Cafeteria & Kitchen Collection of Organics & Recycling Each morning SchoolFood staff is in charge of setting up the waste sorting stations lining bins with clear plastic bags and making sure each station remains orderly and neat. Throughout the meal period be sure to empty liquids buckets as they fill up and replace full bins when needed. On a daily basis custodians are in charge of making sure waste sorting stations are set up properly. SchoolFood staff is in charge of making sure that bins remain clean. Schools with organics collection place compostable trays in the brown bin. Schools without organics collection place compostable trays in the trash. Collect clear bags in recycling and trash from the waste sorting station and store until your collection day. Tie each food waste bag closed and latch the lid of the organics bin shut in preparation for daily curbside setout. Place at least one organics bin and poster in the kitchen to collect food scraps left over from meal preparation. Be sure to keep the bin in a convenient location. All food waste, compostable plates, paper boats and food-soiled paper such as paper towels and napkins can go on the organics bin. Don’t put any wrappers, trash or recyclables in this bin. The kitchen should also have a blue-labeled bin for collecting metal, glass, plastic and cartons, a green-labeled recycling bin for paper and cardboard or a clearly designated labeled area for storing broken down boxes and a trash bin for materials that are not organics or recycling. After lunch has ended for the day tie the food waste bags closed inside of the organics bin and notify your custodian that the bins are ready to go to the curb. Also be sure to notify the custodian when the trash and recyclables are ready for servicing. After Sanitation empties the organics bins the custodian will bring them back inside to be used the next morning. If you have any questions please refer to your tip sheet. In addition SchoolFood staff can ask their food service manager while custodians should speak to their head custodian or deputy director of facilities. Order free decals and learn more at