Welcome to “Vivi Giappone”! Today we are at “Hot Inn Sendai Nagamachi” Hostel The one we saw in the “work in progress” episode? Well, the hostel actually opened on April 13th 2019! I’m filming this video the 11th so, in 2 days actually it will be fully operational! So, let’s take a look inside to see how did the renovation went on! Let’s discover what kind of rooms they have to offer! And all the other services! So, let’s go! Do you remember this entrance? is the same we used in the “Work in Progress” video! I’ll link you the video here on the right upper corner let’s get inside And take off my shoes This entrance is actually for staff only I’ll show you the reception later and everything else During the renovation works, this room was used to store air conditioners But now it became a wonderful Japanese style room There are actually 2 more rooms in this style in the whole hotel. I will show you them later. This hostel actually has a very nice variety of different room styles This was a so called “Washitsu”, Japanese room literally but also, single, double, twin rooms are available. Along with, dormitory style rooms in pure hostel style Here we have a nice “Twin Room” for just €48/night With a nice and useful desk A clean and minimalistic style I personally like a lot Take off your shoes before enter inside Next, we have a “Double Room” As you can see from the nice icon they made The double room with the double bed is less than €44/night Nice and simple! Are you enjoying the tour? There are also single rooms from less than €30/night Another double room And here we have the “Tatami Room” That is another Japanese Style room This is a room for 2 and start from less than €44/night It also comes with a nice small table Every room has air conditioning by the way But here we also have… An incredible “Ukiyo-e”, a Japanese wood print! There is one here and one in the next room Very nice! This Ukiyo-e was purchased directly from the Boss Let’s see the one in the next room is a real nice touch Those are 100% original Ukiyo-e from the Edo Period
(1603 – 1868) Real Ukiyo-e very cool! Classy Ukiyo-e Those plants are presents from other businesses in the area To send a plant as a gift to a newly open business is a typical Japanese custom And here is the laundromat area With washing machines and dryers Actually, coin operated laundry machines and dryers But also, three sinks With some hairdryers Double dryers! Mind your head! nice that they put the signboard And here we have the Japanese style bathtub Let’s see how they renewed it Is clean, small but cozy! You can use it for free but the reservation is required Because is for 1 person use only and it need some maintenance Now let’s go to the dormitory style rooms But first here we have the big living room Someone is still working so, is important to not disturb And here we have the living room That became very very nice! The sofa is very nice! We have also some cozy puffs And two big armchairs overlooking the garden Now there is still no grass but is just a matter of time they just planted the seeds and also, tables And the desk where you can connect your laptop to the net with a LAN cable A rental PC will be available after the opening Next is the Kitchen free space A very nice space actually Let’s take a look to the kitchen In the previous video, this space was completely empty But now, this is the result! A very nice space Along with the kitchen, we have a big table and the vending machines Also, all the equipment and amenities are free to use for you to cook or to eat here in the kitchen We have the fridge, the sink pots, plates and cups cutlery and everything else you can use for free You can also use the microwave Owen and the toasters Perfect for a fantastic breakfast or lunch/dinner There is also a nice projector since there are going to be a lot of interesting events going on here! Just take a look at the old video so you will understand what a great renovation work they did here! And now let’s take a look at the shower room! We went here also in the previous video When there was still almost nothing But now they are ready to use! This is a mixed shower room But as you can see, there is a wide private changing room inside You get naked here and then you enter in the shower I’ll show it better. As you can see there is also the inside light Nice shower While this is the Women Only shower room As you can see, the door is locked with a card key In the previous video, someone was working in that shower Exactly in that box In particular, this shower has a very large changing room Not bad Next are the women only dormitories This is the powder room! Also, this is restricted to women use only With those nice make up tables And a couple of sinks Very useful, I think And this is the actual women only dormitory Here we have a card key No card, no entry And this is the room from around €22/person With these bunk-beds And a nice desk with 2 mirrors In this other dormitory room type, we also have a large single bed You must be lucky to get this one! This huge cozy bed! And then again those 2 bunk-beds And the mirror And here we have the bigger mixed dormitory room They can accommodate up to 8 people Perfect for a group of friends This is the dormitory Room 210 The price starts from around €20/person at night Here we have 4 bunk-beds And a very important furniture for all the guests In every room there is a personal locker for every guest Be sure to have a padlock with you. You can also rent one directly at the reception In the last video i showed you this part of the living room while it was still a stack room for working tools But now look at how nice it became! So now, back to the 1st floor, I’m going to show you the reception and the entrance of the hotel Let’s see how they arranged during those weeks As you can see, the desk is ready to use And this is another of those plants that are actually gifts for the inauguration And over that door there is the office Where the staff will do all the management work the main entrance facing the street There is also a wonderful temple on the other side of the street, full of Sakura threes! And this is how the main entrance looks like from outside With the “Hot Inn Sendai Nagamachi” logo And the name just over the main door Some flags nice, nice There is a bus that arrives here directly from the Sendai Station The name of the Hostel is also written there And now, my last remarks This is the brand new “Hot Inn Sendai Nagamachi” hostel here in Sendai! It will be open from April 13th 2019 The day after tomorrow for me, since today us the 11th This is a very cheap and nice place to stay during your trip here in Sendai It starts from ¥2,600 for a single bed up to ¥6000 for a double room. Prices may vary Very very cheap I’m very proud of the work I’m doing here with the Hostel staff and company I’m actually taking care of the translations and Social Media Is a project I really like and I hope this will help the growth of the tourism in Sendai So that even more people will be able to enjoy this wonderful city This is a nice Hostel to come and to enjoy a fun time with friends or family Or maybe to make new friends! Monthly and yearly long term stays are also available! You can live here when in Sendai! Here in “Hot Inn Sendai Nagamachi” From “Vivi Giappone” That’s all! Don’t’ forget to Subscribe, share, leave a like and a comment See ya and thanks!