– I don’t care much to, to film with it. (screams) (shrieks) – A big disaster. Hashtag emotional. Hi, guys, we’re gonna do a little, it’s not a mukbang, a mukbang. It’s an eating show, is
what I would call it. So we’re not doing a mukbang, or mukbang, or whatever you call it ’cause,
(grunts) okay. Pillow under butt Sounds like I’m being dramatic, but my pelvic bone is
in two pieces right now. So not a mukbang, ’cause we’re
not doing a bunch of food. We’re literally just eating
lunch in a hotel room. So this is, like, just
like an eating show. – Quality content.
– And it’s not a show because nothing’s happening. But you guys like when I do mukbangs, and. – Mukbangs. – Mukbangs. I can’t do anything else right now because I am completely broken. – We can eat. – We’re in Washington, D.C. We filmed my Kennedy Center
Netflix special yesterday. Two of them, two shows,
two meet and greets. – With a tech rehearsal
in the morning, and a rehearsal the day before.
– A rehearsal the day before. And I thought the issues
we were gonna have, if you guys saw my last video, my very dramatic, sobby video, I’ve been having a lot of
issues with my pregnancy. And I thought the issue was gonna be that I kept fainting. But that wasn’t the issue. The issue that I had the last two days– – You didn’t faint at all. – Well, I almost did. – Okay.
(laughs) – But I didn’t faint. The issue that we’ve
had in the last few days is my pelvic bone. Your pelvic bone’s usually like this, and mine’s like, meh. I don’t wanna be together. And it’s excruciatingly painful. So Rachel really wants to eat. (laughs) We’re gonna eat. But anyway, all that being said, I can’t make videos doing anything but sitting and eating. And even sitting is questionable. – So is this food. – Yeah. Rachel is a vegan. But she does eat fish, so I guess she’s a pescatarian. – But I don’t eat dairy or eggs. – [Colleen] Mm-hmm. – I’m weird. Just let me be. – So before everyone’s like, you’re eating fish, and you’re a vegan? – Yeah. I do what I want, and
none of your concern. – I’m not a vegan. That’s my chicken sandwich. Okay, Rachel, what do we talk about? You should’ve think of topics before. – Oh, I got nothing for ya, honey. I came over here to eat lunch, and you put a camera in my face. – I know. – Football’s on. Colleen’s very interested in it. – The show yesterday was good somehow. – It was fantastic. – I survived the shows. – I did great. – Now I can’t walk. – That’s how you know
you gave it your all. – I really did, I gave it my all, including my pelvic bone. I left at the Kennedy Center. – You did, I saw you drop it. – So we’re probably gonna
have to get a wheelchair at the airport today ’cause I can’t walk. It takes me and Erik and Rachel and walls for me to walk right now.
– So many walls. (laughs) – So, hopefully. – Walls became a cain. – They have a wheelchair
that I can use there ’cause I literally cannot walk on my own right now. – When you do walk, it’s
at negative miles an hour. You somehow are walking backwards as you go forwards. – I know. – [Erik] Rachel showered you last night. – I did, I shower. – Rachel had to help me shower. Like, literally, Rachel
and I are very close. – Yeah. – But we don’t, like,
see each other naked. Like, that’s, like.
– That’s your body, this is my body. – Right, like, I don’t think
I’ve ever seen you naked. I don’t want to because that’s weird. No offense, I’m sure you
have a beautiful body, but. – I’m gorgeous. – I’m not a like, I’m not
a person who’s just like, oh, I don’t care, anyone can see anything. But last night, I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t
do anything after the shows. So I literally was like, I can’t get in the shower without help. – It’s a bathtub. Like, you have to step over the thing. – Yeah, and so, I
literally just was naked. And Rachel had to lift.
– I didn’t look. – My naked body into the shower. – I didn’t see anything. – Well, who cares?
– I did see your nipple yesterday as you
were in the dressing room and just adjusting your
boob in the sticky bra. You just ripped it off. I was like, it’s a nipple. (laughs) – I’m a mess. – I don’t see a nipple
and find it sexual at all. – No, neither do I. – They had like, I just
don’t get the sexuality of a nipple. Like, oh, I saw the nip. – Then why is the nipple
the thing that you hide? – I don’t know. – ‘Cause isn’t, like, the cleavage the, like, attractive part? – Yeah, once the cleavage
is just all boob, it’s a no go. – I don’t know. I guess we should be
asking someone who, like, really likes boobs, I guess. – Hey, Erik, what’s up with the nipple? – [Erik] Nipples are dope. (laughing) – Oh my god, I want that on a shirt. – [Both] Nipples are dope. – That was not what I
expected you to say at all. – Do you wear normal bras still? – [Colleen] Mm-hmm. – I don’t like normal bras. I’m not even pregnant, and
I just wear like, bralettes. – Well, don’t take this offensively, but it’s ’cause your boobs
are smaller than like– – Yes, that’s true. – You don’t have small boobs. – What, I’m a B. I’m a proud B. – But just like–
– You need support. – If you have some boobs,
you can’t wear that. – Yeah, you gotta have support. We were discussing the best part of the butt yesterday. ‘Cause on Colleen’s show, she has a very funny line that very few people catch. And she goes, “anus”. – Ew, I hate myself. And you go, “she has a very funny line.” (laughs) – Now you’re encouraging
me to tell the story. – Sorry, I was not trying
to say I had a funny line. Yeah, I’m sorry. – You say, “Anus? “That’s not even the
best part of the butt.” And then you’re supposed to go, wait, what’s the best part of the butt? I say the cheeks. John said the anus. – Well, of course John said the anus. – And then we all decided the crack is the worst part. That’s the only part of the butt. – Some people probably like the crack. Is the taint part of the butt? – No. – It’s not? – I don’t know, we don’t have them. – We have a taint. – We have a taint? – Everyone has a taint. – I thought the taint was the spot, the patch of skin between
the balls and the anus. – What are we talking
about where it get like. (laughs) This is like health class. No, it’s the part between
the butt and the hole, and like, whatever you got going on. – Oh, I thought it was the patch of skin ’cause we don’t have a
closed off patch of skin. We go through. – [Erik] Are you saying
right now that your asshole and vagina are the same hole? – No, that’s the same hole.
– Yeah. – No, it’s like. – Wait, do we not have a taint? I thought we had a taint. – I thought it was, like, I
thought we didn’t have a taint. – Oh, Ro texted me. Do girls have– – I thought you were texting that to Ro. (laughing) – She’s so cool, she would just be like, I don’t know, let me check for you. – Good question. – It’s called a cloaca. – See, it’s called a cloaca.
– And yes, all women have them. – Okay. – Yeah, it’s like that
because I just thought it was like. – Well, we’re not a connecting, we’re not two holes connected. – I will be after this baby comes out. – Oh, yeah, so the baby
does rip the woman taint. – Yes. – Okay, that’s what it is. – Sometimes. – In my case, he definitely will. He’s ripping everything else, so, yeah, I don’t think he’s gonna
stop when he comes out. – This is the last horah. – What else can I ruin in her body? – As he’s coming out, he’s like pa-cha. – He’s like, hmm, I broke her pelvic bone, I ruined all her blood arteries to give blood to her brain, so she faints all the time. I’ve stopped up all of her intestines so she can’t ever poop
for the rest of her life. I’ve squeezed her lungs
so she can’t breathe. I have poked out a couple
hemorrhoids for her. – He’s literally trying to murder you. (laughs) – All from the inside. So I think on the way out, he certainly will be ripping everything. – Yeah. If you don’t poop while pushing, I’m gonna be very disappointed in you. – Oh, the baby. I thought you just meant in general. I was, like.
(laughing) I was like, wait. This happens often, I’m very constipated. Okay, this is the grossest. We’re talking about food, and we’ve talked about
all the grossest things. So we need to, sorry. I have one more show in the
O.C. this weekend in Orange. I think I’m gonna have
to do it in a wheelchair. – I’ll push you around. I’ll push you around. – Let’s see what the doctors say. Hopefully, chiropractors
and physiotherapists will– – ‘Cause if they put you on bedrest. – I have to say, I’m gonna
sounds really cocky right now, but I think I’m allowed to be. I feel like a superhero. – You are. – Like, I have been in so much pain and so much misery. Like, more than I’ve ever
felt in my life ever. And yesterday, got through two shows, two meet and greets, rehearsal. Like, meetings about the show. And we had some chiropractic
appointments in between, which, thank God for those. – You did three
chiropractors appointments. This is three apparently.
(laughs) – And I somehow got through the shows. And I feel like I did a good job. – You did a fantastic job. – Lasted through the shows, and it looks so good. Like, not me, but what Netflix has done. – The stage.
– And what the production company we worked with. – Oh. – [Erik] So good. – The production company
we got to do the show, like, they’re amazing. Like, it looked incredible. Like, it was so cool.
– And everyone was super nice. – And I can’t wait for you guys to see it. I don’t know when it’s coming out. It’ll be awhile ’cause
it takes a long time to edit those things, but. I’m so, it just like, all worked out. Like, me getting pregna, the timing of me getting pregnant, is so nuts because I
had planned my bus tour this summer already. I had planned my Kennedy
Center Netflix special taping. We didn’t think I was gonna be pregnant. And then, I got pregnant, but it’s like, because I’m pregnant,
I can’t keep touring, and I can’t keep doing shows. So it just worked out that this was like the last-ish show I’m doing. I have one more after this at home, but. The last show I’m doing
is one that we videotaped for a Netflix special. Like.
– It’s so cool. – It’s so nuts. Like, I can’t believe how that worked out. – Yeah, that’s cool. – And now, my baby’s in it. Like, that’s so cool that my kid is in the Netflix special with me. – Let’s name your child. – [Colleen] Okay. – Mustard. – Mm, I don’t like that. – Mayo? – [Colleen] Mm-mm. – [Erik] You should talk about how awesome your fans are in finding
you that chiropractor. – I know. – [Erik] You know, that’s
pretty interesting. – So, yeah, I talked about this. – [Erik] You did already? – No, not in this video. So, I was in Missouri. Couldn’t walk, mm. Basically, was crying myself to sleep. If you guys wanna look up what it is, I don’t wanna bore you
with, like, what is going on in my pelvic area. But if you look up pelvic girdle pain, and you can go on Wikipedia, there’s, like, different stages of it. Like, most pregnant women
get some form of it, but not most pregnant
women get it as severely as I have it. Where if you look in the
different levels of it, it’s how like, kinda like,
the worst version of it, where you like, you cannot move, you cannot walk, you cannot do anything. It’s what I have. So if you wanna look it
up, that’s what it is. Anyway, I couldn’t walk. I was, like, crying myself
to sleep from pain at night. And it just has been agony. And I didn’t know how I was
gonna get through the shows. And so, I Tweeted like, hey, are there any chiropractors in D.C.? I need someone. Like, I can’t do this. Like, the only thing
that can help by the way is a chiropractor. And so, this woman, who’s amazing,
from Houston, Texas, was flying out to come to my show in D.C. And she had Tweeted me, like, “Hey, I am a chiropractor, “and my husband’s a chiropractor. “If you are serious, we can adjust you.” And a bunch of you guys Tweeted me like, this person’s a chiropractor. She Tweeted you. And so, I looked her up, I DM’d her, and we exchanged information, and she came backstage.
– She was awesome. – And we had already, like,
called every chiropractor in the city. Everything was closed, it’s a Saturday, it was last minute. No one would do it. There was one doctor who said
they could come be on call, but it was $600 an hour. (laughs) – No. – And so, there was, we had no options, And so, this woman, the
sweetest woman in the world, and her husband came, and adjusted me backstage and saved my life. – Yeah. – Like, because while I’m
still in excruciating pain, I could not walk. Like, I couldn’t move, I was in agony. And after she adjusted me, I was able to walk. – You cried. – I cried, I wept.
– She was sobbing. – It felt like a miracle. It felt like, like when you
read about, like, miracles in the Bible where Jesus
heals like, the blind, or like, you know, I kinda felt like that. – I was gonna say, Jesus
was a chiropractor. (laughs) – Jesus was a chiropractor, and He’s a woman, and He
came to my show yesterday. (laughs)
– There it is. – That’s how it felt,
it felt like a miracle. Like, I thought nothing
would help the pain go away, and it did. But I think normally, in those situations, they go like, now, go
lay down, and ice it, and don’t move for an hour, and come back tomorrow or the next day. But she adjusted me. I could move, and then I went on stage for an hour and a half
and acted like a maniac. – Yeah. – So I messed it up again. And then, she came back, and she adjusted me again. I did a meet and greet, she
came back and did it again. And then, at that point,
I think I just had done so much damage. It did help. Like, I went from, like,
not being able to walk to being able to walk, but it was still really painful. But I went through the pain anyway and did the shows hard as I could. I was like, I will never
get a Netflix special again as far as I know. This could be the only time
I ever get this opportunity, so might as well go hard. Whereas a pelvic bone, I can get a surgery to have it bolted back together. It’s really damaged.
(laughs) So I can fix my pelvic bone eventually after the baby comes out.
– Great. – Permanent damage. But I cannot like, you know, he’s safe, the baby’s safe. My pelvic being a disaster, my pelvic bone being a disaster, my body being a disaster is not gonna hurt the baby. So he’s fine, I know he’s fine. But it was just more like, I just wanna go hard. She’s watching football. (laughs) – I know the story. – Anyway. (laughs) A chiropractor saved my
life yesterday backstage. And it just made me go like, wow. The internet and you guys are so awesome because if I didn’t have that audience, and I didn’t have people
online watching me and caring about me, and looking after me, and being like, “This
girl’s a chiropractor. “She said she can do it”. And then she being so freaking sweet, coming and spending her
whole day taking care of me. Like, the sweetest person I’ve ever met. And like, literally, she made me weep. Like, I was weeping. I was like, thank you, it’s a miracle. Like, I was weeping. If I didn’t have her, I would like, I don’t know what I would’ve done. So it’s so cool that the
internet could do that. – ‘Cause you were and Johnny and Corey were looking up chiropractors and doctors. And just, you couldn’t find any. – It was bad. (sighs) – Gotta love the internet these days. – [Colleen] Mm-hmm. – You don’t actually have to. – Erik, that was a good topic. Give us another topic. – [Erik] Trump. – Trump?
– Trump? – Next. – Bye, Erik. – [Erik] Bye. – Where are you going? – [Erik] I have a business
meeting in the lobby. – Ooh. That means he has to poop. – Oh.
(laughs) I was so confused. – We always have business meetings. That’s how we say it. I have a business meeting. – Okay, all right. – So like, if we talk about, the name for it’s like, I have a really big business meeting. Talk about it in a minute. And then when he comes
back, he’ll update me. He’ll be like, lot of people on the call. (laughing) But my comments calls
these days usually go like, no one showed up. (laughs) Just speak on the call. No one came. A lot of people think I’m already married. – Are you? – Mm-mm, basically. – Yeah, I mean, same. – Yeah, I mean. – I don’t care. – To me, the only difference between what I’m experiencing now, and if I was legally
married, is paperwork. – That is, it, marriage is weird. I love you so much, I want
to make the government a part of our relationship. – Yeah. – Like, it’s weird. I get because of the government, legal things happen when you’re married that like, make it, like, so someone can be in the emergency room with you. Or something like that. – Well, not even that. It’s further than that. It’s like, anyone can go– – No, I’m saying, like, I know, but like. – I know what you’re saying. Make medical decisions.
– Make medical decisions and stuff and. I don’t know. – Less taxes and. I don’t know. But yeah, a lot of people think that Erik and I are already married. – Why? Just ’cause you hid everything else? (laughs) – I don’t know. Like, people just think
we’re already married. And we basically are. – Yeah. You just haven’t signed a piece of paper. – Like, we all the time, we’re like, to each other, you’re
my wife or my husband when we talk to people. Like, the doctors and stuff. We’re like, oh, there’s
my husband, something, my wife, this, this, this. The only thing, we just
don’t have the paperwork. ‘Cause we’re not gonna do a big wedding, so we’re kinda like, oh, what day do we wanna
go to the courthouse? ‘Cause we don’t really
care about a wedding. And we don’t really care
about, like, I don’t know. All of that. Like, we wanna be married obviously. It’s just a matter of
finding a day to go do it. But everyone thinks we already did it. – A day to go do it. – M-hmm, anyway, we ran out of room, which means we need to shut up. Which she just said I can’t do. (laughs) You should’ve seen what it
took to get me on the ground for this video. – We had to move her legs for her. – I walked from the bed out to here, and when I got to the edge of this wall, I was like, “Erik, there’s no more wall”. ‘Cause I have to lean on a wall to walk. And so, Erik and Rachel
had to grab my arms and walk me. I don’t know if the airport’s
gonna be such a disaster. – We’ll get you a wheelchair. You can’t walk. (Colleen groans) – And she keeps being like, but those, but I can’t
take a wheelchair away from someone who needs it. Honey, you’re the person they’re for. The person who can’t walk and doesn’t already have a wheelchair. – What if someone needs it more than me? – You can’t walk. – Honestly, we would’ve
had to go to the airport 24 hours ago if I was gonna walk because that’s how long– – Oh, and I wanna show you how she walks. Hold on while I get there, hold on. – This is literally how I walk. It’s bad. – [Rachel] The wall’s about to end. (laughing) – [Colleen] Yeah, it’s really bad. – [Rachel] I can’t. I’m like, walking next to her, and just to the point
where I’m cracking my knee. – Okay, enough of this. So if you’ve been
following me a long time, you know that I had, like,
tendinitis in my shoulder and my arm, tear in my rotator cuff. Really painful for years. And I would talk about it all the time, and I would cry in the videos. Like, the pain is just so bad. It never goes away. This morning, I was laying in bed ’cause I couldn’t move, and Erik’s like, I just
wanna give you hug. And he like, hugged me, but he was careful not to put any weight on my body. So he just kinda hugged my top. And I felt, like stinging
pain in my shoulder ’cause he squeezed my shoulder. And I was like, oh, my rotator cuff. And I was like, is that the pain? (laughs) And like literally was like, that was the pain that I
cried about for three years? Like, that was nothing. That is, that is bliss. Like, I would give anything
to just have the pain of the tear in my rotator cuff, just have the pain of
vomiting and fainting. I’d rather faint and
vomit every 10 minutes, which was my problem last week. – A lot. – I’m serious. – I believe you.
– This is so horrible. The pain of my pelvic
bone is so unbearable. Like, but that was an eye
opening moment for me. I was like, ’cause sometimes I’m like, wait, am I in that much pain? Like, am I just being a baby? And then, when he hugged me, and I was like, oh, that pain
I cried about for three years in my shoulder.
– Nothing. – It’s not even that bad compared to this. Like, this is really bad. – There you go. – Anyway.
– All right. – We’re done. Thanks for hanging out with us. I promise that eventually, I will get back to doing normal videos, but for now, I can’t do anything. So if I can think of some fun ideas to do from a bed or a chair. – Oh, we can come up with some things. – I’ll have some videos for you soon. But I love you guys. And thank you for supporting me and watching me and all that stuff, ’cause, like, yesterday was, even though it was horribly painful, it was a total dream come true. Like, to do two shows
at the Kennedy Center, and like, have it filmed
for a Netflix special, was so cool. And the fact that Netflix
wanted to work with me again after doing Haters Back Off. Like, I feel really, really lucky. So thanks for watching, guys. I’ll see you next time. – Elbows up. – She’s gotta turn it off.
– I’m going. – Cause I’m cam proof. – [Rachel] I’ve got bad knees. – Unless you guys how
it is for me to get up. Oh, you’re gonna do it alone? ‘Kay, first is, hold on, hold on, hold on. – [Rachel] Well, I’m just
here in case you fall. – Well, I can’t get up on my own. Okay, ready? One, two, three. – [Rachel] Whoomf. There you go. Success. – [Colleen] That’s a thumbs up.