adidas, Nike, [inaudible] half cap. Half cap, no? Uh, Adidas. You have Adidas, no? Ah, have Adidas? Ah, this. Ah, not good quality uh? This one, Audi. Audi uh? Ah.
Adidas. Ah no worries, I take a look around, a look around. Okay, thank you, thank you. Okay. Okay, that seemed far less good quality than what he had the last time, so I’m gonna try another stall. That was definitely the same stall that I got my cap from the last time. Those ones seemed definitely a bit cheaper quality. What do we have? You have any good baseball caps? Any good one? What do you have?
What do you want sir? Oh maybe a Nike one. Nike? Or Adidas. Hang on, let me look. Nike, Nike, cap. Oh, lizard.
Oh. This one.
[laughter] Ah no.
Nike. Nike one like this. Ah, I don’t like this. No. Red, huh? What else you have? This black?
Black one. Ah, let me look. This one? Any Adidas? Adidas? Let me look this one. [singing] This one, okay. How much you selling this Adidas for? 575.
500? Last price what? Discount 75. Discount 75? So you give me. 500 give. You give me 500, oh? Maybe. I go take a look around other stalls. If I like this maybe I will come back. I’m going to have a look around. Take price? How much do you?
Huh? How much take price? Ah, I dunno. If you sell me now, I take eh, This one branded man. Uh?
It’s a branded. Yeah I know. Uh, I take for 300 if you give me now but otherwise I look around.. Yes.
This one? This one?
Yeah [laughter] No. Okay, I look around. Maybe I come back, yeah. Yeah, what it’s the same? Yeah its’ good. This one.
Uh? I like this one best. It’s a nice colour. It’s like silver, uh?
500 give. 500, oh, maybe. I will take a look around. Maybe I will come back. I want to look around.
[inaudible] will come? Huh?
You will come? This one come? Okay give me 400 I buy now otherwise I go look around.
Last price 450 give me. Ah, no no no, 400. Game over.
Oh, game over, uh? Good game. Okay maybe 450, I look around the other stall and maybe I like another cap better uh? Okay? Okay. I look around another. Keep for me. Maybe I come back. Maybe. Okay, thank you. Hmm, okay. What’s this guy got? Look for an Adidas cap. Maybe like this or another like this. This good. Yeah. Ah, no need this. Have long arm, uh? Yeah, okay. Let me look at this one. Oops, sorry. Oh, this lighter uh? This light material. Let me look the logo. Adidas. Okay, logo looks good. What this says? All Court. How much you selling this one for? 650? 650? This man going to give me better for 400, next stall. This man over here, gong to give me 400. This one? Yeah?
Yeah 400. Yeah. Same, well same like this he was going to give me 400. Uh?
450 450? I think 400.
400. 400 this? Okay 400 last. Okay, thank you, I take this one 400. Very nice. You have change? This 500. Okay, thank you. This look good? Good, yes, yes. Ah. Nice, very nice.
Nice? [laughter] Okay, see you. Bye, bye. Istuti, istuti.
[laughter] Thank you, bye. Okay. Nice, I got a cap, so I wont fry in the sun tomorrow. Brilliant. Right. [horn] Okay, time to find my hotel. As I battle my way through. [loud horn] Oh Jesus. Just burst my bloody ear drum. Right mate. It’s enough of that horn. Jesus Okay, I could do with a pair of these. I’m going to the beach tomorrow. Problem is I don’t have much room in my luggage. In this bag. I wonder how much he’s selling these for. Oh, let me take a look. Ah, how much you sell these for? How much? 800
800, this too much. How much? How much you pay for this?
[laughter] How much you pay for one pair? For one you pay what? How much you pay for this?
700. 700? Uh, seems expensive. Oh okay, no problem, see you, bye. I’m not buying it. I’ve seen I’ve seen pairs of flip-flops and stuff being sold for like 200 and stuff like that. It’s just a cheap bit of plastic so I dunno. I don’t trust that guy. I don’t think that’s the correct price. 800. Right, so look at this. Legit sport shop selling flip-flops for 300. Where as that guy back there trying to charge me 800 for his knockoffs. I reckon the correct price is probably 200 or something. Aye, 800. Not today mate. Not today ya chancer. What’s this? Bombay Sweets. Might get a wee snack to take with me on the train trip tomorrow. What have they got? Dates. Mix. Hello. Hi, how are you? What’s good here?
Um. Which one is good? It’s a milk sweets. I want something for me take on the train tomorrow for snack. Yeah. What is good for this? This, made from milk? Yes.
Oh, okay. What are the flavours? All the same or? No, different.
This one milk. Difference. They are, they’re difference? Which one is the best one out of these? Best one what? This one. This one the best? Oh, okay. Each 40, right? Okay, can you give me 5 piece please. Okay. Okay, thank you. See you, bye.
Bye, bye. Okay, good. I’ve got a wee snack for taking my train ride tomorrow. Brilliant. I’ve got a baseball cap so I don’t get burnt by the sun. Quite productive walk to the hotel isn’t it? That’s why you don’t take taxis places. You miss things out. You miss out these wee shops, these wee interactions and stuff like that. Nah, better to use your feet. Like I’ve said before in my videos, your man right here, two strong legs! And they’ve served me well. Right, I’m pretty sure I’m going this way. That’s a train station. In fact. I might see if I can book my ticket for tomorrow. Very unlikely that there will be any availability. I think I’m gonna have to go unreserved. But I might just nip in there and ask them. If there is any chance of reserving a seat. Okay, train station here. Fort Railway Station. I’m pretty sure this office here is where you can book the tickets. I’ll go and have a look. Hello, how are you? So that guy just gave me a weird look like he was going to approach me to try and scam me or something like that. But he’s seen that I’m holding a camera and he just sorta like backed off. Like I said before, I’m pretty good at pretty good at reading people’s body languages and I reckon that’s what I just seen right there. Go and have a look. Kandy, Jaffna, Batticaloa. Oh, let’s ask. Hello. All at this one, oh okay. no problem. Kandy all full today. Look at this. This must be new. I’ve never heard about this one before. You can book a Royal Saloon for 1,650. With a complimentary snack. Look at those chairs. Huh, that’s Colombo to Kandy. I wish I knew about that before. bluetrain.lk right, I’ll remember that for the future. Hello my friend. And tomorrow, if there any, a chance to reserve a seat for Batticaloa? Batticaloa?
Morning? Morning, yes it’s the 6:05 train. Yeah that one is not a reservation. No reservations allowed on this one? We don’t reserve that train. You don’t reserve so I can just jump on any seat, it’s my seat? If I get a seat, ah, okay. And it’s starting at Colombo Fort? Counter number 4
Counter number 4? Over here. In the morning after 5 o’clock in the morning. Ah, okay, and do you know is it starting at Colombo Fort or it starts
From here. Oh, okay, so if I am here first I should get a seat? Right? Okay, see you, thanks. Okay, that’s good actually. I’m happy with that. I’d rather that than it was just reserved seats and sold out. What that means is, as long as as long as I’m there, one of the first ones there, because this is like an 8 or 9 hour train journey. Right? So, I want a seat. [laughter] I’m not bloody standing for 8 hours. So that’s good news. I just have to be there first. I’ll get on the train and get a seat and that’ll be me. Eating my wee snacks and chillin’. Okay, let’s find this hotel then. How are you? No, I don’t have any change. Sorry. Change money.
No. What? Change dollars? Nah, no way. What have I done? Where’s C1? Is this it? Oh it is. It’s not very well lit up. How are you?
Good. This C1 hotel?
This one. Oh, this one, yeah I didn’t see the sign. [laughter]
Because the font is very fancy. What’s your name? Mageh namma, Dale. Dale Philip. I say that correct? Mageh namma. My name. I’m trying to learn Singhalese. Ah.
How do I say “My name is”? My name is.
Mageh namma. Mageh namma, that’s what I said, right? Almost. Almost.
Almost, almost. Mageh namma. Your name.
Mageh namma Dale. Dale. And this is my passport. Kohomadae, kohomadae. Hondai.
Hondai, good. Reply, for reply, hondai.
Yeah. You are good. You are well. Uh, huh. How long this hotel been open for? This look kinda new, right? A little bit new? Like two years, three years, like this?
One year. One year. Only one year uh? [inaudible] So everything should be in good condition. Ok, good. Hi, how are you? Good.
Fine thank you. What you buying? This leeks? Yes.
You going to make a soup or something? No, no.
What you going to make with this? Some housekeeping my working is stay from Nuwara Eliya. Nuwara Eliya, ah, okay. Fresh.
Fresh, yes. Where good for eating the food around here? At this time? There is a restaurant called Pillawoos. It’s on next street. Pilla-something? Pilawoos
Pilaroos, can you spell? Can you write down? I will go find on Google Maps and go. Just, it’s easy to find. Easy to find. Okay, tell me. Turn left.
Turn left. And right.
Right. Keep right. Opposite the road you can see the restaurant. It’s called Pilla- Voos. Voos.
Roos. Voos. Pilla-voos. Ah, okay. This Sri Lankan food or Indian or? Sri Lanka.
Sri Lankan food. Okay. I want a good Sri Lankan meal to start my trip. Yeah. It will be nice.
Yes. You can have Cheese Kottu. Cheese Kottu? It’s super bamm delicious. Okay, that what I, I’ll take your recommendation. For the restaurant and for the meal. Cheese Kottu. Okay, this like a bread? No, no it’s like a roti. Roti, yes, with cheese through it? Yeah, cheese and chicken. Oh, it has chicken? This sounds good. Okay, I will try that. And if it is bad I will let you know but if it is good I’ll also let you know. [laughter] Okay sir. Okay. You luggage.
No, only this. I can go myself. No need. You want to? [laughter] Okay. Where you from sir? Scotland. Where are you from?
Scotland. You from Nuwara Eliya or or you from Colombo? I’m from Colombo. Colombo, huh?
And some housekeeping boys working in Nuwara Eliya. Nuwara Eliya. [inaudible] they going to the home. One month stay and come here. Ah, stay here and work and then go home, and then stay here and work and then go home. Like this. Ah, I understand. Not much work in Nuwara Eliya? Only the tea and tourism, right? The salary same Nuwara Eliya.
Ah, okay. This your room sir. Ah, okay, good. Bathrooms.
Nice and clean. Okay. The water for you. Okay.
The lobby have coffee, tea. Any time you can drink this. Free. Okay, morning breakfast is 7:30 to 9:30 in the rooftop Okay.
Fourth floor. Okay.
It’s an open place, they have a nice view. Okay, thank you my friend. Thank you. Goodbye. If you want to change money you telling the reception give me change. Ah, okay. Thank you for letting me know. Okay, good. Thank you. Look how sweaty your man is. Right [laughter], this plan is to take a shower and then go to that place that he recommended me to eat. Let’s have a look in here. Oh, well this aint bad is it? See if I can find it. Here it is here. Pillawoos Hotel. It’s not a hotel though, is it? It’s a restaurant. But that’s what they call restaurants and cafeterias here in Sri Lanka. Hotel. Let’s see what they’ve got. Hello. Do you have any Cheese Kottu. Okay Cheese Kottu and eh, I need something to drink. Let’s see what you’ve got. Sprite please, sprite. Takeaway?
I want to eat here. What else you have? What else is good here? Cheese Kottu good and what else good? Another thing good?
Cheese Kottu good. Only Cheese Kottu? Okay, first I will eat the Cheese Kottu. If I need something else I ask. Okay, I sit here? Okay, thank you. This the menu is it? What am I getting? Chicken Cheeee Kottu. 510. Okay, sounds good. Okay, thank you. Right, so I’m just looking on this menu. They’ve got the usual. You know, fish, chicken, beef and all that. Macaroni, beef, egg, vegetable, chicken. But you look up here. What they’ve got. Dolphin?!?!?!?!? What?!?!?!? This can’t be real. Very nice. Okay, thank you. Lovely. So this is like a roti type bread that’s all chopped up, mixed up with chicken cheese and a bit of vegetable. And some kinda I guess that’s cheese sauce? Ah, what is this? This the curry?
Yeah. Okay, very good. So this is like roti bread with chicken and cheese and vegetables mixed through and I eat with the curry? Okay, very nice. I give it a go. Thank you. Okay. Let’s give this a try. Let’s get a big spoonful of it. Okay I’m gonna try it first. I’m gonna try it first without the curry. Get a true sense of how it tastes. Oh, that is nice. It’s like a little bit crunchy and a little bit chewy. Kinda cheese bread with like shredded chicken mixed through it. Onions. Oh that is nice. There is some egg in there as well. That is good. I don’t know if you’re supposed to dip this in the curry or pour the curry over it or what but this is the way I’m gonna do it. A big, big spoonful here. I’m gonna just dip it in the curry. And then it’s going straight in the gob. Hah, that chicken’s on the bone. That did not work out how I expected. Okay. Attempt number 2. Of a full spoonful. Okay. You can see that I’m going to get messy, right? I’m going to make a mess. That’s why you give me tissues. I eat it properly? This and dip in? Uh huh.
Okay, good. Apparently I’m doing it properly. Let’s give it a go. Right. Oh. I got a big piece of chicken skin with that one. That’s lovely. Oh. Very nice. It’s very nice. Very nice. Oh, this more. Thank you. Thank you. Well there you go. I’ve cleared it. All that’s left is just bone. Oh that was lovely. Good.
Oh very good. Ten out of ten. Very nice. Scotland. Scotland, yes. Yeah, they don’t have food as good as that in Scotland. Weather good?
Ah, weather? Food?
Good food in Scotland? Eh, unhealthy food. Our food not very healthy. If you like deep-fried Mars Bar you will like Scotland. [laughter] Everything deep-fried. Deep-fried fish, deep-fried Mars Bar. Everything deep-fried. Part of England, no? Not part of England. Come on, you insult me. You say that with a smile on your face. Very cheeky. You know it’s not part of England.
[laughter] But I will come back after one week and maybe try another food in your place. Okay? Okay, see you guys. Thank you very much. Bye, bye. Well there you go. Pillawoos Hotel. 100 Chatham Street. That’s my recommendation if anybody wants some cheap, delicious grub when they’re in Colombo. That was fantastic. Oh. Going back to the hotel for a nice sleep. With a nice full belly. Feeling good. Anyway I’m going back to my hotel for a wee sleep and then it’s further adventures in Sri Lanka tomorrow. Alright. If you liked this video do give it a thumbs up. Consider subscribing if you want to see more of this kind of video because more are coming soon. And I will see you on the next one. Oh, hi. Oh this, this Cheese Kottu, 10 out of 10.
Super. Super, super, super.
[laughter] Really, this very nice. Oh and they have the crispy chicken with the, oh. Delicious, really. It’s a good recommendation. Thank you. Okay. I go sleep now with a full stomach. [laughter] See you.